This fat-tire Shangri-La's got stunning scenery, challenging riding, plenty of beer and music—and you don't have to be an expert rider or endurance junkie. Here's everything you need to make the most of this weekend-long party, er, mountain-bike race.

Ready for a hike? According to, one should consider these three things when packing for a day on the trail: Healthy Carbohydrates such a as granola, apples, celery and carrots or pita with hummus. Good-for-you-fats like peanut butter and jelly or a low-sugar…

He's back. And he has a new schtick. Jared Fogle became famous in commercials that lauded him for losing weight by eating Subway sandwiches. According to Subway, he started off at 425 pounds and made his way down to 190, with the…

Berkeley, CA

Junk food works like crack, at least that's what a recent study by scientists at Scripps Florida suggests. The scientists fed groups of rats different types of food. One group was given a healthy…

By Stephen Regenold Drop it. Dissolve it. Drink it. Those are the quick instructions Chicago-based BE Innovations Inc. gives for the use of its quarter-size ZYM electrolyte tablets. The small effervescent drops–which fizz and dissolve in water like Alka-Seltzer tablets–are made to ease the…

Caffeine may negatively affect your performance as a triathlete, according to The intake of caffeine can lower your body's pH level. Acidic body chemistry can lead to any of the following: faster fatigue, slower recovery, inability to concentrate, frequent illness, and…

By Stephen Regenold Not so long ago, perhaps somewhere a few days down a trail on a backpacking trip, I gave up on the food category known as “energy bars.” After years of eating bars from a dozen different companies, something clicked.

The quickest way to boost your performance in any sport? Drop some gut.

Overlooked mountain ranges, river beer, running album, gear of all time, and 47 other big ideas, accidental winners, and awesome things about the world outside we've come to love over the past 33 years. Introducing our first annual Editors' Choice Awards...

Going 26.2 miles is a great way to prove your grit—and there's no greater showcase than the world's biggest. Presenting a simple plan to get anyone off the couch and across the finish line.

Jamie Dukes, a former NFL lineman for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals, is on a mission this Super Bowl…

When visiting one of the best ski towns in North America, it's worth it to splurge on a meal in one of the country's best restaurants. But these days such trips are in short supply, so what can you do? Not much, unless you have a recipe.  I gathered up…

If you think the Ultraman traiathlon is insane, try and comprehend five Ironmans five days in a row. Rich Roll isn't just thinking about it–he's going to do it. Roll is a two-time Ultraman competitor and first ever Ultraman vegan athlete. After going through a major personal revolution…

Dave Scott's active-guy calorie calculator.

What did I learn in the end? Lean protein, good fats, healthy carbs. More specifically: modestly sized meals consisting of lots of produce, a bit of lean meat now and then, and grains that haven’t been bleached and pulverized into submission. Also, olive oil is good, and snack on nuts…

Exercise enough and you can eat whatever you want...Right? Wrong. Trust me, I spent a full year dieting. What I learned could change your life.

Longevity guru Dan Buettner has a plan to add 12 years to your life. But is it worth it if you have to give up what you love most?

Turns out moderate drinking might not be preventive medicine after all. But that doesn't mean it's not good for you.

What's the best winter survival food? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Human Growth Hormone is crucial to the body's recovery, and ingesting protein instead of carbs increases HGH levels, Trifuel reports. So what does this mean for folks who want to manage their nutrition for optimal athletic performance? Well, the body releases HGH during sleep,…

Vitamins C and E might be key to retaining strength as you age

Enough about the public option. We should pay people to stay fit.

Yes, there's a world-class ski resort in Steamboat Springs. But as the careers (and hobbies) of these five guys demonstrate, that's just one part of this relaxed Colorado town's allure.

Today, October 16th, is World Food Day. It is a day designated for increasing awareness, understanding and year-round action to alleviate hunger. A report released on Wednesday by the United Nations says that the global economic crises has left over 1 billion people malnourished. According to…

A study done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest suggests that a tax on soda could help states raise budget money. Perhaps more importantly, a tax could also dissuade people from consuming as much soda, which is…

Build Power, Not Bulk The Pillars of Fitness To get in peak shape try out all four parts of our comprehensive series. IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING our Pillars of Fitness series (“Building a Base,” March, and “Speed Up,” May), congratulations. By now you’ve dedicated yourself to sustainable, year-round conditioning…

Robert Kenner’s new documentary FOOD, Inc. opens with a shot of a glowing cornfield and a quaint red farmhouse. Within minutes, headless chicken corpses the color of a sidewalk fill the screen, rolling down a factory assembly line. Shock value is the point here: The film, in wide release this…

The latest research can help boost your horsepower—and cut your workouts in half

Is tobiko good for you? Joanne Seattle, Washington

Am I at a greater risk for heart disease if I eat whatever I want? Steve Kings Beach, California

How can I maintain a healthy diet if I'm lactose intolerant?

I put raisins on my cereal. Should I just put sugar on my cereal and cut out the raisins? Bill Garfield Hanover, New Hampshire

I take one multivitamin every morning after breakfast. Does it matter what time of day I take it? Craig Dunedin New Zealand

For cycling and running, does Siberian ginseng have any benefits for performance? If so, when is the best time to take it before a race? Andrew Guthrie Edmond, Oklahoma

Where is the most advanced blood analysis and nutrition program being offered? Dennis McGuire Stuart, Florida

I lost 40 pounds through running, biking, and counting calories. Now I want to maintain my weight but have not kicked the calorie-counting habit. I still record everything I eat. Do you have any advice for kicking the recording habit? Daryl Davis Osceola, Indiana

My daughter is anemic and refuses to take the iron pills her doctor gave her. Are there any iron rich foods that would help her? M. Kesto White Lake, Michigan

The secret to going faster is learning when not to

This simple formula is seemingly impossible to master. So how does Kelly Slater do it year after year? And how can you?

Are significant nutrients lost when vegetables are cooked in a soup? Dan London, England

I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Is there anything I can do diet-wise to help reduce the size of my prostate, or to keep it from getting larger? Frank Moline, Illinois

I love your nutrition suggestions, but recently I bece a vegetarian and most of your meals include meat. Can you help me out? Dan Johnson Seattle, Washington

For the active guy with no family history of kidney stones, and no blood or urine indicators suggesting future stones, what would you suggest or recommend to reduce or eliminate the chance of getting kidney stones?

I love to backpack, but I'm overweight. I have difficulty drinking enough fluids throughout the day on a backpacking trip. This results in loss of appetite and general dehydration. What can I do to trick my body into accepting more fluids?

The 12 most common, performance-defeating fitness mistakes, and how to fix them

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Is there a nutritional advantage to eating local and in-season? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why do I keep hearing now that soy is bad for me? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Is a multivitin a day enough, or are there other supplements I should be taking? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

What produce needs to be washed, and how? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Winter Comfort Food Chris Cosentino's Recovery Entrée video Sausage and Beans After a day on the slopes or trails you need a hearty meal. The executive chef of Incanto shows you how to prepare an après dish that’s packed…

It's a lot easier than you think to train for an Olympic-distance triathlon. And if you follow our newbie-friendly plan, it's also a blast.

In which the author undertakes a grandiose experiment: to discover whether a regularly imbibing, socially smoking, still carousing 37-year-old can transform himself into a competitive athlete. Guess what? He did. Follow his plan and you can, too.

Sleep has overtaken yoga and carb-free diets as America's favorite fitness craze. It's about time.

When is the most effective time after weight training to take protein? Alexander Waterloo, Ontario

You skipped breakfast because you overslept because you couldn’t fall asleep because you didn’t have enough time to exercise. Sound familiar? Then turn the page and let us—and Michael Phelps—show you how to recalibrate for your best year ever.

Know why, when, and how to fuel with our complete guide to the athlete's diet

Our all-time best fitness advice, all in one place.

Sorry, abs: One muscle trumps all others. Keep your ticker in top shape with our complete guide to cardio health.

I've heard that most vegetables and some fruits have "negative calorie content" because the body burns more calories digesting them than they have in their nutritional value. True or bull? If true, which foods have this property? Jenni Belmont, CA

From chef Vitaly Paley and USA Cycling coach Michael Manning, as featured in July 2007's "How to Do Everything (Well, Almost)"

Six high-octane sports drinks

Create your personal hydration plan

Groundbreaking new research shows there's a better way to fill your tank

Can beer be considered a valuable source of carbs for post- training refueling? Marc Montreal, Quebec

I met a former endurance athlete who advised that I intentionally limit my fluid intake while training so that I would adapt to a lower fluid requirement for races in hot conditions. Is this a legit strategy?

Over the holidays I put on a few extra pounds, as I'm sure a lot of people did. It's not a lot of weight, just about five pounds, but I'm struggling to get it back off my body. I do well for a few days, then I crack and overeat again. I know how to eat healthy, but by the end of the work day I don't have enough energy to do my workouts. What I doing wrong?

Can a performance supplement be legal, healthy, and effective? The Lab Rat pops a fistful to find out. travel smarter, go faster, dress better, eat right, work less, and play more.

Kick off the year by snuffing out stress, playing more, eating right, and keeping fit enough to nail any adventure.

How does an athlete stay fit and healthy during the coldest months? Eat seasonally.