Author and political consultant Stuart Stevens loves a good sufferfest, so he couldn't resist Border to Border: 420 kilometers of nordic sliding through a country that defines what winter is all about

20 pieces we'll be using on the mountain this winter

This season’s sticks are light, edgy, and versatile

The answer: it depends. But we read through the fine print so you don't have to.

Want to be an asshole with a hill to die on? Here are some tips and tricks to get you there.

Before you drop all that money on a full gear package, take some advice from the experts on where and how to save

Need to carry a bike, board, or just some firewood? Here's how.

Beacon, check. Shovel, check. Hawaiian shirt, check.

Stop lying to yourself: you won't remember that you put your wallet, coffee, and phone on the roof of your car before you drive away.

Just because it was fun doesn't mean it was easy

You can't walk in them, but you can fly in them

The Sno-Go is the only way to have fun in the snow on a bike

From camber and rocker to groomers versus pow, it's easy to get lost in the vocabulary of buying your first set of skis

One small Colorado-based ski company invited women to describe their perfect powder ski—then made their dreams a reality

Our resident gear expert is a fan of rising at the crack of dawn to get a couple laps in

The LiftOp Biggie is the rack we recommend to our friends

From magnetic skis to e-motorbikes, here's what we're excited about for the coming season

And much of the sport’s innovation is thanks to Jeff Scott, a snowboarder turned pioneer of sit skiing

The versatility of these American-made planks is second to none

Blizzard's Women2Women summit gathers skiers to talk about how to improve women's ski design. And it's working.

Designed for hut trips to sidecountry adventures and everything in between, here are our favorite snow-sports packs

Trekking the span of the frigid southernmost continent alone and unaided demands durable equipment

Whether you ski more powder or hardpack, these planks have the chops to perform on any mountain, any day

With a new year and new gear right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at our favorite products from the past 12 months

Finally, a ski for women that excels in all conditions, from hardpack to powder to tight trees

Gifts with stamps of approval from all the 'Outside' moms and dads

Lower your expectations, be kind to yourself, and always pack hot chocolate

Icelantic Skis, a boutique company in Colorado, wasn't profitable a few years ago. Then Annelise Loevlie became the CEO, and things changed.

Racking up all the best ways to carry and store your winter cargo

From ski straps to boot bags, here's our favorite gear for getting to the hill and back

In a time when so many brands are marketing to women in smart ways, the body-shaming fliers that sparked major blowback in Missoula felt especially tasteless

Make your way down, across, and, yes, even up the mountain with these premium planks

We break down the jargon and tell you what you really need to understand

From a climbing pad to backcountry touring skis, a handful of Black Diamond hits

A simple method for applying a smooth coat to protect your skis and build the stoke

Sidelined? Here's a little advice from the pros on staying sane—and coming back stronger than ever.

A complete revamp of a classic leads the cream of the crop from our test in Snowbird, Utah

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