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'Expedition Norway' follows a group of photographers on a mission to document the northern lights

A robbery was the last thing anyone ever expected in to the remote outpost of Longyearben, Norway

A supposedly fun thing I would absolutely do again

As one of the northernmost settlements on earth, the Norwegian hamlet of Longyearbyen has become a magnet for adventurous souls looking to start a new life. But when an unsettling crime happened, it brought home a harsh reality: in the modern world, trouble always finds you.

Because you don't want to be led deep into the backcountry by just anyone

Having adventures in Tromso, Norway, is as simple as walking up into the mountains and skiing down to the ocean

In 'A Long Day Out,' the viewer follows Kilian Jornet on a 56-hour adventure through his home mountains in Norway

The political dispute between Russia and Ukraine combined with weather to close down the Barneo ice camp

From California to Ecuador, here's how to spend a couple of days in the backcountry while a guide leads the way

Jakob Ingebrigtsen became a “professional” runner as a child. Is that a recipe for future success?

The Spanish ultra-athlete has spent the past decade crushing a generation of elite rivals and redefining the limits of human endurance. But when he notched back-to-back speed ascents of Everest in 2017, critics pounced on the claims.

Norway: A Visual Journey from the filmmakers at The Road West Traveled is a drone film from their trip to Norway​​​​​​​.

They're all made in Norway by Viking descendants

From filmmaker Bernardo Giménez, Silence, chronicles climber Adam Ondra’s first ascent of the climbing route 'Silence'.

Filmmaker Raphael Rogers has traveled to some of our favorite places like New Mexico, Alaska, and Montana but two he ended up naming the film From Kauai to Norway in honor of his favorites.

From skier, producer, and director Nikolai Schirmer with support from Black Crows, Shapes follows Schirmer and Flo Bastien as they explore the backcountry in Canada, France, and Norway. 

Learn to build a fire, track animals, and forage for wild food—and still sleep in a bed

Up North from filmmaker Julian Voltmann is a travel film of a road trip he took to the Atlantic Road. The many fjords and national parks make this drive particularly exceptional.

The Czech climber continues to dominate the climbing world, sending the world's first 5.15d in Norway

Filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov has traveled all over the globe creating exceptional timelapses, and The North is no different.

When filmmakers CreateOne Films wanted to visit Norway they knew it needed to be filmed from above, so they brought out their DJI Mavic Pro to capture the essence of the landscape.

When photographer David Gonzales Buendia learned that the expedition sailing ship Barba was looking for a resident photographer he was all aboard.

Skiing from mountains to the ocean captivates us all, and for these two, it was a chance to test their mettle.

As ski resorts struggle with warmer, shorter seasons, a team of Norwegian researchers is rolling out new snow machines that help cut back on planet-warming emissions

Brody Leven along with KT Miller and Joey Schusler bikepack their way across the Lofoten archipelago.

From Salomon TV, Kilian is the story of Kilian Jornet's attempt to run the seven summits of Romsdalen.

This past March, I flew to the island of Senja, Norway, to take part in one of the many self-powered backcountry programs offered by Pure Ski Touring. The island is part of a 612-square-mile archipelago that sits in one of the northernmost, least-populated counties in Norway.

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less.

I made my first trip to Norway this spring to document the quieter side of BASE jumping. So much of the imagery I had seen was this wide angle, GoPro-style photography, usually accompanied by a Red Bull logo and a speed-metal soundtrack.

The whales frequently flock to the fjords for herring fishing, allowing guide Jeff Allen and his guests to experience the food chain first hand.

During the Summer Solstice in Northern Norway, the sun never sets.

A stranger-than-fiction mystery in Norway has physicists scratching their heads

In April 2016, filmmaker Lila Baghzouz and eight of her friends road tripped around Norway from Oslo to Bergen to Lofoten

Watch sunrise from the summit of Hermannsdalstinden, the tallest peak on Moskenesøya Island at the end of the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway

At 18, determined to carve out a life as a "tough girl," Blair Braverman moved to Norway to learn dogsledding at an Arctic folk school, chasing fear and finding home in the great white North.

Cold war politics between Russia and Norway left a group of polar marathoners, arctic skiers, extreme tourists, and climate scientists in limbo in the Arctic Circle in what might have been the worst season ever for those hoping to reach the North Pole

Capturing footage for Salomon Freeski’s latest installment was a once-in-a-lifetime event

Besides vampires, maybe, who doesn’t like celebrating on the longest day of sunlight of the year? Anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere that beer is sold and friends can be found pretty much suffices as a party venue. However, if you want a once-in-a-lifetime summer solstice experience on June 21, these…

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