New technology is making it easier than ever for athletes to fine-tune their nutrition through blood analysis. Prepare to send in the vials.

Increasingly, race organizers are testing non-elite athletes for performance-enhancing drugs. But is it fair, or even possible, to hold amateurs to the same stringent standards as the pros?

Common medications that will—and won't—earn you a suspension

What's the best blender for making juices and smoothies?

Is it better for me to run before lunch or before dinner?

This is my first year snowshoeing. Is there anything specific I should do to get my body ready?

I like quinoa, but I'm not sure how to make it more interesting. Any good recipes?

I normally do regular bench presses. Should I add incline and decline presses into my workout, and, if so, how often?

My pre-climb warm-up feels unstructured. Are there any stretches I can do to be a better climber?

I've always followed standard workout nutrition guidelines, but will adding caffeine to my routine improve my performance?

Both fresh and frozen fruits are high in fiber, packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, and loaded with vitamins and minerals. When you want a healthy grab-and-go snack, opt for fresh fruit. It also makes a great side dish for any meal. The downside is that it can be expensive, and it…

My lower back kills me after long bike rides. How can I fix this?

Stress is a major contributor to cravings, especially when you’re trapped in the office all day. As your body reacts to stress, your stress hormones increase. This creates an increase in grehlin, the hormone that stimulates feelings of hunger, which can lead to cravings even when you aren’t hungry. While…

I haven’t run a 10K since high school, but I’d like to get back into running. Can you set me up with a three-month training plan?

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, but it’s also found in foods like ice cream and ketchup. Gluten-free diets are typically followed by people suffering from a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, a condition that causes a negative reaction to gluten and results in damage to…

It seems like most people I see in the gym use the same exercises. Which exercises work and which moves are overrated?

Even though you’re pumping your legs and working hard, you’re in a seated position, which is why many seasoned cyclists look like office workers who spend too much time slumped over at a desk. This riding position causes the muscles on the front of your hips to become tight. Here…

The debate over farm-raised versus wild salmon boils down to two issues: healthy fat content and organic contaminants. Farm-raised salmon is known for having higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3s, while wild salmon is praised for having less cancer-causing contaminants. This creates a dilemma between eating salmon that is healthier for…

While all athletes need both carbohydrates and protein in their post-workout shake to replenish energy stores and help their muscles recover, triathletes need a higher ratio of carbs to protein to fully replenish their energy from long-distance endurance training. To jumpstart recovery, boost energy, and improve performance, mix up a…

Sometimes I get blisters on my feet. What can I do to treat them so I don’t have to stop running?

I love wine, but I also want to be healthy. What are the healthiest wines to drink?

I recently bought a set of resistance bands. What moves should I do to make myself a better runner?

Spending your entire day at the office shouldn’t limit your snack choices. Come to work prepared with healthy snacks, and you’ll improve focus, increase productivity, and avoid packing on pounds. Snack on the five foods below to stay satisfied. WalnutsHealth benefits: Walnuts are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty…

Opt for dark, leafy greens like spinach, kale, mustard, collard, Bok Choy, romaine, or Swiss chard. These darker greens are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, iron, fiber, and vitamins A, K and C, which are essential for a healthy body. Give your salad an extra nutrient punch by topping…

What looks simple from the shore can easily become chaotic and exhausting in practice. After all, you’re trying to transfer power while maintaining balance on a constantly fluctuating surface. Use these movements to develop the skills you need to paddle efficiently: Split Squat Rotational Chop Why it works: This…

Advocates of barefoot running argue it’s the way evolution wants us to run—and they’re right. However, this ignores the fact that we spend the majority of our lives locked into regular shoes. Rarely do we go barefoot anywhere. Before you start running, let your feet adjust to your new barefoot…

Not just protein, but calories, carbs, and other nutrients—it’s all important. If you skimp on food during intense training, your body will tap into your lean muscle mass for energy. As you increase the intensity of your workouts, your protein intake should increase from about 0.6 to 0.9 grams of…

By the end of the day, I often feel too tired to exercise. Is it better to skip my workout or trim it down? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

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What should I eat or drink during a half marathon? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

I'm on a tight budget. What are some ways to save money on healthy foods? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

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What exercises will help improve my reaction time as a lacrosse goalie? Lax Asheville, NC

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I'm planning to run up the Sears Tower. What's the best way to train? The Editors Santa Fe, NM

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