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These bags and pads will keep you warm and promote healthy sleep without weighing down your pack

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This super-packable, 19-ounce 900-fill quilt is a dream for bikepacking or summer camping. “An insulated foot box and neck snap closure worked wonders in freezing temperatures,” wrote our Buyer’s Guide testers. We especially liked the snap and drawstring at the neck to keep cold drafts out.

Now is one of the best times of the year to save on camping essentials

Sitka’s versatile new Aerolite 30 isn’t just warm when wet, it’ll help dry your other layers, too

This bag’s resilient polyester shell will stand up to seasons of abuse, while its synthetic insulation continues to insulate even if you set up on soggy ground. Lofty synthetic insulation combines hollow fibers and denser, solid synthetic fibers to create a balance of warmth, softness, and compressibility for easy packing,…

In our 2017 Summer Buyer’s Guide, we picked the Disco 15 as the best sleeping bag for “side sleepers who like to sprawl.” The bag widens at the shoulders and knees, so you have plenty of room while on your side. We also like the two zippered chest vents…

We asked a gear consignment pro how to save money and still sleep well outside

Editor Maren Larsen called this bag “the best gift she’s ever received.” While the original version of the Lamina she tested is discontinued, this is the newest model. “The inside feels like a cloud wrapped in silk sheets, thanks to the polyester-taffeta lining,” she wrote. Read her full review…

In addition to providing comfort on frigid nights at camp, a zero-degree bag like the Oberon “will keep you warm should you need to wait out a blizzard on the side of the road,” our tester wrote. Columnist Wes Siler also recommends keeping it…

This bag is made from 40-denier ripstop nylon with synthetic insulation that’s rated to 30 degrees. Tester Graham Averill says his DoggyBag has held up to ritualistic circling and scratching from his dog, Rocket, until the pup finds just the right spot to sleep. “After he settles down, it’s easy…

This is one of our go-to bags for summer surf trips, shoulder-season backpacking trips, and overnight forays into the mountains. It’s light and compact enough for taking out on the trail, yet still comfy enough for casual car-camping adventures—and it comes at a price that won’t destroy your budget.

Our testers included this sack in our Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best summer sleeping bags. It’s a resurrection of Yvon Chouinard’s two-way center zip design, but with modern refinements. “Stitches puncture the outer or inner fabric, not both, keeping down and heat in,” we wrote. It’s…

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The Moonwalk is Nemo’s solution for bikepacking. The bag is compatible with Nemo’s insulated sleeping pads so it focuses its insulation power to the top, like a duvet. The bag is rated down to 30 degrees, but our tester used the bag in low 20s and said “it proved…

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The Magma 15 bag was the warmest sleeping bag we tested in this year’s Summer Buyer’s Guide. One of our testers described it as “the boss of mummy bags.” The Magma uses a water-resistant, ripstop Pertex exterior with 850-fill treated down. The bag is minimalist, but will keep you…

The Magma 15 bag was the warmest sleeping bag we tested in this year’s Summer Buyer’s Guide. One of our testers described it as “the boss of mummy bags.” The Magma uses a water-resistant, ripstop Pertex exterior with 850-fill treated down. The bag is minimalist, but will keep you…

The Azura and its new synthetic insulation piqued our interest when it debuted earlier this year. “The prospect of a sleeping bag that offers the versatility of synthetic insulation without completely sacrificing on weight and bulk seems like a win in my book,” our editor wrote.

An ideal quilt for summer and fall in the Mountain West

Everything you need to know to sleep comfortably when it's cold out

For a technical but luxurious adventure blanket, look no further than the Proton. Outside tester Graham Averill highlighted it in his camp blanket test because of its many features, such as a waterproof shell, synthetic insulation, and a heat reflective coating.

New two-person sleep systems are lighter, plusher, and more affordable

We cover the necessities, plus a few extras and friendly pointers

Rated down to 20 degrees and weighing in at 2.7 pounds, the Mirror Lake is a versatile, multi-season bag. The 600-fill, water repellant down and traditional mummy construction makes this a reliable backpacking bag for all conditions.

The One was our Gear of the Year sleeping bag in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide. “Five-degree bags are sweatboxes, 40-­degree bags aren’t warm enough, and 20-degree bags are never just right. The One Bag, though, is Goldilocks through and through,” said testers. “This is a quiver…

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The brand's new Azura and Kyan sleeping bags feature a new fill that's supposedly as lightweight and compressible as down

The Lamina’s insulation is selectively zoned to maximize warmth where you need it most while reducing weight and bulk in other areas. The result is a 0-degree bag that insulates more efficiently while saving weight and packing down smaller. This women’s model also packs more insulation than men’s bags since…

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Sacks for a comfortable night’s sleep, wherever you lay your head.

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Patagonia nailed the details on their first sleeping bag, from the bivy-friendly front zipper to the roomy footbox and ethically sourced down.

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Your sleeping bag is arguably your most important piece of backcountry gear.

Pitching the ultimate base camp has never been easier. —Sam Moulton Pitching the ultimate base camp has never been easier. —Sam Moulton (Michael Karsh) Primus FireHole 100 stove There are no fancy features and few moving parts on the FireHole ($150)—and that’s…