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Living in a big city doesn't mean you can't spend a weekend outdoors this summer

From the mundane (check the water in your batteries) to the brash (sell your home)

An architectural oasis in the Arizona desert.

Can't skip town this weekend? No problem

Who can resist a good mystery, the kind that leaves you both rattled and baffled? Certainly not us. So it's with sinister pleasure that we bring you 13 tales of unrighteous deeds, inexplicable vanishings, supernatural weirdness, and the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Untold riches may lie hidden in Arizona.

Where are the best, most scenic areas to hike in the Phoenix area? Bethany Detroit, MI

Monsoon hopeful: Arizona’s Mount Lemmon Q: We had planned a climbing trip to northwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona but are worried there’s nowhere open given the recent fires. We’re looking specifically for top-roping spots. The skill level in our group ranges from amateur to intermediate, and…

Warm, windswept, unfettered, ever-changing—North America's four great desert regions hide untold possibilities for classic winter adventure. They may be scorching and sere, with prickly dangers over every horizon, but if you know where to go—and how to explore wisely—you'll find these 500,000 square miles of desolation downright hospitable.