The Mid Caples Hut along the Greenstone-Caples Track services 5,000 trampers, New Zealand's name for a backpacker, annually.

Blake Crossland grew up frequenting Rocky Mountain National Park with his family, in fact, it's the place where his parents met. So to say he's deeply connected to this place is a bit of an understatement.

For this season of Westward, KGB Productions has four new profiles of skiers doing it their own way.

Fly-fishing guide Camille Egdorf is putting an end to the good-ole-boys-club on the river.

Micayla Gatto is an artist, mountain biker, and dabbles in a little video production on the side as well.

When Chris Brinlee Jr. left a job as the art director for an agency based in LA, he'd never been out of the country.

Kyle Jameson is by far one of the most stoked guys in mountain biking. If you see an oddly tall guy waiting around a bunch of twelve-year-olds for Brandon Semenuk's autograph, that's him.

Meet Remi Bonnet. This jack-of-all trades athlete is living a quintessential life in the mountains near Charmey, Switzerland

Professional skier Kalen Thorien has been living out of her 1993 Bigfoot trailer and 60-series Land Cruiser for two years.

Jim Tabor began stashing hand-carved spoons along the AT six years ago as souvenirs for through-hikers. His creations have come to symbolize the generosity of the tight-knit trail community.

Sean Chuma is one of the best aerialists in professional BASE Jumping. As an instructor, he's spent countless flights performing acrobatic maneuvers that he attributes to his love of superman.

We went cliff diving and rock climbing with the stunt-person, athlete, and daredevil

Fred Beckey all but invented the sport of climbing with daring first ascents of peaks once thought unclimbable. At 93, his brain might be the greatest repository of information about American mountaineering in existence.

Daniel Norris is one of the most interesting players in baseball. When he's not striking out major league hitters, he's on the road in his van, Shaggy.

One of the best climbers of her generation points her skis down 27,766-foot Makalu

California guide Adrian Ballinger makes his play to become Everest's top dog with a climbing model that's fast, light—and very expensive.

When freeskier Kit DesLauriers dropped in at 29,035 feet on Mount Everest in October, she became the first person to ski off the Seven Summits. Kit, her husband, Rob, and photographer Jimmy Chin also became the first Americans to ski from the top of the world's tallest mountain.

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