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Tami Oldham Ashcraft, the subject of the new Hollywood lost-at-sea film, describes what her 41-day ordeal was like in real life and how the movie compares

A late autumn day in northern Finland is exactly what you'd think; short, dark, and frigid. Nonetheless, the dedicated captain and his boat, the Sanibonani, set a course for Lapland to explore Lemmenjoki National Park by bike. 

Photographer Dennis Schmeltz spent this past July cruising along the icy fjords of Greenland aboard a Russian sailboat.

Kyle Wester broke the world speed record for skateboarding earlier this fall—but we wanted to see how his miles-per-hour compared to other sports

On the other side of the glossy sport are skilled craftsmen who keep the boats afloat. We visited one crowded workshop in the village of Greenport, New York, to see where the magic happens.

And they’re faster 
than ever before

From Timber To Tide is a short documentary from Pixillion that profiles Ben Harris, a traditional wooden boat builder in Cornwall, UK. In the doc, Harris, who says that his first word was “log,” reflects on how he acquired his woodworking skills through the years and talks about the…

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Chicago race

But sometimes the best way to restore diplomatic relations is a little friendly competition—and plenty of rum

In October, 12 women will compete in one of the world's oldest male-dominated sports. The race? A 38,000-mile monster through pirate-infested waters and rough seas.

Packable Sailboat “I can hardly believe it,” remarked one tester, “but it really does sail like a legit boat.” That pretty much sums up our take on the inflatable Smartkat. It took testers about an hour to assemble, but once on the water this 15'7″ masted catamaran, which is capable…

These cutting-edge hybrid, tandem, and ultra-portable boats make it easy to hit the water.