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Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Researchers are searching for telltale clues in your strength, flexibility, or body position that signal an impending injury. It’s harder than you think.

This shoe won our Gear of the Year award in our 2020 Summer Buyer’s Guide. Its “engage-as-needed support system makes for an exceptionally comfortable ride,” wrote our testers. “It’s a great choice for neutral runners whose feet collapse inward when they’re tired and for chronic pronators who’ve…

Seven reasons from Brendan Leonard’s new book ‘I Hate Running and You Can Too’

It breathes and wicks sweat better than any other midlayer I’ve tested

The brand's ethos signals a departure from an apparel industry that has been dominated by giant shoe companies. But can it stay true to the soul of the sport?

Yesterday's race had incredible times, but it all felt a little too perfectly engineered  

After finishing a disappointing 12th place at the 2020 Olympic Trials, he is looking to close out the year with a big win

Both professional and amateur athletes ran virtual iterations of the event in recent days

Our Gear Guy tested five lightweight soft shells, and the Keele was his favorite. “I was most impressed with how [it] almost completely repelled water during the shower test, leaving very little moisture on the interior after 30 seconds,” he wrote. This is the jacket you should grab for…

The world’s best marathoner was the favorite everyone was rooting for

Running across the U.S. on a journey to discover the true America during a period of intense political turmoil and deep divides

Outdoor brands are creating face coverings designed for exercise and outdoor activities like biking and running. Do you need them, and do they work? We break it down.

The two-liter Multipass can be worn as a shoulder sling, but we like it better as a waist pack. The belt wraps around low on the hip bones, so it doesn’t squeeze your stomach, and the bounce is so minimal that we forget we’re wearing it. The bag has enough…

For those who need to run with a phone, finding an accessible option can be hard: squeezing your phone into a plastic sleeve is a pain, and then it’s stuck on your arm, so you can’t actually see it. LifeProof’s Armband fixes that with a click-on/click-off phone attachment that eschews…

Kicks to sustain your toughest blacktop efforts

Gear so light and comfortable, you’ll PR on your morning jog

It's a ways down the list, obviously, compared to people doing actual lifesaving stuff

The women's race was about working together, while the men's race was about fighting alone

'Portraits of a Runner' shows how three dedicated athletes are preparing for the Olympic Trials

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

From Caster Semenya to the rise and fall of the Oregon Project, it's been an eventful ten years

At last weekend's California International Marathon, several runners made it by the skin of their teeth

“Last year the Skechers GOrun barely got our attention. One model later, our testers won’t take them off their feet,” we wrote in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, awarding it Gear of the Year. We loved these shoes for the new Hyper Burst midsole, which provides a balance of…

From California to New York, we've rounded up 11 of the best trots for your pre-Thanksgiving-meal sweat

This light is one of ultrarunner Dean Karnazes’ favorite tools for running trails at night. He likes the Zephyr Fire 300’s hand-strap which minimizes strain on his arm. Plus, the light’s rechargeable battery lasts for three hours on its highest setting.

These tiny but bright LED strobe lights are better than reflective bands. Clip them to your shirt or shorts and choose from blinking or steady-stream mode to stay visible. They also have an IPX3 water-resistant rating, so you don’t have to worry about rain or heavy sweat. The replaceable lithium…

Tune in to the hotly anticipated race on November 3

This headlamp was our top pick for running in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide because of its five lighting modes. We did note the Halo Fire is bulkier than other designs, but the straps cinch tightly to your head to avoid too much bounce.

Don’t let winter cold banish you to the treadmill

Don’t let winter cold banish you to the treadmill

Everyone can find a pair that fits perfectly, whether you prefer compression, roomy cuts, full coverage, or a barely there fit

He's literally tested hundreds of hats, and this is his go-to

We tested three new kicks that incorporate the controversial feature

What's so upsetting about letting a woman be faster than you?

In this episode of Moves, Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness instructor Doug Lawder walks us through moves for stronger legs

If he cheated, he deserved to be disqualified, but the bullying crossed a line

The elite marathoner wants you to know that trail runners deserve our respect

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