Marks first commercial flight to continent

First American to win twice in 2 days

Police investigating $10 billion worth of construction contracts

Human-induced climate change is to blame

Walmsley and Bard improve on 2014 times

20th Century Fox gains rights to criminal’s story

Film produced by Clif Bar and Sender Films

Marks largest departure from average temperatures

"The Fourth Phase" set to release next fall

Cross-sport initiative aimed at reducing fatalities

Additional 150,000 summer visitors expected

60 percent of competitors dropped out post-quake

Banned from 2016 Olympics

May also reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent

Will debut in December in Beaver Creek

Cyclist will complete in 2016 season

2016 will be swimmer's last Games

Will be replaced with a more “informative” experience

Quantity, lack of exercise are bigger culprits

Single- and multiday passes to include 4.5 percent tax

Former president investigated for corruption, money laundering

Claims patent infringement over cube-shaped camera

Instructor demonstrates the need for a spare chute

Fell while descending from first summit of South Nilgiri

Alec “Ace Cool” Cooke was last seen Tuesday afternoon

Travel company ranks cities, countries, and regions

Charged with attempted second-degree murder

Resort is first in Colorado to start season

Marks skier’s 50th World Cup podium finish

Quota reached earlier than expected

Vice follows climber Blair-Coyle in Arizona

Organizer says 100,000 activities were logged

Met with widespread support from community

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