I've heard that doing cardio in the morning before eating breakfast forces your body to burn fat sooner due to low blood sugar levels. Any truth to that? John Chapel Hill, NC

In his brazen adaptation of the bestseller Fast Food Nation, Richard Linklater looks to jolt America out of its quickie-burger habit with a tale of tainted meat

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Is it safe to take creatine as a part of my exercise routine for energy and body mass? And how much is adequate to take, and when is the best time to take it? Lorraine Parount, CA

When we travel, we think we don’t want to get sick, but maybe, less consciously, we’re not so sure. If nothing of note happens on a journey, was it one?

After a long workout what should one's next meal consist of to get the most from the workout? Rory Boulder, CO

What's the hydration value of carbonated mineral water (i.e. club soda or Perrier) versus regular tap water? Any difference? It tastes great after a long run on a hot day, but I'm not sure if it does me any good. Tom Washington, DC

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Someone once told me that if you mix some apple juice with water you can hydrate faster—is this actually true? Oliver New York, NY

Ready to play your way to total fitness? We thought so. Kick-start your transformation with a visionary six-week approach to bringing body and mind together for strength, stamina, and your best performance ever.

After a long workout, what should I eat to get the most from my workout? Rory Boulder, CO

I'm interested in joining a local search-and-rescue te that requires members to have 24 to 48 hours worth of non-perishable food in their daypack. What are some good foods to carry that are light and don’t take up much space, but would provide me with the necessary nutrients? Jon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With a new ban on Caspian sturgeon eggs, caviar fans turn their eyes to the Rockies

HARD TO BELIEVE, but the bitter, pep-boosting ginseng root—reputed to enhance everything from libido to longevity—has been at the center of trade wars and political dynasties for centuries. Native to Asia and North America, the herb is sought by Chinese herbalists, New Age entrepreneurs, and international smuggling rings, all trying…

YOU KNOW HOW SOME STARS get all the attention, when it’s really the supporting characters who carry the show? In the quest for better health, strength, and vitality, calcium is one nutrient that’s been hogging the spotlight, but the fact is, vitamin D does most of calcium’s heavy lifting. Vitamin…

Despite years of carbohydrate bashing in the diet industry, most athletes still know the value of a good bowl of brown rice. And the newest U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which call for a minimum of three ounces of whole grains daily, back them up. Besides supplying premium muscle fuel, whole grains…

He's pumped, pious, and convinced that he's found the secret to a heavenly body and "outrageous happiness." Is Christian fitness coach and bestselling author Ben Lerner divinely inspired�or just blessed with marketing savvy?

How much protein is too much when you are working out? Is a protein shake twice a day and three eggs (the whites) okay? Norma Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The future doesn’t just happen. The next frontiers of adventure, fitness, gear, and sport are crafted by bold visionaries with world-changing dreams—and the minds and muscles to make them real. Behold the 25 all-star innovators leading us beyond tomorrow. 1. Conrad Anker: High-Altitude Altruist 2. Josh Donlan:…

I work out in the morning and have for a number of years. Is taking a protein drink just as good as having a Powerbar? I mix my drink with water and milk. Then after my workout I have a peanut butter sandwich with oatmeal and a recovery drink. And if I eat before my workout, how long do I have to wait? C.G. Channahon, Illinois

I work out at the gym in the evenings till around 9. Is it alright to have a late dinner or should I just drink a protein shake and have some fruit? I looking to lose a few pounds, will the late dinner stop me from doing so as I usually sleep at around 11 to midnight? Evelyn Singapore

Are you wasting valuable munch time on food you don't need? A cutting-edge gene test may tell you exactly what your body requires to stay healthy, grow stronger, and recover faster.

WHEN I WAS RACING BIKES in the 1980s, we still had no idea what we were doing when it came to sports drinks for endurance. We knew we needed more than simple water to replace the calories and minerals we were burning up and sweating out during training. But beyond…

After years of faithfully guarding against the much-hyped perils of dehydration, recreational athletes were hit with some startling news this past spring: Drinking water can kill you. A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine had news outlets issuing grim proclamations about the dangers of hyponatremia—a potentially deadly…

Can you hear the silence? We’re in a lull between diet fads. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the next hot diet will probably appear within months, killing off the previous rage and, unfortunately, any sound nutritional advice it might have contained. Ask and You Will Receive Got a fitness…

When trying to come up with a nutrition plan that enhances your performance, is calorie counting a must or can you just eat healthy food and gauge your fullness or hunger to determine whether you need more or less? I want to have the energy to train but keep at healthy weight and maintain muscle mass. Help! Candace Arkansas

I about 10-12 pounds overweight, female, and 31. I'd like to lose the weight while building more muscle and definition. Can you give me a diet plan to use while working out to lose the weight and build muscle? Renee San Jose, CA

I've been hearing so much lately about the benefits of incorporating dairy into your diet for losing fat and building muscles, especially for women because we need the extra calcium. But, I cannot drink regular cow's milk, because it kills my stomach. But, I do drink soy milk. So, I was wondering, does soy milk have the se fitness benefits as regular milk? Ana Silver Spring, Maryland

Cheaters can't be stopped. Testing costs a fortune. It's shockingly easy to beat the system. The drug cops are perpetually playing catch-up. Says who? Drug-testing expert Don Catlin, that's who. He's the doping detective who helped break the BALCO scandal wide open—and the man who's about to launch a radical new campaign to finally solve the problem.

AS LANCE’S FIVE-HOUR training ride stretches into six and a half, I start getting itchy. I’ve been following in a car, handing up food, drinks, and clothes; it’s for a good cause, but I want to get some exercise, too. It’s nearing sunset as we finish, and I have 45…

You should eat something first. While you are sleeping, your body utilizes liver glycogen to provide a steady source of fuel to your brain and central nervous system; therefore, when you wake up, your liver glycogen stores are depleted, sometimes by up to 80 percent. Because liver glycogen is one…

ADDED SUGARS—the myriad sweeteners that sneak into everything from ice cream to salad dressing—pile up in the diet of the average American to the tune of more than 95 pounds a year. And that’s not counting the naturally occurring sugars in things like fruit and milk. Without taking sides in…

It turns out those stoned huckers aren’t the only radicals you have to guard against on the mountain. A recent Hungarian study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine reports that when you spend time at altitude, you increase the formation of free radicals, naturally occurring molecules in your…

It's simple, it's beautiful—just lose ten pounds of fat and you'll fly

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Svelte swimmer and Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin knows that good food and great performance are inextricably linked. She's also a foodie who loves to cook and has penned an informal cookbook of energy-packed recipes for her teammates on the UC Berkeley swim team. Some of her mouth-watering and engine-firing results are below.

Conflicting advice, fad diets, dire warnings about obesity and disease—it’s a nutritional wilderness out there. What your active lifestyle needs is the real meal deal, straight talk about food, health, and wellness that can power your adventures and fuel your dreams. What you need is a balanced plan for lifelong…

Fitness guru Dave Scott is intent on telling us when to eat. Why? Because ultimate performance is all about perfect nutritional timing.

Whether your goal is more energy, a happier bod, or a competitive edge for work and play, our seven steps will change the way you think about food.

Despite new reports about dangerous mercury levels in seafood and ongoing concerns about overfishing, dietitian Susan Kleiner, author of Power Eating and food guru for the NBA’s Seattle SuperSonics, still recommends five fish meals a week to her clients. Why? Because there’s high-octane goodness in every bite. Fish delivers a…

I have had a dratic increase in activity recently, going from a 10-mile round-trip bike commute to 22 miles, along with running three to four days a week and playing Ultimate Disk once or twice a week. I have been getting really sleepy at work in the afternoon and have also had a hard time mustering the energy to really sprint on the frisbee field. I have been making an effort to eat more, but was wondering if there were certain types of foods I could eat to help maintain high energy levels and speed my recovery after activities. Liz Llewellyn Minneapolis, MN

IN CHRIS CARMICHAEL’S NEW BOOK on nutrition, Food for Fitness (Penguin, $26), due out in late July, Lance Armstrong’s coach puts the smack down on the high-protein, low-carb diet frenzy. According to Carmichael, the barbarian diet is disastrous for active types—much better to get back on the pasta-and-potato train. Since…

Smart trend or exercise fad? We sorted out the tired and the wired to find 2004's fitness winners.

We’re not talking fries and fat, with fresh nowhere in sight. We’re talking about smart nutrition to help you charge up, trim down, and get the most out of mealtime. We picked the brains of top athletes for their favorite full-flavored quick-and-easy recipes. Prep time is less than ten minutes;…

Though we admire the ease of energy-replenishing snacks like Gu and PowerBars, man can’t live on them alone. So we asked top athletes, from marathoners to pole-vaulters, to cough up their best recipes—after all, if the fuel in their tanks isn’t effective, they’re out of work. They offered a variety…

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EVER SINCE RED BULL charged into the United States beverage market in 1997, stimulant-laden sodas from a host of different companies have been generating big buzz. In the last five years, domestic sales generated by these power-gulps have grown from $10 million to nearly $300 million. That’s in part because…

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Along the 43rd parallel in North America, raising pumpkins isn't just a sleepy backyard pursuit—it's an extreme sport. And nowhere are the stakes higher, or the intrigues thicker, than at the annual weigh-off of the World Pumpkin Confederation, the Olympics of garden-patch gigantism.