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The short-radius turn is an advanced technique ideal for steeps and bumps. It’s also fun.

Heading out on your first overnight? Use this handy list as your guide to packing for a three-season backpacking trip.

An Outside editor discovers it’s never too late to learn how to ski better

Mental advice and skiing drills that will give you confidence on longer, steeper, and more challenging runs

We tend to assume that a nice-looking stride is a fast one, but maybe looking good is its own reward

Three pro tips to restore your childlike joy of running fast and make speedwork more enjoyable and effective

Overcomplicating sports nutrition wastes money and time. It also perpetuates privilege.

‘Fuel for Life: Sam Elias’ takes us inside the athlete’s mental strategies for success

In an excerpt from his new book, ‘There and Back: Photographs from the Edge,’ the renowned climber and filmmaker recounts a 2003 expedition with snowboarder Stephen Koch

Aerobic capacity, not speed, is usually the limiting factor in how fast you can race, even for a distance as short as the 5K.

Make sure to include these smart, specific workouts in your half marathon training to land you that PR.

Watch the short film ‘Queen Maud Land’ with your Outside+ membership

The IFSC had to apologize—twice—for broadcasting sexualized footage of climber Johanna Farber. The time for women athletes to be portrayed with respect is long overdue.

It’s not just a momentary mood booster, but a reminder of what we’re capable of

We’ve all felt that panic when you wander off trail and can’t find your way back. Gaia GPS solves this problem.

When Drew Hulsey started climbing, he weighed 300 pounds and wondered if the ropes would hold. He found out that they would, and found a community that embraced him. Now he sets an example that inspires others to join him.

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