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As RV rentals and purchases continue to skyrocket, these three startups are going beyond the basic rental scheme to be more on demand, millennial focused, and remote-work-friendly

Living in a big city doesn't mean you can't spend a weekend outdoors this summer

It's not easy to make a living as a professional mountain runner, but the globe-trotting Coloradan is doing it on his own terms. We sent our writer on a weeklong bus trip with Gates (and a bunch of sweaty strangers) to find out more.

How to keep your devices safe when you park at a trailhead

Backed by billionaire philanthropists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists, a wave of entrepreneurs are developing high-tech, low-cost technologies to probe the watery realms we still barely understand. Are the oceans finally getting their moon-shot moment?

Featuring activities like scavenger hunts and three-legged races, adult recess is about more than winning

The demands of being a celebrity chef forced the former professional mountain biker to abandon the sport completely, but he's back in the saddle now

How these photographers get outside in the biggest cities in the United States

In and around San Francisco, locavores are scouring their neighborhoods for edible ingredients. And you can, too.

Skip the masses at popular vistas and landmarks, and opt for these nearby (empty!) locales instead

Who says you can't camp in (or near) big cities?

Rickey Gates ran 1,303 miles on the streets of San Francisco over 46 days, from November through December

Don't travel this iconic route without hitting up great camping, hiking, surfing, and more along the way

Inversions can choke all the fun out of winter in some places (looking at you, Salt Lake City)

The European outdoor-retail behemoth is flooding the U.S. market with $3.50 backpacks. Will wary consumers buy in?

Boyan Slat, the 24-year-old founder and CEO of the Ocean Cleanup, has finally launched a system he says will rid the Great Pacific Garbage Patch of half its plastic trash in five years.

If you're still using ground beef, you've got a lot to learn

This time, the globetrotting ultrarunner is keeping things local

Broken pipes, crumbling walkways, closed trails—this is what the $11.6 billion maintenance backlog looks like on the ground

The problem isn’t dockless bikes. It's dockless cars.

You're a woman who rides a bike? I'm assuming you've been the target of lewd comments, threats, and maybe even outright assault. It has to stop.

Hopdash aims to help you meet up with local running teams while on the road

Got a job you can do from anywhere? These eight international adventure towns and cities welcome you.

An otherwise fit 42-year-old, I had the range of motion of a sycamore.

Back on My Feet, a nonprofit with 12 chapters across the country, believes it can

Crowdfunding was intended for startups. Should they keep using the platform when they grow up?

In short, your children are in vastly more danger in their own driveways than they are in a bicycle child seat

Bring your skis and a good book, and prepare to settle in

Sure, it's early season, but book these mid- and late-winter vacations now and you'll save big

When she was in college, Jack Kerouac’s book The Dharma Bums helped the author find her place in wilderness and in life. She hoped it would do the same for her 16-year-old son as they embarked on a mother-son California road trip retracing Kerouac’s adventures.

A growing number of outfitters are offering options for adaptive athletes

A three-inch blade you'll always want on your side.

Our former editor on Thomas McGuane's almost cinematic contemplation of hunting

Get far into the wilderness in as little time as possible

Two San Francisco surfers are upgrading swimwear by eschewing the bikini for UV-deflecting, skin-protecting leggings

We asked a seasoned road chef to lay out his simple, but totally dialed kit

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