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Lo Phong La Kiatoukaysy, a.k.a. Lil’ Buddha, started thru-hiking America’s trails after 9/11. He hasn’t stopped yet.

Getting heckled by construction workers and definitely not crying: a New York City Marathon retrospective

Sometimes the grass really is greener in a new place

Daniel Pérez and the Sanba Cycling Team are proving that delivery workers, line cooks, and mechanics race bikes, too

Knowledgeable and friendly rangers aren’t just found in our national parks

Make this summer all about exploring off-the-beaten-path adventures within a few hours of your home

The research and development designer shares her story and inspiration

Riding bikes is easy. Keeping bikes is the hard part.

And things got rocky fast. Our correspondent talks to Jennifer Miller about Colorado, misconceptions, and a mysterious type of footwear called “hiking sandals.”

Both professional and amateur athletes ran virtual iterations of the event in recent days

Stay warm, dry, and comfortable while eating outdoors, without sacrificing style

When cross-country season rolls around, there's no place like Vanny

Black cyclist Jonny Altrogge shares why he biked the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route—and what he learned along the way

How America’s “#1 Runners’ Restaurant” helped bring a community and its police force closer together

The American Museum of Natural History is taking down its memorial to Theodore Roosevelt, and the hunting world should take note

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