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For years, one Outside editor thought cleansing his mug with a bar of soap was sufficient. Then he tried Harry’s face wash.

Dubious about the hyped-up claims of many skin-care products, travel editor Erin Riley tried this popular mask, and now it’s part of her weekly routine. “My skin feels better than it ever has: softer, clearer, and firmer,” she wrote. Read her full review here.

A simple mechanism makes Julbo's Aerospace goggles effective and easy to use

Spoiler: it isn't all that different from real ground beef

Getting outdoors in the winter doesn't have to be miserable. Here, musher Blair Braverman shares her top ten tips for keeping cozy in frigid temperatures.

Dubious about the hyped-up claims of many skin-care products, one editor tried the popular Aztec Secret face mask. Now it's part of her weekly routine.

The search for the perfect jogging top has led us here

In the latest installment of Ask a Doctor, Outside's resident physician dives into trends like vinegar shots and Theraguns

7 must-haves to keep your skin happy wherever you're headed

Don't forget to bring the bug spray, folks

Treat your skin to reef-safe protection and soothing aftercare

All that time in the sun and wind takes its toll. Be prepared with these moisturizers.

Recent studies suggest that sunlight may lower blood pressure in ways that have nothing to do with vitamin D

Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of what you want to do

If you buy the right one, it can be one of the only tops you need for the entire winter season

We could all take ourselves a little less seriously

Running with a stroller is all well and good in the milder months, but it takes a little extra planning to pull off in winter

The beginner-oriented model from Atomic features a heel riser that automatically equalizes with the slope angle

Comfort and performance that doesn't look sloppy

Six testers ran, climbed, hiked, and played outside with 17 different deodorants. Here's what didn't stink.

Number 4: Leave it in the car, preferably under the seat

Men's trousers that are up to any task you throw at them

New Year's resolutions be damned. We like things just the way they are.

A step up in waterproof-breathable performance

Like an old friend, this stick of personal lubricant is always there when you need it, through the good times and the really awkward ones

The trick to staying the right temperature this time of year? Bring smart options.

Our writer's hands-down favorite for wind-blown and chapped lips

Soothing helpers for all your winter ailments

Are you going to paddle in to shore, find a bathroom, strip down to your ankles, use the toilet, suit back up, and risk missing waves?

How I rediscovered the joy of trails and muddy shoes following a skin-cancer scare

You want something that's powerful enough to keep you and your gear clean

Your head is pounding, your muscles are cramping, and your heart is racing. Then you get dizzy and the vomiting starts. Heatstroke kills thousands of people every year. This is what it feels like—and how to know when you’re in danger.

From plantar fasciitis to blisters, these are the top causes of foot pain for runners

What to do if one of these bloodsuckers finds its way onto you or your dog

How did I ever function without Heretic's Dirty Grass wafting from my pulse points?

Build a foundation of comfort with these technical next-to-skin garments

Play in the rays without feeling the burn

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