After 21 ultrarunners died in a trail race in May, the Chinese government responded dramatically, and many are worried about the future of the adventure sports boom that’s been taking place there

It's time to stop judging people for how they recreate outside

A special 30-day series celebrating nonprofits working for LGBTQ+ inclusivity

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Since Mary Cain spoke out about the Nike Oregon Project in 2019, a growing wave of young runners have come forward with their own allegations of negligent coaching and toxic team cultures across the sport

Choosing whether or not to have children can be difficult for many women. For Amelia Boone, an elite athletic career and her ongoing eating disorder recovery have made it even more complicated.

Incorporating steep inclines into your training can help improve strength, agility, endurance, and more

Long-distance running has exploded there, but responsible oversight of trail races has been extremely inconsistent—including, it seems, at the event last weekend in Gansu Province, where 21 runners died in a sudden storm

Do you jog around the block at the end of a run so your mileage equals a nice round number?

Senior editor Ariella Gintzler loves the Houdini for its versatile, lightweight material. “The papery quality of the Houdini offers superior next-to-skin comfort; you can wear it over a short-sleeve shirt without that clammy shell sensation against your arms,” she writes. It’s billed as a trail-running shell, but works just…

In their Outside TV series, Mike Chambers and Jason Antin take on crazy adventures between Friday evening and Monday morning, inspiring the rest of us to do more with our Saturdays and Sundays, too

With the right preparation you can sneak out the door for a 30-minute workout at any time

‘Nike’s Big Bet’ argues that the banned coach is too important to the company’s image

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Outside columnist Jakob Schiller picked the Peak Mission as his favorite pair of winter running gloves. “Patagonia wisely included a thin nylon mitten that folds out of the cuff and covers your fingers. It withstands chilly wind and provides warmth to keep you going when temperatures dip…

Kicks for getting faster, from race day to recovery jog

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Top-notch gear for wrangling singletrack adventures

She started her career in fashion, and didn't start running until she was 20. Now she crafts women's athletic apparel.

Researchers are searching for telltale clues in your strength, flexibility, or body position that signal an impending injury. It’s harder than you think.

The Saxx Hot Shot outperformed every other top in my quiver

Whether you’re in it for the aesthetics or the superior airflow, there’s something here for everyone

‘Head on a Swivel’ shows how running as a person of color can be an act of defiance

The two-time Olympian is motivated for this year’s Boston Marathon, even as she considers a prospective career as an ultrarunner

A new analysis digs into who overheats and which conditions are most risky, with surprising results

This week’s episode of HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ offers raw scenes from the infamous race

We featured the Shakedry in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide. “Sparse but effective, the Shakedry Trail is essentially a waterproof membrane without any additional laminating fabric,” wrote tester Fritz Huber. “That’s why it might be the lightest water- and windproof jacket on the market—a size large weighs…

The neuroscience of running’s calming effects — and how to enhance them.

Is there anything better than a comfortable sweatshirt?

Race performance still matters more than social media. For now. 

Running alone against the clock is very different from trying to beat other runners, but untangling how our minds process the challenge is “like knitting with spaghetti”

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After 2020, holding the event at all will be a victory in itself

You’re actively running and cycling, but your partner’s on the sidelines. Here are tips on coping with this challenging dynamic.

Seven reasons from Brendan Leonard’s new book ‘I Hate Running and You Can Too’

The gap between performance and style has never been wider—or has it?

At the 2019 World Championships, researchers gave marathoners and racewalkers swallowable thermometer pills and used thermal cameras to assess the effectiveness of hydration and cooling techniques in the heat of competition

Why step-ups make you a more powerful runner, techniques and tips for how to do them, and two sample workouts

The new Ted Corbitt Loop is great, but we still need a Ted Corbitt ultra

Favorites include fire pits, food, and coffee

Between a new wave of sponsored athletes and its forthcoming racing shoes, the legacy running brand wants a bigger piece of the action

A new study explores how inner monologue varies between sports, situations, and experience levels

This dog coat from Ultra Paws is more practical than most because it’s designed with reflective lines, so your pup is more visible if you’re walking or running at night. It has a waterproof polyester outer shell to shed water, which we found handy on wet walks. The coat also…

Skijoring—getting pulled by a dog while you’re wearing skis—with pair of cross-country skis is a little less intense, and it’s a great way to get outside with your pup during cold and snowy winter days. Ruffwear’s system combines two harnesses: one for you and one for your dog, with a…

It breathes and wicks sweat better than any other midlayer I’ve tested

A deodorant that actually works is an essential part of any gym kit. Bravo Sierra is a men’s skin care and grooming company that uses 2,000 active duty military personnel to test their products, and they got it right with this deodorant. It’s not slimy or sticky, it’s free of…

A full-time realtor and a mother of two, 36-year-old Keira D’Amato hasn’t given up on her Olympic dream

Microspikes can provide loads of confidence when moving across icy ground. That’s why we love these for winter running: “With ten carbide teeth per crampon, Nanospikes provide reliable grip on slick surfaces,” wrote tester Fritz Huber. “They easily attach to your shoes, thanks to stretchy thermoplastic straps.”…

Exercising when it's cold can feel tougher than usual. This gear makes it more doable.

Unlike heat training, repeated exposure to cold doesn't necessarily help you handle winter weather better

The items we're using to stay outdoors—and keep cozy when we come in

Several British stars, including Paula Radcliffe, recently spoke out against an initiative to equalize cross-country distances for male and female athletes. The debate is more complicated than it seems. 

If even pacing is so great, why do the best runners in the world always seem to have another gear at the end?

Many hikers hope their treks will make them better at other sports. Instead, mine kept me from distance running for a year—a common side effect we don't discuss enough.

You have some options beyond that perfectly formulated post-workout beverage

Habits and tips to help you get through anything

Two new studies find performance benefits from high levels of the sunshine vitamin, but they're not the final word

Correctly timing all the elements of your taper can give you an extra edge on race day

The brand's ethos signals a departure from an apparel industry that has been dominated by giant shoe companies. But can it stay true to the soul of the sport?

'Bravey' delves into the Olympian's experiences with depression and losing her mother to suicide

Pronation is out of favor, comfort is too vague, but maybe measuring your "habitual motion path" will guide you to a shoe that minimizes your injury risk

This winter-specific Buff has Polartec fleece on the lower half for extra warmth and Buff’s standard polyester-elastane material on the upper half, so you can dial in the exact coverage you need for the conditions. The four-way stretch piece can be used as a bandana or scarf and has UPF…

Top trail runners mix running and walking on steep terrain, but even scientists aren't sure how we choose which is better

We asked a range of experts how they see things shaking out during a very challenging time

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