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Camping solo may not always be easy, but it'll always be worth it

These shelters make vast wilderness feel like home

A bad sleeper tries to train her brain with the help of virtual jellyfish, space-flight simulations, and the URGOnight device

Some #vanlife upgrades are worth the money. Others are not.

It’s easy—maybe a bit too easy—to believe that poor sleep leaves you more vulnerable to injury. But researchers aren’t so sure after all.

Spring has sprung, and we’re excited about it

From cabins to cliff dwellings, here's where to post up close to two of southern Utah's best national parks

Six items that keep me self-sufficient while traveling

Habits and tips to help you get through anything

It's more affordable than the Series 6 and comes with the most important features

Top picks from the person who's tried everything

The company's library of studio exercise classes, integrated with on-screen fitness data from your Apple Watch, launches today. Our Sweat Science columnist takes it for a spin.

We explore the pros and cons of two relatively affordable options

Getting off the ground makes you feel like you're lying in an actual bed

Fatigue, writes our columnist, comes in two very different flavors, and fixing each requires a completely different approach

A mountain guide, photographer, and cyclist had a sleepy moment on the road that resulted in her seriously injuring another rider. Here’s what she wants every driver to know.

Having fun on an overnight adventure with your kids is all about preparation

Always a fitful sleeper, one editor discovered Howard Leight earplugs a decade ago. It's still the only brand she uses to avoid restless nights.

From a $25 grill to a genius s'mores contraption, this gear will take your fire pit nights to the next level

They're nowhere near as comfortable as the inflatable alternative, but they still deserve a spot in your gear closet

Can a lifelong tent pitcher with a penchant for roughing it learn to appreciate high-thread-count sheets and teak-floored showers in the midst of nature? Our editor agreed to suffer in the name of research to find out.

Trying to improve your sleep quality? Get back to nature.

In our sleeping pad review, we named the Comfort Light the best all-around option. While it’s reasonably warm with an R-value of four, we recommend it for three-season use. Sea to Summit uses a varying internal air-pocket structure which feels comfy, but we found this feature slightly penalizes weight.

Here's how to assess when it's safe to do so

Tim Fish talks about gaining design inspiration from unexpected places

Comfortable, technical, light—sleep systems for every season

Superior lodgings for weekend jaunts and extended outings

After a monthslong search, a buckwheat-filled pillow helped one editor finally sleep comfortably

They're not more tired than the rest of us, according to a new study—they're just better at sleeping

We've been married 13 years and backpacked more than 12,000 miles together. This is what we've learned.

In our comprehensive review of the best sleeping pads, the Z Light SOL was our favorite closed-cell foam option. “It’s light and durable, and no Z Lite user has ever had their night ruined by a leaking pad,” tester Ryan Stuart wrote. Bonus: the pad doubles as a seat…

Products and companies offering a quick and easy immunity boost aren't going to help, but these three everyday practices might

Outside's go-to physician, Dr. Brian Cole, weighs in on anxiety, headaches, and poor posture, in his Ask a Doctor column

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