The shoes-for-good company is the latest in a string of outdoor brands taking a stand on hot-button political issues

Over 16,000 employees will go without pay and local communities will lose approximately $18 million per day

EPA proposes stripping protections from 50 percent of streams and 110 million acres of wetlands

How creating a "simplified permit system" could decrease the public's input in the land of many uses

When Dick's Sporting Goods announced that it would reduce gun sales in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, CEO Edward Stack said he wanted to start a conversation about gun safety in America. What he got instead was a firestorm.

The Boise Bicycle Project teaches inmates the ins and outs of bicycle maintenance, with the ultimate goal of getting everyone in Boise on two wheels—no matter their income

The Alaska senator sent us a letter about her enviro bonafides. Naturally, we checked her work.

Camps and wilderness expeditions offer a refuge from prejudice and political battles, giving trans kids the tools they need to face future challenges

The 34-year-old teacher reportedly died at the hands of a drug cartel

Debunking various theories currently floating around the Internet

The government just released new fitness guidelines, which we boiled down to a single, simple mantra

Waiting in the wings is an even worse swamp monster—oil and gas lobbyist David Bernhardt

Attorney Xochitl Torres Small just won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a rural district. One of her prominent talking points? Protecting the region's national monument.

The results from Tuesday's elections prove that the majority of people in this country revere our public lands. Politicians, listen up.

If she wins tomorrow, the 38-year-old Democrat would become the country's first Native American governor. Can a moderate still win in Trump's America? Idaho is about to find out.

The world’s biggest marathon is more than just a race. It offers the illusion of unity.

As Wyoming debates whether to charge hikers, I wanted to issue a reminder that this whole pay-to-play concept on our public lands doesn't work

Is the movement that sparked the 2016 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge ready to age out?

Can recent events be chalked up to the occasional confusion of bureaucracy? Or is something more worrisome afoot?

Now that the House Natural Resources Committee has fallen under Democrat control, it could mean real oversight for the Department of Interior, says Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva

Even as Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has said he wants to give states more decision-making power over federal lands, the Trump administration has taken numerous steps to limit public input

The world asks: Is Zinke corrupt, incompetent, or both? 

In what might be a first for any American company, the clothing brand has endorsed two Senate candidates

Unless the Forest Service can pony up the cash to save it

And replaced her with a loyalist political operative who may not need Senate confirmation

Patagonia's founder reminds us that democracy requires showing up. 

Non-partisan midterm elections guidance from key environmental organizations

They don't vote. Why are the people most concerned about climate change some of the least likely to show up in November?

It's up to Republicans to bring it back to life and make it better than ever

The Koch Brothers own the company that makes Cordura and its family of durable nylon fabrics, which are ubiquitous throughout the outdoor industry

The U.S. Coast Guard closes the Potomac River any time President Trump wants to hit the links.

Maine’s coast is one of the last border disputes between Canada and the United States.

Spend any time on Twitter and you'll quickly conclude that everyone is outraged about everything. It's time we put that energy to use in the real world.

The Supreme Court nominee wrote a troubling diatribe in 2013 against workers' rights

If the BSA wants to welcome female Scouts, it needs to start now—not next February

A sincere discussion about the ethics, practicalities, and responsibilities of packing heat on the trail

The Time to Vote campaign, which includes almost 150 companies, gives employees time off to vote in the midterm elections

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will offer up nearly 4 million acres of public lands for lease this year, much of it for dirt cheap

P.T. Wood owns a gin and whiskey distillery in Salida, Colorado, where he also happens to be the mayor

Think the death of specialty outdoor retail has been foretold? Don't let your favorite local shop go down without a fight.

Nominee Raymond David Vela seems to care about making our national parks more accessible

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management released plans that would have opened up thousands of acres of former national monuments to mining and drilling—despite Zinke's promises to the contrary

‘Hike the Line’ follows hikers Tenny Ostrem and Claire Wernstedt-Lynch as they hike from California to the Gulf of Mexico.

In her adventure memoir, Kate Harris offers a fresh new voice on what it means to be an explorer in the 21st century

Despite promises from the president and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the BLM wants to open up hundreds of thousands of acres in Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears national monuments for companies to drill and mine

Last week, the Interior Secretary outlined his ideas on what causes wildfire. Here's what he's right and wrong about.

Amid a frenzied conversation over shrinking public lands, Native Americans run hundreds of miles to honor—and take back—the land that's sacred to them

Keeping an eye on the interior secretary's latest ethical blunders and questionable public lands policies

America's proudest tradition should never be used as an excuse for anti-American politics

A new bill would strip the president of designating new monuments in the state—an idea that has already come to fruition in Alaska and Wyoming

The president's decision wasn't an assessment of whether the Hammonds deserved their sentence or not, it was an endorsement of the Bundy family's movement

She helped the Navy, the White House, and the entire federal government become more eco-friendly. Now Kate Brandt is tackling her most ambitious sustainability project yet.

From filmmaker Jamie Hancock, ‘Day Zero’, tells the chilling tale of Cape Town, South Africa’s current water crisis.

Citizens of the island nation Kiribati have already had to evacuate their homes due to sea-level rise.

The Green Mountain State announced a $10,000 grant to cover moving expenses for new remote-working residents. Time to pack your bags.

The 33-year-old started running as a way to cope with depression. Then she launched Harlem Run. Now she wields the sport as a tool to help the whole country.

In this scene from Blue Heart, the women of Kruscica village in Bosnia protest the development of a new dam on their beloved river.

Nonfiction works by John Branch and Eliza Griswold document changing ways of life in Utah and Pennsylvania

He reversed an Obama-era order that raised hourly pay to $10.10, but few in the guiding industry—including guides—are complaining

The Democratic candidate and son of the Burt's Bees founder is seeking a win in Maine's rural 2nd District with a simple message: The recreation economy can bring back jobs

Marinel de Jesus, writer at 'Brown Gal Trekker' and a CEO, invites outdoor industry leaders to take concrete measures toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Minnesota basketball coach launched Asiya, a brand with the goal of making playing sports better for hijab-wearing women everywhere

The secretary of the interior was once a loud supporter of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Now he wants to almost completely defund it.

The last two tree sitters fighting the 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline project in Jefferson National Forest surrendered to police. Will others take their place?

Rob Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts, on why smart, ethical immigration policies are required to keep ski towns healthy throughout the United States. Politicians, listen up.

Some see economic windfall. Others, a carbon bomb.

Political and journalistic pressure foiled Interior Department attempts to censor a climate report. Not surprisingly, its findings aren't good.

In 1965, mountaineer Jim Whittaker guided Senator Bobby Kennedy up his father’s namesake mountain, Mt. Kennedy.

Fieldwork in far-flung places is exciting and rewarding—until it's not. Only recently have insiders—mostly women—been able to start changing the culture.

It's not just a hatred of the federal government that motivates the scofflaws—it's their deeply held faith

The Boy Scouts of America is dropping the gendered pronoun and allowing girls to be members. The Girl Scouts better adapt fast if it wants to stay relevant.

What the Bundy family's battle with the federal government really means for the future of public lands in the American West

What does the end of the 105-year partnership mean for Scouting's future?

The park police typically help keep the peace at urban monuments, but the Department of Interior is sending a group to the U.S.-Mexico border to chase smugglers. Sort of.

As it opens membership up to girls, the 107-year-old organization will now be known as Scouts BSA

Last December, when the Trump administration announced its decision to shrink Bears Ears National Monument, a crack team of Native American attorneys armed themselves with a lawsuit that ensured tribal voices will lead the legal battle to overturn it. Abe Streep reports on a historic case that will reverberate for generations.

Is REI more powerful than the NRA?