You heard me. On cramped flights, the person who reclines their seat in front of me really chafes.

Want to stay overnight in a jetliner, a snowcat, or a luxe glass globe dangling off a cliff? You can.

For general car camping, cots can make a big difference in your quality of sleep. The Discovery boosts sleepers more than two feet off the ground and has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, thanks to an aluminum and steel frame and 600-denier ripstop polyester fabric. It folds up for…

In her new book, 'Good to Go,' science writer Christie Aschwanden breaks down popular myths about recovery

We all know what the dogs do—they run—but the person driving the sled has to get ready for a brutal challenge, too. The labor required to manage and train a team is like CrossFit on ice.

Get workout tips, find new routes, or make the most of your rest days with these run apps

Food is heavy. Don't carry it for miles while backpacking just to let something else eat it.

A bear's sense of smell is seven times better than a bloodhound's. Outsmart them with this food-storage bag.

Three pairs of glasses, two weeks, one goal: to find out whether blue-light-blocking lenses could actually make me sleep and feel better

A recent study claims women sleep better alongside a canine. But we know the truth: dog owners are deluding themselves that they're getting any sleep at all.

A successful day begins with reliable rituals

New research finds weightlifters have stronger tongues and runners have better tongue endurance—and that matters

The style-centric bike apparel brand is branching out to saddlebags and even an insulated sleep system

Under Armour's new PJs promise more Z's, plus athletic recovery. This I had to try.

From plush to ultralight, there's something here for everyone

Finally, sleeping-pad insulation will be tested to a standardized methodology. Here's why that matters for all your camping trips starting in 2020.

Elevate your camping experience

Being outdoorsy is not without its risks. If I could travel through time, here's some of the advice I'd give my (seemingly) immortal and (definitely) ignorant 20-year-old self.

Kale Poland, founder of Cleetus Fit, takes pride in a brand of fitness where dumpster towing and beer yoga are equally at home. Now he's out to conquer the Deca Ironman—ten Ironmans in a row.

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt offers the most customizable—and comfortable—night of sleep you can get

An extremely light and comfortable sleeping pad that is excellent for three-season conditions.

Ross Edgley is in the middle of a 2,000-mile swim. Here's how that epic slog is affecting his skin, heart, and mind.

We're kicking off a new fitness column by surfing legend Laird Hamilton. First up: his top tips for performing at your best.

From virtual-reality meditation to infrared saunas, these are the latest innovations and insights for improving your well-being

Five athletes share their favorite products to help catch some z's away from home

10 testers. 20 sleeping bags. 6 months. Here are the results.

If you’re still balling up a sweatshirt to use as a pillow, you’re doing it wrong

These baby carriers will keep the whole family happy in nature

A new study bolsters the claim that afternoon or evening workouts can mess with sleep. But don’t panic just yet.

There’s a simple solution to the vexing challenge of getting teens to put down their phones: education

Your choice of sleeping pad will determine whether you sleep well or not

Four pros dish on their tricks for getting out in the warmer months.

Do you really need a bag designed for women? It comes down to your height and sleeping body temperature.

Being exposed to new places is wonderful. Being exposed to new germs is not.

A more restful night is just a wireless snore-neutralizing soundscape generator away

Six essentials for those long, long flights

When it comes to our appetites, we’re no different than our caveman ancestors

It feels good, but does it boost performance? Only randomized controlled trials can tell us.

You don't have to lift less as you get older—you just have to make a few adjustments to your training

After two weeks, I learned something: I'd do it again

Lightweight and incredibly packable, the Flash Air is a complete, protective camping system for under $200

Get cozy under the stars (and in front of the camera) with one of these blankets

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