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The experienced skier fell into a deep crevasse on Monday afternoon

The California Stonemaster and Five Ten founder changed the way we all climb

He was the best alpinist of his generation, a quiet, unassuming Canadian known for bold ascents of some of the world’s most iconic peaks. At the age of 25, he traveled to Alaska to join climber Ryan Johnson for a first ascent outside Juneau. They never came back, and a frantic nine-day search left more questions than answers.

The world’s first four-minute miler has died, but his approach to the sport should live on

Generations of mountaineers stopped at the small home in Pangboche for an audience with the humble, loving Buddhist

Tilin was a longtime Outside contributor and the author of The Doper Next Door

The activist, singer, and writer died at her home in Arizona

Beckey, who has often been called the country’s ur-dirtbag—a climber who eschews riches to pursue climbing full-time—was widely recognized as North America’s most prolific mountaineer

The founder of the Total Immersion method taught people that the lessons learned in the pool can be applied just as easily to life, too

The 27-year-old Kennedy died by suicide after Perkins, his girlfriend, was killed in an avalanche in Bozeman, Montana

Keenan was a legend in the sport—and is the first rescue diver to die while freediving

Let’s get this straight: if something horrible happens to me on a ride, don’t ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of getting pulverized by a 4,000-pound SUV, especially if the driver was flipping through Instagram. Still, I recognize that something might happen. And rather than leave it up to other people to commemorate my life and death on the bike, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands—with facts based on a terrifying encounter with a speeding Porsche that actually happened—just in case the next run-in turns out differently.

The founder of 'Surfer" magazine passed away earlier this week at age 83. Matt Warshaw chronicles his impact on the sport's media.

The famed climber, who was known for his speed ascents, fell on Sunday, April 30, while preparing for a new route on Everest

Endurance cycling was Mike's life, and he died on March 31 doing what he loved. I'll always remember him as a no-nonsense guy who was quick to reach out with advice to other cyclists around the world.

After we heard the news of Tilford's death Wednesday, we spoke with 10 of the people who knew him best—friends, teammates, competitors—to paint a picture of a man who built his wonderful life around the joy of racing bikes

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