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Anna Levesque uses yoga to slow down and fight self-doubt

Despite the coronavirus, you can legally thru-hike the Appalachian Trail right now. But should you?

The ice climber, kayaker, and paraglider continues to explore uncharted territories into his fifties

The start of spring is one of the best times to travel, thanks to perfect weather, fun festivals, and a screaming flight deal to the Virgin Islands

Joey Henson draws maps of his favorite climbing areas around Boone, North Carolina, and sells them to raise funds for land conservation

Completing the entire trail isn't the point

The North Carolina–based buddy adventure brings blue-collar fishing culture to the big screen

For times when you want the surf and sand but not all the hype

There was something about Primland that made Emily Nunn see red—a lavish and expensive outdoor Xanadu situated near her beloved Virginia hometown. Then she went there and had... a pretty good time. Blame the trout stream and the 400-thread-count linens.

This video recaps the Tuck Fest's deep-water solo competition at the U.S. National Whitewater Center

Crews carry your gear and provide meals and campsites as you cruise through some of America's most scenic back roads

Jeff Lenosky travels the U.S. knocking out mountain biking's toughest trails. Here's how he stays fit.

Fitness studios are incorporating rowing into every kind of workout imaginable. But can it actually be fun?

The world's best lodges have something in common—unparalleled access to vast wilderness, soaring peaks, and empty coastlines

Hugo was the worst hurricane to ever hit the U.S. Florence could be worse.

Classroom time isn't so bad when you're building fly-fishing rods in Virginia or barbecuing in the Lone Star State

Newly created state offices are promoting outdoor recreation as a major contributor to local economies and the public good, but they need a lot more support to be successful

At these five parks, the food is the treasured resource.

Score everything from hotel rooms to concert tickets to dinner reservations on the online marketplace

August’s full solar eclipse is the first visible from the United States since 1979. Traveling over 14 states on its way east, from Oregon to South Carolina, the eclipse passes over the southern end of the Appalachian Trail - a 2,200-mile wilderness hike that winds from Georgia to Maine.

You may be in the middle of the wilderness, but a local IPA isn’t that far away

Have a perfect summer day in this beautiful North Carolina mountain town

For his latest timelapse project, filmmaker Mike Zorger wanted to find a spot East Coast with Western-like light pollution, despite major metropolitan areas and condensed population

This video is part of a series from Moxy International called Where the Wind Blows that profiles female kiteboarders.

How to build a huge fire while staying on the right side of the law

Two North Carolina fishermen venture out to some of the state's most remote fishing holes.

This video of Highlands, North Carolina, features footage of Glenn Falls, Whiteside Mountain, and one of the area's most popular antique stores

For 28 years, Kay Grayson lived side-by-side with wild black bears in North Carolina's swampy coastal forests, hand-feeding them, defending them against poachers, and letting them in her home. When she went missing last year, the only thing the investigators could find were her clean-picked bones. And that's just the start of the mystery.

You can hang in Cancun with the rest of the world, or head to one of these less well-known spots for a real ocean adventure.

From epic skiing in Antarctica to a lazy beer-fueled canoe trip in North Carolina, these are the best places to visit this year

Mountain bikers and wilderness advocates have buried the hatchet and created an alliance in the Appalachians—but will the Forest Service back their plan?

Where to enjoy autumn's best views—on two feet or two wheels

Presenting blueprints for the best way to beat post-summer blues

Learning to ride the waves isn't easy. But pick the right spot and find a gifted enough teacher, and you'll find your flow state

And you thought trail runners got all the good views.

In burgs recognized for an abundance of adventure, these are the winning places that will set you up for everything

A river- and mountain-loving town took home the top prize (again) in our 2015 contest.

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