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We’ve been testing skis for decades. These are our all-time favorites for groomers, backcountry bowls, and everything in between.

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The nonprofit Skiku has brought nordic skiing to thousands of Native kids in Alaska, where access to the sport has historically been limited

For a small weight penalty, the new system offers tech-pin efficiency and pro-level descending. Outside spent the past 11 months testing it.

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Resort executives are warning customers that skiing will be different this season. I'm here to tell you that "different" means better.

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My grandpa served in the Army's tough-as-nails Tenth Mountain Division during World War II. After the war, soldiers from the Tenth pioneered the rambling mountain lifestyle I live today. Every year, I ski to remember him.

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From retail giants like REI to the mom and pop stores in your hometowns, what happens when these businesses shut down?

Last winter, our contributor Heather Hansman wrote a review of the best all-mountain skis for women. Out of dozens of pairs, she named the Daemon Birdie the best playful freeride ski. “The Daemon Birdie is loose and playful, surfy in softer snow, easy to direct in crud, and well…

Our favorite tools for making quick and healthy food

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We reviewed the best all-mountain women’s skis and Atomic’s Vantage 97 C received an honorable mention. While this popular ski wasn’t our favorite, “it reliably busts through crud and consistently makes every turn shape,” wrote tester Heather Hansman. Plus, the Vantage is one of the most budget-friendly pair of…

Matt Sterbenz believes his company, Wndr Alpine, may have just made the best ski ever. It happens to be built with algae.

At our annual ski test, we loved the Bonafide as a men’s all-mountain shredder. The double sheets of Titanal make these skis stable “steamrollers” for fast, aggressive skiers. One tester said the skis were “both stout as hell and an easy round-turn carver.”…

Six decades after learning on wooden planks, one person's quest for the holy grail

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Don't be the Jerry that breaks these

More than two decades in the making, Big Snow is the first indoor ski area in North America. Now the question is: Can it attract enough skiers to survive?

For years, Benedikt Boehm has been chasing speed records on some of the world's tallest peaks

A well-packed ski bag can mean the difference between an epic holiday and trashed gear. Here's how to do it right.

A well-packed ski bag can mean the difference between an epic holiday and trashed gear. Here's how to do it right.

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