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By the late 1990s, the Chinook salmon of Oregon’s Lostine River were nearly gone. Now a collaboration of hard work is paying off.

The underrated West Virginia adventure hub is finally getting the recognition it deserves

Tenkara fly-fishing in Colorado with Daniel Galhardo

Paddling across a lake where a river used to be

'Rio Rica' introduces us to Rica Fulton and the Little Snake River, a lesser known tributary of the West's renowned Yampa River

Chile's Rio Claro is a beautiful stretch of water, some sections of which are only accessible by kayak

In her new book, 'Superman's Not Coming,' the activist gives a lesson in community engagement and warns that we shouldn't expect the government to save us

'Water Flows Together' ​​​​​​​explores the intersection of water access for consumption and recreation

'River of Return' features river guides and Shoshone-Bannock tribal members Sammy and Jessica Matsaw

In praise of sand in your eyeballs, no cell service, and pooping in a box

'Rising from the Ashes' follows the scientists studying the summer steelhead resurgence in Washington's Elwha River

Jason Cajune is a second-generation boatman building wooden dories in Livingston, Montana

This year's most at-risk rivers, the Lower Missouri and Upper Mississippi, provide water for millions of people in the Midwest

So-called "flush drownings" lack an obvious cause like getting trapped underwater. Researchers now believe water temperature is a key factor.

'Powell 150' documents a thousand-mile rafting trip along the Colorado River Basin from Wyoming to Nevada

'The Salad Days' chronicles the river career of Herman Hoops, a conservationist, boater, and public land steward.

'River Surfer' profiles a longtime saltwater surfer turned river rider from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Expedition kayaker Scott Lindgren knocked off first descents of the most remote and dangerous rivers on earth, from the Himalayas to the Sierra. He paddled with an aggro attitude and saw weakness as an unforgivable trait in himself and others. But when a brain tumor started to derail his athletic performance and threaten his life, everything changed.

You can't technically finish the AT without a ride in Greg Caruso's canoe

In a new documentary, The Salad Days, river runner and advocate Herm Hoops takes to the water one last time

Use the best open space NYC has to offer: the water

Why these are our dream spots to cast away

How to handle ego in its many (sometimes potentially deadly) forms

How to explore the western rivers and wilderness on the route of legendary explorer John Wesley Powell

In this film, the OARS team profiles Samantha 'Derby' Derbyshire, a prominent female river guide on Utah's Cataract Canyon

A performance in Grand Junction, Colorado, pays homage to the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers—and calls for action to protect the threatened waterway

On-the-ground info to keep you safe in the backcountry

A reformed raft guide writes a breakup letter to his favorite piece of gear as he upgrades to a (real) mattress

A short film about one woman’s experience downriver

Take your children fishing. Then do that over and over again for the rest of your life.

We pulled together a few of our favorite places to camp—some developed campgrounds, some not—alongside America’s most stunning rivers

Taking a tiny human floating seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be

A new report found that towns near plenty of outdoor recreation attract new residents and higher incomes. But this could also mean higher costs of living, affordable housing challenges, and encroachment into vulnerable landscapes.

When one of your best buds is getting married, it calls for something truly epic

In 'Next Gen,' from OARS, president Tyler Wendt​​​​​​​ takes his family on its first multi-day river trip

Amid stories of ecological doom, we found a few instances of progress worth celebrating

In this installment, More Than Just Parks features the Flathead Valley and its endless recreational opportunities

All you need is a rod, a license, and a good attitude to catch your first fish

The Gila is America’s most endangered river. What do we stand to lose if it disappears thanks to climate change and overuse?

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