We get a peek into the fitness guru's most essential gear

Queenstown Dreaming is a new edit from rider Bernard Kerr and Pivot Cycles.

Filmmakers, Alexander Brown and Mascha Blome, took off to circumnavigate the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

On a mission to expose his family to some of the most beautiful places is the world, he took to New Zealand in a classic VW Camper.

Yeti World Enduro riders Richie Rude and Cody Kelley take on the awe-inspiring mountain bike playground that is New Zealand to test the SB5.5c.

One phone call with native New Zealander Graham Zimmerman led to many more, and, in March 2015, we set off for New Zealand’s South Island with two other friends, Kyle Dempster and Jewell Lund.

Belgian photographer Johan Lolos spent a full year in New Zealand, posting pictures of his adventures on his Instagram account, @lebackpacker, working for the Lake Wanaka tourism department, and establishing a life where he gets paid to post. Here are his top shots from his year in New Zealand.

These trails in New Zealand are straight out of the stuff dreams are made of.

The only problem you’ll have in the planet’s ultimate adventure mecca is deciding what to do first

It's a different kind of nostalgia when you're out in the backcountry (or out of the country) and trying to preserve the holiday spirit—but these adventurers did their best and lived to tell the tale

Travel south and stay warm for a long walk on these worthy winter trails

Nearly 30 years ago, Jimmy Nelson set it upon himself to document that last of the world's ancient tribes and peoples with his 50-year-old 4x5 film camera.

Brought to you on film by running’s greatest bromantical couple

With two 1970’s VW camper vans filled with supplies and pro mountain bike riders, Camilla Rutherford set out for two weeks of shredding and shooting the world’s most beautiful playground.

Don't plan any vacations before reading this year's Best of Travel winners.

When 27-year-old Johan Lolos set out from Belgium in 2013 with his camera and no return ticket, he admittedly didn't anticipate becoming one of New Zealand's most popular Instagrammers. It was only a year ago, in February of 2014, that Lolos started taking his Instagram account—@lebackpacker—seriously while traveling through Australia. He started getting noticed, even reposted by larger accounts like @australia and @natgeotravel, and began trading his Instagram skills with outfitters and local tourism boards for accommodations or tickets for his next trip. Lolos's current gig is as New Zealand's Lake Wanaka tourism photographer, where he is staying free for three months, sharing daily adventures with his 75,000 followers. 

Hunker down in a fully outfitted private cottage and brace yourself for stunning views of the country's wild majesty.

The company is growing up fast—and it's not all about action sports anymore.

In October, 12 women will compete in one of the world's oldest male-dominated sports. The race? A 38,000-mile monster through pirate-infested waters and rough seas.

Yes, Napa needs your support now more than ever. But if the great wine shortage of 2014 comes to pass, buy from these emerging wine regions.

A seaside retreat that's all grace and good views.

If the thought of seeing a real life march of the penguins gives you happy feet, then you’re in luck. There are actually a number of places you can witness the exultant event, and they’re not all in Antarctica. Although the earth’s icy, southernmost continent does contain a number of…

Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. Being prepared can save your life.

When the Great Recession hit, young people found a million different ways to cope with their battered job prospects. Alex and Nick Kleeman found the best way, scraping together enough cash to buy a 32-foot sailboat, then plunging into the Pacific for the adventure of their lives. So what if they didn’t know how to sail?

The helicopter ride to a luxury resort was undeniably sweet. But for Peter Heller, the greatest thing about New Zealand’s South Island was kayaking down a surly river with an old paddling buddy, in a country that’s still unbelievably pristine.

Our summer is the perfect time to migrate south to New Zealand, where July means trekking-perfect temperatures and no crowds

No hike will ever be the same again

Our favorite long hauls on two wheels

Sweating your way to a rustic lodge isn’t just a wintertime activity

Get your life list out—here are some of our all-time favorites

Globe-trotters: we've got you covered. Our 2012 Travel Awards honor the best destinations on seven continents—everything from idyllic beach escapes to camping safaris in Kenya to a mountain-bike expedition in Tibet. Plus: Outside-endorsed outfitters, adventure insurance, and more.

From the world’s most fuel-efficient commercial plane to foreign economic collapses to a cloud-tickling hotel, the biggest adventure travel stories this year

Your urgent inquiries about the world. Answered.

Your Challenge: Choosing the right adventure in New Zealand, a place that offers the best of everything. Your Solution: Our heavily researched, carefully formulated, and totally brilliant ten-step plan.

I know of some companies that arrange travel in the States for trail runners, like Adventure Running Co [www.adventurerunningco.com]. They take your belongings to the next destination while you're running. I would love to take a trail run in New Zealand or Chile. Is there some similar program for those who would like to do the same abroad? –Joshua Melbourne, FL

Friends of mine just walked the Lycian Trail in Turkey, and it sounds like it was incredible. I want to do a similar sort of trip, following a trail through foreign lands, unguided. Are there similar ones out there?—AlexSeattle WA

My wife and I are visiting New Zealand next winter and would like to hike, bike, kayak, and/or bungee jump. Any recommendations on how to get that done?—MarshallVancouver, BC

I am an avid reader of your advice and I like the way you also explain technologies. So here's a question that involves both: I would like some shoes for day hikes of up to six hours. I already have some great boots (Meindl Burma) for multi-day trips or rugged day-hiking terrain. But I'd like something light for other occasions (but probably with some waterproofness as it rains a lot in New Zealand). The trouble is, I don't really know what I am looking for. Light hikers, trail runners, cross-terrain shoes...? Are these different names for essentially the same thing?—KarenWellington, New Zealand

Five of our favorite trips.

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