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Shed a little weight from your backcountry setup

Several years ago, Dynafit introduced a turnable heel to prevent pre-release and the new ST Rotation 10 improves on that. This new version includes a spring-tensioned toe piece that auto-realigns itself so it’s easier to step back into the heel piece. This feature is why we included the Rotation in…

You’re only as good (and as safe) as your connection to your skis

Pins in certain bindings from 2017/18 could break, posing a fall risk

Two days on the AT binding that spent seven years in R&D

With an upgraded toe release combined with a traditional alpine heel, this binding has exceptional power transmission. We're excited to give the Fritschi Techton 12 binding a Gear of the Show award.

Tech binding: A lightweight binding system that transformed backcountry skiing and put telemarking on the path to obsolescence.

Learning to ski can be overwhelming. Here we help you narrow down what gear you need to take your skills to the next level.

Even though New Year’s Eve is behind us, you can still use skiing as an excuse to crack open a cold one, either at the local bar or in the parking lot

For years, I used to test how far I could go on day trips without eating. I don’t know if it was some unexplainable machismo or just laziness, but that mindset changed about six months ago. I’d gone on a four-hour run with an empty stomach and no food in…

It’s tough to tell how trustworthy a piece of gear is going to be when you first buy it. In fact, the only way to actually test your equipment’s longevity is to, well, test it. Thoroughly. So instead of having you, dear reader, put your gear through the ringer in…

Yes, I write about gear for a living, I have access to the most sophisticated toys and tools in the outdoor world, and I’m constantly geeking out over tech details. But I’m keenly aware of the fact that the gear does not make the athlete. I was a much better…

Fritchi Diamir Vipec's game-changing, two-piece tech binding with an adjustable release setting is the first of its kind—at this price.

Outside reviews the best gear from SIA's 2013 Snow Show, including the Dynafit Beast.

Pants are fine, but if your goal is waist-deep powder, a good pair of bibs like FlyLow’s Bakers ($330) are what you need.

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