For most of their history, running shoes have been marketed and sold for their ability to reduce injury. That has changed.

How well you can see your surroundings matters, but subtle gait changes also burn more energy

The Swiss Alps are home to an incredible new hut-to-hut runners’ route called the Via Valais. It’s a little demanding—150 miles, nine stages, and 42,000 feet of elevation gain—but if you can take it on, you’re guaranteed one of the most spectacular adventures of your life.

A squeeze of honey, a squirt of ketchup, and other non-solids you can toss down your gullet if you so choose

Runners smack the ground harder—but get injured less—in more cushioned shoes. New research explains why.

When you’re covering 145 miles through the Alps, every gram counts

The brand took its time entering the super-shoe race, but its new, responsive model for marathoners was worth the wait

I am pretty sure no runner who has consistently won races approaches their training in this way

Next to having a little time to themselves, these are their top wish-list items

You can’t run fast without using your arms—or can you?

The Bowerman Track Club failed its own athletes by not being transparent about its relationship with the suspended star 

A conversation with Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard on the life-affirming joys of type-two fun

“The Nike ZoomX Invincible shoe might not break speed records, but it rules for recovery runs,” wrote our Buyer’s Guide testers. “From top to bottom, Nike has created the best max-cushion shoe we’ve ever tested.” That’s why we gave it a Gear of the Year award.

In their recent release, Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery push back against conditions that curtail the running careers of young women, with stories from 50 who’ve made it

The ultrarunning multi-world-record holder talks about sustaining longevity and the biggest thrill of her illustrious career

Running shoe testers Cory Smith and Lisa Jhung picked the Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite 2 as the best shoe for everyday miles in our 2021 Summer Buyer’s Guide. “It feels like a well-worn favorite right out of the box,” they wrote. “Overall, it’s a refreshing departure from the traditionally stiff…

Don’t assume a noise deterrent will save you from a run-in with a wild animal. Do your homework before you head out into the wilderness.

Summer Buyer’s Guide tester Will Palmer picked the Bose Sport as the best earbuds for running. “The fit on the well-sealed, sweat- and water-resistant Sport is more secure than anything else in our test,” he wrote.

“Even on the sweatiest rides, we forgot we were wearing these wraparound shields, which never slipped or caused hot spots,” wrote Buyer’s Guide tester Stephanie Pearson. “The dark gray lenses worked well in bright light and in a variety of conditions on both road and trail.”…

Your unexplained fatigue may be due to calorie deficiency, with serious implications for your health and performance

An analysis of pro cycling data finds that altitude-born South American riders race better at high altitudes than their lowland-born rivals

Thanks to a number of world-class races, a community-focused running culture, historical landmarks, and accessible wooded trails, the nation’s capital is one of the best urban running environments in the country

What motivates someone to run more than 3,000 miles around a block in Queens, New York? Transcendence.

Our first impressions put it right up there with the best offerings from this beloved purveyor of cushy runners

Missoula, Montana’s M Trail is many things. But mostly it’s just steep.

Cultivate consistency, stay motivated year-round, and improve your speed and strength with these lessons—and staple fartlek workout—from On Athletics Club’s head coach

Otherworldly talent has its own irresistible magnetism. We can’t help but be seduced.    

From a scenic path that extends the entire length of New York to a new route connecting Yellowstone to Grand Teton, here are the most scenic ways to experience America’s wilderness by bike

Whether they want to or not, organizations like World Athletics and the International Olympic Committee have shed the mantle of neutrality

“At 100 bucks, the Escape Pursuit might be the perfect mountain-town kicks,” wrote Winter Buyer’s Guide running shoe testers Cory Smith and Lisa Jhung. “The Escape Pursuit is a seemingly simple shoe that checks all the boxes for short- to mid-distance runs on hilly terrain.” At 50 percent off,…

A new study of identical twins shows that, despite their reputation as inert rubber bands, Achilles tendons adapt to exercise

How the Knob Creek bourbon distilling company got 100 bartenders fit by invoking the anti-running, retro culture of jogging

“This well-designed, comfortable layer is our go-to for daylong hikes or running errands around town,” wrote senior editor Kelsey Lindsey. “Its secret: the fabric, which combines a smooth cotton-blend exterior for a sweatshirt feel with a breathable recycled-polyester lining that moves perspiration like a tech top.”…

A very niche scandal at an Arizona high school takes the debate about running etiquette to another level

Some runners swear by their pump playlists, but I’d rather listen to a great book

A popular training rule for endurance athletes faces scrutiny from skeptical scientists

The inaugural NYC Black History 50 winds its way through the five boroughs and touches on a history that is frequently ignored

An experienced physician and marathoner answers questions you’re embarrassed to ask about running and sex

We featured the Black Diamond Distance pack in our long-term test of the best hydration vests. “What really made this pack stand out was its ability to carry nearly anything with extreme comfort,” wrote tester Peter Koch. “Trekking-pole sleeves on either side offer the most stable, secure carry of…

Two-time Olympic medalist Nick Willis credits his longevity to residing in a college town. And not doing too many vomit-inducing workouts.

The Speedland SL:PDX might just change how runners think about their equipment

The 35-year-old made the switch after giving birth to her fourth child. Here’s what we can learn from her experience.

The company’s newest flagship timepiece promises astounding battery life as well as efficient solar charging, and it comes with a flashlight

This weekend’s Millrose Games will provide a midwinter highlight and a much needed counterpoint to the marathon

We tend to assume that a nice-looking stride is a fast one, but maybe looking good is its own reward

A training plan and general principles to guide your first foray into longer ultramarathons

Outside contributor Svati Kirsten Narula included the Agravic Pro TR in her Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best women’s running gear of 2022. “This stretchy, three-layer ­waterproof shell offers the perfect mix of protection and breathability for rainy or snowy sessions,” she wrote.

We’re expanding our running coverage, and PodiumRunner is moving over to Outside Online

Starting at five hours a week, this ten-week program will help you build endurance and jump-start your training this winter

Scientists have figured out how to make simple exoskeletons that improve running efficiency. Should track and field authorities be worried?

Don’t let falling temperatures keep you from getting your sweat on. Thin merino wool, like the kind used in the Chase beanie, is ideal for arduous winter activities, wicking moisture to help you stay dry and warm. We featured it in our 2019 Winter Buyer’s Guide.

Three methods to cultivate pacing mastery and optimize your performance potential

Our trail shoemeliers pick the best off-road running models to pair with each trail surface

Looking to sign up for your first triathlon? We share everything you need to know to help you have a successful first race.

In 2019, we gave the Carbon X road running shoe our coveted Gear of the Year award. “The Carbon X is the everyday runner’s superhero cape,” wrote testers Cory Smith and Lisa Jhung. “Hoka’s rocking-chair-like outsole propels heel and midfoot strikers onto their toes, maximizing launch.”…

“Though we’ve tested pricier, more feature-rich watches, we liked the budget-friendly simplicity of the new M2,” wrote our Buyer’s Guide tester. “It provides all the data you want (heart rate, activity tracking, interval timers) without any extraneous, confusing metrics that you don’t need.”…

A new way of classifying athletes aims to quantify the thresholds that distinguish recreational athletes from their trained, highly trained, and elite brethren

Our Sweat Science columnist spent two months measuring his blood sugar around the clock. Here’s what he found.

The latest “exercise in a bottle” study finds that plasma from exercising mice makes sedentary mice smarter. But don’t throw out your workout gear just yet.

Beloved by many Canadians, the trail is especially important to Vancouver-based Judith Kasiama, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo and founder of Colour the Trails

The case for marking the passage of time by running your ass off

“This light, ­water-resistant jacket gains extra warmth from a proprietary 100 percent recycled synthetic fill that’s warm like down but retains its loft when wet­—perfect for chilly days and mixed precipitation,” we wrote of the men’s version of this jacket in our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide. Get the women’s…

These days I can break a record while finishing last. Some say they find me inspiring, but I often feel like a decrepit but willing old dog who gets a pat when he tries to chase his ball.

38 quotes that we interpret for our own needs

“These sweet performance morsels are so delicious (and not filled with creepy additives) that I find myself using them as both run fuel for myself and dessert for my family,” wrote our Gear Guy, Joe Jackson. “Unlike some bars, they’re light, easy to munch on the move,…

The energy bars and hydration mixes our editors swear by, on sale at Backcountry

Our gear director has tried many workout drinks while exercising in the high desert of northern New Mexico. He thinks Nuun is the best. “I’ve tried countless other during-exercise solutions and found that Nuun products are the lightest and most gentle on my stomach,” he wrote.

In 2018, we rounded up our favorite ways to hydrate and the Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix topped the list. “It’s kosher, GMO-free, and delicious,” our tester wrote. Plus, the mixture restores electrolytes without causing an upset stomach.

After Lawlor Coe lost his brother Hunter to tragedy, he did everything he could to avoid his pain. Then he began to run.

It’s time to break out the merino base layers and the heat-exchange breathing masks

Shot Bloks are good when you’re craving something (anything) other than another gel or bar. And they’re made from all-organic ingredients. Get the black cherry or chocolate-cherry flavors, which come with 50 milligrams of caffeine per every three pieces.

In our long-term test of the best women’s running shorts, our testers picked the Strider Pro as the best low-rise pair. “Aside from the next-to-skin feel, the biggest benefit of the Strider Pro is that it stays out of the way. The generous leg openings and light, stretchy fabric make it feel roomy.”

A selection of (mostly) new titles for fans of science, endurance, fitness, and adventure

LA Saves Track wants to give the oldest high school in the city a facility it can be proud of

The Native Land Territories map on Gaia GPS shows users the Indigenous land they’re on and includes information about the area's past and present

Columnist Jakob Schiller loves the Vista for running: “They’re fully waterproof, so I don’t have to worry about ruining them with sweat or in the rain; and they never slip out of my ears or need adjustment as I bound along on trails or pavement,” he wrote. Read his full…

Getting heckled by construction workers and definitely not crying: a New York City Marathon retrospective

While the benefit to giving elite women their own race seems obvious, the question of giving male marathoners a separate start is more contentious