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All types of athletes can benefit from quicker instincts

The former Harvard rower is making the most of a six-month sabbatical from his new job at Zwift

With working conditions like these, who would let their babies grow up to race bikes for a living?

Long-distance running has exploded there, but responsible oversight of trail races has been extremely inconsistent—including, it seems, at the event last weekend in Gansu Province, where 21 runners died in a sudden storm

Studies suggest that sole stiffness doesn’t matter as much as we thought. Fit and comfort matter more.

Tourism and marquee events may face a boycott unless the cycling establishment can find an effective way to respond

Tested for style and durability, these tops can handle anything coming down the trail

He’s not only one of the fastest cyclists in the country—he’s also one of the sport’s most outspoken champions for diversity. But his mission has morphed into the greatest moon shot of all: to bring bike racing to the American masses.

Justin Williams has a fast and furious vision for reviving road racing in America

Running alone against the clock is very different from trying to beat other runners, but untangling how our minds process the challenge is “like knitting with spaghetti”

The new Ted Corbitt Loop is great, but we still need a Ted Corbitt ultra

Detailed power data from sprinter Marcel Kittel and climber Tom Dumoulin highlight the contrasting physiological demands faced by different riders

In an uncommon skimo race in New Hampshire, two skiers climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest—twice

Signing up for a race right now is a weird mix of optimism and being in denial

Several British stars, including Paula Radcliffe, recently spoke out against an initiative to equalize cross-country distances for male and female athletes. The debate is more complicated than it seems. 

Yesterday's race had incredible times, but it all felt a little too perfectly engineered  

Sometimes spending more money gets you measurable value. But there's a point where that stops.

With races canceled, Enda challenged its sponsored athletes to set a record on Mount Kenya

A pro marathoner looking for a sponsor takes a scientific approach to finding the right match

Both professional and amateur athletes ran virtual iterations of the event in recent days

When the Cirque Series had all its events canceled, the race director challenged participants to spend a month running up and down hills 

When cross-country season rolls around, there's no place like Vanny

Race cancellations have produced an uptick in FKTs, but the obsession predates the pandemic

When the going gets tough, which sensation actually slows you down?

On the Dirty Kanza and the cycling world's reckoning with a racist, exclusionary past

The hotter it is, the closer we come to the ever elusive goal of besting the horse—which supports the evolutionary "born to run" hypothesis

To mark the start of his sixties, Will Turner swam, biked, and ran 14,765 miles, many of which took place through iconic national parks and public lands. Here are the most stunning photos from his "races."

Well, sort of. There's no racing on the roads yet, but pro teams are flocking to a digital version that will be broadcast to fans.

The professional mountain biker has never made race a platform. But amid the protests against racial injustice, he opens up about being Black in a predominantly white sport, the challenges he's faced on and off the track, and what we can all do to address bias in the outdoor community.

With in-person events canceled for the foreseeable future, these "glorified time trials" can also deliver satisfaction

'Working Woman's Trans BC Enduro' follows two cyclists as they prepare for a six-day mountain-bike race in the Kootenay Range

The cycling world has turned its eye toward an obscure challenge called Everesting

This was the most exciting mountain-bike category of our test

How director Marina Zenovich got the most infamous bike racer in history to share more than ever before

John Cordoba thinks the future of bikes—and bike racing—includes e-bikes

What we learned from riding the best bikes of the year

Zwift, track workouts, and more keep 47-year-old Jon Brown ready for next winter

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