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But the flip side is that your healthy fitness habits—so deemed by lurking insurance companies—could lower premiums

Sometimes just driving a car in a city is an act of violence

The spirits business has never had more women entrepreneurs. That's a good thing for whiskey lovers.

Deep in the heart of the Adirondacks, the unexpected death of a small-town police sergeant has added fuel to a nationwide controversy over an herbal supplement

‘Snowfarmers’ features a small ski hill called Plattekill in New York where snowmaking is the lifeblood of its success

Need a reboot for the New Year? From yoga to trail running, these retreats ensure that and more.

New York City is at the forefront of breaking car dominance in America. But internationally, it’s bringing up the rear.

From New York to Phoenix—and from 5 kilometers to 500 miles

Cyclists and cops often don’t see eye to eye because they literally don’t see eye to eye

Urban angling has been around in America as long as there have been cities. It's time to stop treating it like fishing's redheaded stepchild.

It's easier than ever to jump on a bus, bike, train, or trolley to climb, paddle, hike, and camp

The world’s biggest marathon is more than just a race. It offers the illusion of unity.

After 18 years of putting on the marathon show, race director Peter Ciaccia is ready to move on

How we exploit big trees, big game, and even extinct creatures

They’re dorky, antisocial, and dangerous. So should we outlaw them?

When it comes to being pro-bike, so-called “avid cyclists” seem to be anything but

Shelma Jun, founder of women's climbing organization Flash Foxy and co-founder of production company Never Not Collective, outlines a busy month of foraging, climbing, and other adventures in the city

We both break the law from time to time. But it's not even close to a one-to-one exchange.

If the BSA wants to welcome female Scouts, it needs to start now—not next February

As the minimalism trend enters a curious new phase that has clothing makers like Mac Bishop of Wool and Prince showing us how to get through a year with only a few pairs of underwear, one brave adventurer attempts to defend his gear closet

From day trips to five-month treks, hiking is more popular than ever. But as the old standbys become more congested each year, there’s a new crop of trails waiting to be explored. Here are ten of our favorites, plus fresh finds for bikers, paddlers, and equestrians.

Freeze your brain and melt your inhibitions with one of these delicious frozen-drink recipes for adults

After becoming the first American woman to win the New York Marathon in 40 years, Flanagan is coming back to defend her title

In today's carbon-framed fat-tubed push-button bicycle landscape, it can be difficult to find a bike that truly stands out. Enter the Drysdale Special.

New York's Citi Bike, one of the largest bike-share programs in the world, relies on a volunteer army to help redistribute some 12,000 bicycles among 750 stations each day, ensuring that users can grab a ride when they need one. Most of these volunteers do a few out-of-the-way deliveries a month. Then there's Joe Miller, whose superhuman efforts seem to defy any plausible explanation.

Ultrarunner Harvey Lewis is vying to clutch the fastest known time for a supported run on the 2,190-mile thru-hike—and so far he's on pace

Drivers think cyclists hold up traffic. It’s actually the other way around. How many bikes do there have to be in order for us to realize that?

How to fill nearly every weekend this summer with nearly every genre of music

Decades of political infighting have stymied construction of the North Country Trail, which, if finished, would run for 4,600 miles. Now it looks like Congress may finally be ready to get its act together.

While overcrowding plagues America's most popular trails, there are still places to find solitude

Give drivers an inch and they'll take over your whole city

Americans tend to equate cycling with frivolity, but riding bikes can be serious business

Find out how your state stacks up

Running my treadmill's interactive courses taught me a new way to think about the sport

Our bikes may be better now, but what about the world in which we ride them?

It’s not about which laws you break—it’s about how you break them

Hopdash aims to help you meet up with local running teams while on the road

Got a job you can do from anywhere? These eight international adventure towns and cities welcome you.

This weekend in New York City, a group of runners braved 211 laps around the track in pursuit of a niche world record

That fact was made painfully clear Sunday night when an autonomous Volvo XC90 hit and killed a woman who was walking her bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona

A running-obsessed owner. Tons of track memorabilia. What's not to love?

While political and legal battles rage over the future of our national monuments, one of the most important things you can do is go see them—and then share your experiences widely. Here are some of our favorite adventures. 

Meredith Klein, women's workshop instructor at Brooklyn's famed 718 Cyclery, on her favorite gear

Our columnist literally wrote the book on peak performance, but he had to reconsider everything after an unexpected battle with mental illness

Remote, empty spots to pitch your tent in peace this summer

An unlicensed truck driver killed a 13 year-old cyclist in Brooklyn. It’s time to take motor vehicle licensing and registration into the 21st century.

Generations of climbers, journalists, and scholars relied on her reporting from the foot of the world's 8,000-meter peaks

Sometimes the most crowded landscapes are also the most expansive

Why wait in lift lines when you can ski empty slopes at these hidden gems?

Follow the lead of elite athletes and use the science of motivation to perform at your best

Sure, it's early season, but book these mid- and late-winter vacations now and you'll save big

Located in a remote town with only 850 year-round residents, The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York, reveals how it has stayed in business for more than 40 years

Sometimes the best performance upgrade is portability

Others were faster, but nobody was better

When it comes to bikes and tech, morality is a moving target

Austin Horse on working as a courier in the age of apps

Craving sun and sand on the Atlantic? These beach towns offer that and more.

Make the most of summer with these 48-hour ­adventures, from surfing in Texas to tasting your way through Oregon’s wine country

Sarah Laine gets to create rock climbing routes for a living, and she's one of few women who do it

Maybe you don't want to live in a 200-square-foot house full-time, but you wouldn't mind vacationing in one

Six athletically inclined people—regular folks with regular jobs, just like you—divulge how much money they spend on their fitness routines

Trail crews have carved out hundreds of new miles for hikers, runners, and riders from New York to California. It's time to freshen up your route.

Pete Kostelnick just broke one of the toughest running records in history, logging an average of 72 miles for 42 days straight. He's the latest in a line of runners going back 120 years who have tested their mettle by crossing the country on foot.

The Catskill Mountains are the birthplace of American dry-fly fishing and home to the legends of the sport

All the reasons 13.1-miles is fun for amateurs and pros alike

Our favorite ski hills in New York and New England

Some ski resorts are already spinning lifts. Here’s where to ski and ride at the beginning of the winter.

Where to enjoy autumn's best views—on two feet or two wheels

Learning to ride the waves isn't easy. But pick the right spot and find a gifted enough teacher, and you'll find your flow state

And you thought trail runners got all the good views.

In burgs recognized for an abundance of adventure, these are the winning places that will set you up for everything

A river- and mountain-loving town took home the top prize (again) in our 2015 contest.

From $6-a-night secrets to splurge-worthy resorts (and a few free urban oases), here’s where to escape the grind in a hammock.