Journaling is for everyone, but especially athletes. Here are the two types of journals you should have and how to get started.

You survived the chaos of family visits and too many helpings of dessert. Now it's time to recover.

Work hard, play hard—that's how many of us live today. But it turns out that our supercharged lives aren’t so great for us, and fitness experts and doctors are now emphasizing restorative practices and rest to improve performance and overall health.

17 surprisingly easy steps to a happier, less strung-out life—starting with your vagus nerve

New Year's resolutions be damned. We like things just the way they are.

From where to go to what to pack, here's everything a newbie needs to know to pull off a successful first hut trip

There's no right way to grieve the death of a beloved pet

At a conference on sports innovation, sleep scientist Charles Samuels cuts through the hype

What's better than being wrapped in a nest of flannel?

Blood glucose monitoring for performance is becoming more common. Here's what you need to know.

Gear editor Jeremy Rellosa talks us through his two-week test of blue-light-filtering glasses

The clock is winding down. Don't dwell on summer's missed opportunities—make new ones.

Which seat reigns supreme? We polled you (and our editors) to find out.

New centers popping up in New York City can help you reach peak wellness—for just a few hundred dollars per month

An ideal quilt for summer and fall in the Mountain West

Everything you need to know to sleep comfortably when it's cold out

Not all camping mattresses are built the same

After several months and thousands of miles, Outside's Taylor Gee knows what works and what doesn't

Stay comfortable on the trail, whether you're out for two days or ten

David Sabgir, founder of Walk with a Doc, on why exercise is 100 times better than medicine

New two-person sleep systems are lighter, plusher, and more affordable

Don't let an overnight flight stop you from arriving at your destination well rested and ready for adventure

Now you can pay to take a midday snooze. Here's what you get for your money.

Or: How to live in a vehicle long-term with your significant other

It doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking or car camping—lounging in a hammock is the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon. The SingleNest is ENO’s original backcountry model, and it still overperforms in the wild, thanks to bomber 70-denier nylon-taffeta fabric that can withstand loads of up to 400 pounds.

How did I ever function without Heretic's Dirty Grass wafting from my pulse points?

Sleep so magnificent, you’ll be turning in early

A hot sandwich is a better sandwich. Load this cast-iron press with bread and your favorite sandwich fixings, then rotate it over the fire for a few minutes for toasted goodness. It’ll elevate your campfire-cooking game beyond hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks.

Everything you need to make simple fireside cocktails—a shaker, a reamer, a jigger cap, and two rocks glasses—is here. Beer might be your go-to camp beverage, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging in an ice-cold martini or margarita in the middle of the woods every now and then.

Ditch the hiking boots around camp and go full-on Mr. Rogers with these booties. The Fireball is constructed from a tough Pertex outer with a DWR finish, 40 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, and a soft microfleece liner for ultimate comfort. The rubber outsoles are tough enough to handle light duty…

Made from double-walled stainless steel, this sleek 12-ounce mug will keep your coffee hot much longer than it’ll take you to drink it. We’re into anything that makes getting up and going in the morning a little easier.

Stave off injury and get your body ready for what’s next

One side of this pillowcase from Rumpl is made from soft fleece, the other from abrasion-resistant nylon. When you’re ready for bed, unfurl it and stuff it with your jacket or pants to turn it into a comfy place to rest your head. It packs down to the size of…

How to fuel for an action-packed 24 hours

I drank the stuff for two weeks and lived to tell the tale. I'm still skeptical about the health benefits.

The Twitter CEO only eats between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. You definitely should not emulate his habits.

Signs that your coffee habit is doing more harm than good

Who needs a killer routine when you can just have coffee?

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