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Tight shoulders? Work the small end of the hook into the sore muscle and pull slightly, kneading the tissue into submission. Choose from two hooks and three other knobs so you can dial in the angle and pressure.

Imagine a foam roller that doesn’t move—that’s the idea behind the curve ball. Set it on the ground (or wall if you want lighter pressure) and dig it into the tissue that needs work. It’s less pin-pointed than the Beastie Ball, but does the trick for your shoulders and lower…

Trigger Point makes some of the best foam rollers, but the MB5—a five-inch round, dense foam ball—delivers a deeper tissue massage than your typical roller. Set it on the ground and roll out your glutes, lower back, calves and quads. It’s like a complete lower body massage.

Climbers: if you’re spending a lot of time on the hangboard, your digits need love. This tiny massager provides 360 degrees of pressure as you roll it up and down your overworked phalanges. Pro tip: keep it hooked on your keys, so you can massage on the go or when…

You’re actively running and cycling, but your partner’s on the sidelines. Here are tips on coping with this challenging dynamic.

Dialing in your nutrition when you’re on the couch can be hard, especially for an active person. Here’s what you need to know.

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There are gentle massage tools, and then there’s the Beastie Ball, which is designed to dig deep into a specific trouble zone. Use it on the floor or with its base, which adds even more pressure. It’s great for big muscles, like the glutes or quads, which can be tough…

The internet is full of gizmos to help your body bounce back from training. These stand out.

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