Road Running


The elite marathoner wants you to know that trail runners deserve our respect

Always wanting more pockets? Try Rabbit’s Dirt Pounders shorts, which have seven of them for anything else you need to carry.

From plantar fasciitis to blisters, these are the top causes of foot pain for runners

The big sole of the Clifton 5 gave testers a cushy, stable ride. At 15.2 ounces, they’re on the heavier side, but Mom’s feet will be happy with the extra cushioning and support.

Our top picks for all conditions, from dry or slushy roads to technical or muddy singletrack

Rickey Gates ran 1,303 miles on the streets of San Francisco over 46 days, from November through December

The Consumer Product Safety Commission tried to recall strollers it claimed were defective, but the newly appointed chair stopped it

Tune in to the highly anticipated race on April 15

This road-running shoe is broken up into zones corresponding to each major foot joint, for targeted support that doesn't add weight or bulk

Whatever you want—more support, a quicker turnover, or built-in data tracking—these runners have it

Whether you plan on conquering a 5K, an Ironman, or something in between in 2019, Endure is essential reading. Written by Outside contributor Alex Hutchinson, it blends cutting-edge science and gripping storytelling to prove that the key to succeeding at endurance events is training your mind.

Instead of a full vest, the Xinglet gives you neon green shoulder and waist straps for reflective stripes all over your torso that can be seen from 360 degrees. The system clips easily to your body and is made from stretchy nylon for a secure, customizable fit.

Strap this 1.5-inch-wide band around your ankle for an easy bit of reflectivity that’s more likely to catch a driver’s eye, thanks to the movement of your legs. The hook and loop closure is simple to use, and you can adjust it to be worn on a bare ankle or…

Add a bit of reflectivity to any part of your exposed skin with this wax-based spread, which rolls on like deodorant but glows like a club kid at a rave. It’s made from seven natural ingredients, and you can even apply it to your clothing if you’re running in cold…

The FlipBelt is designed to enable you to carry your phone and keys on a run without any bouncing or chafing. This version adds a neon green reflective stripe to the mix to boost your visibility. It’s stretchy, moisture wicking, and has room to fit a small water bottle.

If it’s truly cold during your night run, you’ll need a layer to keep your ears warm. The Greenlight is a mix of polyester and spandex that wicks moisture, dries fast, and has reflective hits on the front and back for added visibility.

If you need simple, functional running pants, look no farther than the Threshold, which we featured in our 2018 Winter Buyer’s Guide for cold weather running. We especially appreciate its two low-profile zip pockets and soft poly-spandex lining.

Go a little faster and a little lighter with the Duro handheld water bottle. It holds 8.5-ounces of your favorite hydration and has a small zippered pocket for small essentials like cash and your driver’s license.

The two-year-old brand makes some of the most comfortable, best-fitting running kit we've tried

The world’s biggest marathon is more than just a race. It offers the illusion of unity.

Tune in to the highly anticipated race on November 4

The partnership between Brooks, HP, and Superfeet uses biomechanical analysis and 3-D foot scanning to create a pair of shoes built especially for you

From filmmaker Noam Argov, Running Across California chronicles Ali Butler-Genesk’s attempt at a ‘fastest known time’.

After the craziest race in decades, a controversy emerged about prize money. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

They crushed at Sunday’s Tokyo Marathon. Here’s why.

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From Salomon TV, Route 66 follows Max King as he explores a not-so-forgotten American roadway.

You may think all trucker hats are created equal. Think again.

Caribou Legs, a film from The Solidarity Union, follows Bradley Firth as he runs from 4,600 miles from Vancouver to St. John's. He battles his own inner demons of drug addiction and alcoholism while raising awareness for systemic violence against indigenous women.

From rafting trips to big-wall climbs, here's how to do it just about anywhere outdoors

All you need for city streets and wooded trails.

As summer approaches, the risk of deadly heat stroke grows. Here’s a list of gear and advice on how to avoid it.

After closing in 1996, Boston's Eliot Lounge is coming back—if only for the weekend

High-performance kit to go faster and farther

Sometimes setting an unreasonable goal is the only way to jump-start your fitness

News that the FBI is involved could be a major game-changer

Marathon training can be overwhelming, but some things just aren't worth the stress

The key to success is a healthy mix of preparation and adaptability

'The Run is Worth Fighting For' is a film illustrating the lingering fight it takes to be a runner.

Whether you run today or not, the emotion is just part of being a runner

For me, running is so much more than the pursuit of a "perfect body"

The sport's past is filled with prominent acts of defiance

The treadmill ruins the simplicity of running and packages the sport as a commodity

No runner was made in a day. And for every runner, there is a story of origin; a familiar trail, high school track, or a road. This is that story.

Sure, the fitness app makes training and racing more social, but running is meant to be isolating. The question is: Can we run without it?

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The sport's not just doping scandals. These individuals represent the very best that running has to offer.

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Are the Hash House Harriers a nearly century-old orienteering group dash, a drinking club with a running problem, or just Tinder for runners? Our correspondent intended to find out.

A new social media initiative has many prominent endurance athletes publicly speaking out against doping. But in order to affect real change, the initiative has to come from the top down.

A powerhouse trio of American women—Molly Huddle, Gwen Jorgensen, and Kim Conley—all made their marathon debuts this past weekend in New York. Here's what they learned and what they wish they had done differently.

The days are getting shorter. Here's the best gear to brighten your path.

Pete Kostelnick just broke one of the toughest running records in history, logging an average of 72 miles for 42 days straight. He's the latest in a line of runners going back 120 years who have tested their mettle by crossing the country on foot.

Why do the times of some of the best amateur marathoners in America keep getting worse?

Thirty-one thousand miles later, the writer looks back at what a half-century running habit taught him about life, pathfinding, and working off lots of French wine

'Crossroads' follows the story of King and Greenwood as they run the legendary Comrades Ultra in South Africa.

The season’s best trainers keep you moving through nasty weather

You can't beat the beauty of running on mountain trails, but I still sometimes long for the freedom and shared chaos of urban runs

The metal spires and busy streets of a city pale in comparison to snowy peaks and undulating countryside, but there's something redeeming—dare I say special—about the concrete jungle

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Winners and losers from today’s historic ruling, and other takeaways

Road-running shoes are turning up the foam again

Artistically-inclined future Olympian Alexi Pappas made an indie movie about the thrills of competition, with some autobiography thrown in

Czech running phenomenon Emil Zátopek was unstoppable on the track. Outside of the arena, living in a Soviet satellite state, was where things got complicated.

Asking a friend to lead tough workouts can pay off on race day

What can your half-marathon performance say about making the jump to full marathons? We crunch the numbers.

Marathons aren't easy, but they aren't all equally difficult

We thought these kicks were an April Fools' prank. Turns out they're real.

For a decade, the African nation of Burundi was home to a unique phenomenon: group jogs involving thousands of people who hit the streets to sing, socialize, and sometimes protest the nation’s authoritarian president, Pierre Nkurunziza. In March 2014, he banned the activity. As conflicts threaten to boil over—and the body count continues to rise—runners have become both weapons and victims.

All the reasons 13.1-miles is fun for amateurs and pros alike

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