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In our Gear Guy’s test of the best men’s flip flops, he highlighted the Nohona Ulana’s classy vibe: “You could almost wear a pair in the office on a casual summer Friday,” he wrote. “On flat ground, the supple leather toe post and subtly contoured footbed made…

Plus, two other men's sandals I've tested and enjoyed

The Z/Cloud has all the qualities we love about Chacos: super adjustable polyester straps and a podiatrist-certified footbed for all-day comfort, burly, non-marking outsoles, and the classic Chaco style that has become a staple at campgrounds and mountain towns. Plus, the shoes have an antimicrobial application for odor control.

Slip on the MVP of summer

Blair hates to be cold. She also hates to be hot. But our grouchiest gear reviewer doesn't hate these clothes.

The Rose sandal looks great, but can handle some adventure, too. The front toe bumper provides extra protection from rocks and sticks, and the rubber outsole has multi-directional lugs—like you’ll see on hiking boots or running shoes—for increased traction.

Stuff to keep you comfortable for a day (or a month) on the trail

Packs, cases, and other stuff that survive a good soaking

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Relax, it's not until May 12—you still have time!

We love these sandals for both laid back activites and dressier occasions. OluKai’s footbed offers firm support and cushioning to prevent sore feet.

From Gore-Tex wedding dresses to antigravity sandals

New sandals and boots combine Chaco’s hallmark comfort with the style you want in everyday life

Multitalented footwear for everywhere you go

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Beefed up or thinned down, flip-flops are the perfect summer shoe.

No need to simply toss your flips after running them into the ground

These are sturdy enough to take on any adventure and comfortable enough to wear every day—but they won't cost you an arm and a leg

They're comfy, look good, and will last a decade. But we bet you knew all that already.

Chacos and NRS teamed up on these special-edition sandals in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

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Proceeds from each sale fund scholarships for East African nursing students

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High-performance kit for dropping in

Yes, you read that right. We tracked down the best do-anything, go-anywhere sandals, good for so much more than just lounging on the beach.

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