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L. Renee Blount is a designer, a photographer, and an outdoor enthusiast. In this new series, she tries a new activity every month.

An all-women urban snowboarding group hits the streets to send and shred whatever surface they find

The host of the podcast 'Wild Ideas Worth Living' will put out her 100th episode this spring. Here she tells how she got into the podcast business.

Mystery of Now features artist and Apache Skateboards founder Douglas Miles as he empowers youth in his community through skating

Sal Masekela, first son of a Haitian immigrant and a legendary South African jazz musician, was the face and voice of the X Games, Red Bull’s Media House, and the Olympics. Now, as the meteoric growth of the action-sports industry comes back to earth, the most connected man in the room is left wondering what’s next.

Children are much more likely to enjoy outdoor activities—and stick with them—if they start out at the right moment in their physical and cognitive development.

Unnecessary? Sure. The best part of my commute? Absolutely.

Valley of a Thousand Hills. from Jess Colquhoun, dives into the lives of a few skaters at South Africa’s Indigo Skate Camp.

A beautiful longboard handcrafted in Africa

Element Awareness Camp offers underserved Los Angeles youth the opportunity to go into the wilderness for a week.

From Roark Revival, 'A Ramp in the Woods' features skater Jamie Thomas honoring his late friend Jamie Collins.

Kyle Wester broke the world speed record for skateboarding earlier this fall—but we wanted to see how his miles-per-hour compared to other sports

Watch the crew as they find incredibly big lines, open barrels, and solitude.

A longboard deck pretty enough to hang on your wall

Surfer, fitness icon, and inspired inventor Laird Hamilton was tired of humping his wrenches down the fairway. So he created a motorized skateboard marketed toward the country club crowd.

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