In Sage Cattabriga-Alosa's film 'Elemental​​​​​​​,' he shows that he can shred on a mountain bike just as hard as he skis

The stretchy, relaxed-fit Freedom Pants are perfect for beginner skiers. The two-layer exterior nylon and fully taped seams will keep you dry on wet days, and the hook and loop thigh pocket will hold a quick lift snack. Plus, the inner thigh vents dump heat when you work up…

Because you don't want to be led deep into the backcountry by just anyone

A year after groundbreaking inclusion, the on-screen slopes are back to a bro fest with 'Return to Send’er'

Coaches told him he was lazy, unconventional, and his DNF records were something to marvel at, yet he repeatedly found the top of the podium

When we tested new ski gear in 2017, this was the jacket we were most excited about. The eVent DVexpedition material is breathable and waterproof—ideal for grueling days in the backcountry or intense hikes. “We scratched the jacket over scree and raked it through tree branches, and it held…

Several years ago, Dynafit introduced a turnable heel to prevent pre-release and the new ST Rotation 10 improves on that. This new version includes a spring-tensioned toe piece that auto-realigns itself so it’s easier to step back into the heel piece. This feature is why we included the Rotation in…

Having adventures in Tromso, Norway, is as simple as walking up into the mountains and skiing down to the ocean

This past winter, our writer tested 20 new ski and snowboard goggles and the Scott Linx came out on top. He called these the best “performance bang for your buck.” “We took the Linx out in storms and blue-sky sessions through the spring and forgot we weren’t wearing goggles…

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The entire chair fell from one gust of wind, which makes us feel totally safe and not at all concerned

It takes skill to have no idea what you're doing outdoors

The online store will award $500 to three finalists between the ages of 13 and 23—a total of 12 over the next year

If you think travel agents disappeared completely in the age of online booking, think again. They're back—in a whole new, modern form.

Forty skiers, 12 hours, more than 1,000 jumps on the first day of summer

Falls happen. From skiing to bouldering, learn how to do it safely.

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After a crash, skier Roy Tuscany created the foundation to support other athletes who'd suffered life-changing injuries

More than two dozen women tested synthetic and wool long underwear from 18 brands. These are the products that came out on top.

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Beacon, check. Shovel, check. Hawaiian shirt, check.

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Trolls thought I was friggin' nuts to propose a controlled backcountry ski area. But it's already happening.

Expert advice on surviving family travel mishaps

The answer depends on your skill level, your feet, and your body type

Red Mountain Alpine Lodge is elevating the backcountry experience in the U.S.

Big-mountain skier Greg Hill has committed to skiing 100 summits using only his electric vehicle to get there

'The Ride,' from filmmaker Erik Peterson, follows skijorer Ebbie Hanson on her winter circuit with her horse, Zeke 

A good sweater can save your bacon on notoriously fickle spring days

Our favorite models for everything from frontside groomers to sidecountry pow

For years I wrote off fur-trimmed gear as all look and no performance. I stand corrected.

Think long and hard before you jump or try to climb the cables. And don't forget about the wolves!

In the upcoming film 'Voices of Fear,' from Montage Productions, adventure athletes reflect on their own relationships with this emotion

We judged five contenders on user friendliness, comfort, and how well they carry a load

Gear, classes, and other resource recommendations for those who want to get far, far out there in the winter

You can't walk in them, but you can fly in them

The Sno-Go is the only way to have fun in the snow on a bike

The ski mountaineer was known for her relentless summits of the world’s toughest mountains. But the best thing she did for her career was take a break.

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In ‘Ice and Palms,’ skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck set out from their homes in Germany to bikepack 1,118 miles to Nice, France

Snorkel in hand, a Polish photographer plumbs endless powder accumulations in the Hokkaido backcountry

It’s time we made America’s prime backcountry skiing and snowboarding terrain safer and more accessible. First step: bombing slopes in the way-out-of-bounds.

The recent additions to the Epic Pass highlight, again, the massive consolidation occurring across the ski industry, which is driving up rents and turning mountain towns into company towns

‘My Girls’ features a group of four women on their annual ski weekend, celebrating a bond that formed in the mountains.

In Pattie Gonia's new music video,​​​​​​​ she skis and lip-synchs to the 'Frozen' hit "Let It Go"

One small Colorado-based ski company invited women to describe their perfect powder ski—then made their dreams a reality

Maloja’s Nutal jacket is gear editor Ben’s go-to winter layer on the ski slopes and around town

One of our favorite pieces of ski gear, this shell is made with bomber three-layer Gore-Tex and fully-sealed seams to brush off nasty snow storms. Our testers called it “an investment in staying dry.” It also has a helmet-compatible hood, powder skirt, and underarm vents to dump heat.

‘Troll Wall,’ from Salomon TV, documents Kilian Jornet’s first ski descent of the Fiva route in Norway’s Romsdalen Valley

These alpine refuges offer simplicity and shelter in the Colorado high country

Posting shots of my kids skiing, camping, and playing outside is good for my brand as an adventure writer. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Here's where the pioneering skier sends it when she's not shredding the backcountry

First criterion: they can't overlap with your ski socks

Our resident gear expert is a fan of rising at the crack of dawn to get a couple laps in

Professional skiers Greg Hill and Chris Rubens fly, drive, and snowmobile to remote ski lines all over the globe.

No matter where or how you ski, you need a pair that fits just right, minimizes sweat, and keeps you warm

Sensationalized forecasts from news anchors who appear to hate winter and have zero idea how to dress for it are keeping an increasingly inert population inside

According to a recent story in Bloomberg, celebrities and gallons of champagne are all in a day's work at Aspen. But for the rest of us, it’s not so glamorous.

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The professional ski mountaineer counts these titles among her all-time favorites

Go fast and light up the mountain and enjoy the comfort of the Gea’s on your way down. Each boot weighs just over two-pounds and the front tongue is designed to open up wide for easy entry. Plus the integrated ski/walk mechanism makes it easy to go from climbing to…

She took home her fourth World Championships gold medal in slalom Saturday

One of the most popular AT boots of the year, the Maestrale RS is built on a wide, 101mm last for super comfort on the ascent. The shell is made from Grilamid, a lightweight plastic that’s reinforced with carbon fiber for increased rigidity without extra weight. The entire cuff is…

The LiftOp Biggie is the rack we recommend to our friends

‘A Tele Tale’ features a group of telemark skiers traveling to the powder havens of Japan, Utah, and Wyoming

This dorky little windshield wiper is the world's most effective tool for cleaning your goggles