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The runner-up in the women’s all-mountain category is a universal crowd pleaser

A true frontside ski made for all levels of skiers to improve their carving prowess

A powder ski that floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

An approachable frontside ski perfect for groomer rippers who aren't afraid to play off-piste on the same ski

A no-nonsense ski for ladies who don’t shy away from big mountain lines

It’s not the lightest backcountry option out there, but if you’re plowing through backcountry crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

If it’s deep, this ski will float your boat

If you like playful powder planks (who doesn’t), check out this energetic ski

If you’re looking for a confidence-inspiring teaching tool to help you level up, give this ski a try

According to seasoned ski gear testers, these are the most functional and comfortable brain buckets of the year

These all-mountain skis have a little more underfoot, more rocker, and more fun in powder

It’s built for deep snow, but you’d be surprised by its versatility

A ski that likes to stay on-piste for skiers who like to do the same

This ski offers an impressive balance between flotation and power

Super-stable planks for strong skiers who know how to steer a ski

This new addition to the all-mountain category impressed with its balance of skills

The runner-up in the women’s powder category is a force to be reckoned with

These narrower sticks may have a penchant for carving, but they also like to play in the bumps

We had ten testers with 96 Birkie finishes help us identify the top-performing skate and classic skis for all disciplines and ability levels

Featuring tech inserts, rubber soles, and hike-modes with plenty of range of motion, these boots make short work of long, uphill slogs

Allow us to introduce you to this scrappy brand and its supremely fun all-mountain ski

Truly a ski for everyone, in all conditions, wherever you ski

Glen Plake’s first ever signature model is a backcountry tool that skis like Glen Pake

This fast and light backcountry ski doesn’t skimp on downhill performance

It’s not a backcountry powder plank, but it sure is quick in steep, technical terrain

Not just for carving, this all-mountain ski can do it all

These skis are party in the front, business underfoot, and designed to charge the whole mountain

This quick and reliable backcountry ski for ladies gets the job done on all but the deepest of days

When the fluff turns to crud, this is the ski you want underfoot

This year’s category winner makes everyone who skis it feel like a star

A lightweight free-touring ski with a moderate waist, the Escaper W 97 Nano is a versatile backcountry ski for ladies who charge no matter the conditions

We challenge you to find a more playful and responsive backcountry ski than this

A tried and true favorite that delivers in crud

This ski was voted the most playful ski among this year’s crop of women’s all-mountain skis

Power and precision are the name of the game with this tried and true favorite

A group of high school sophomores set off on what was supposed to be a grand climb. Instead, it became one of the deadliest alpine disasters in North American history.

Presenting three delightful tales of adventures gone very, very wrong

After kicking off an enormous slide on a familiar backcountry run in Colorado, our writer was forced to reconsider his relationship with skiing

Amy McCulloch went to the Himalayas looking for adventure. She came back with an idea for an epic novel.

The elite athlete opens up about the pressures to be light and fast—and her journey toward a healthier relationship with her body and performance

The well-known climber was helping guide a group of skiers in Utah’s Wasatch mountains last month when a slide engulfed him in several feet of snow

A season marked by tricky conditions and progressive riding wrapped up last week in Verbier

Long a popular tourist destination, Lesotho’s Afriski Mountain Resort is slowly gaining traction with local residents, too

Choosing the right puffy is challenging. We’re here to help.

Enjoy riding frozen waves more than ever with these items

Hint: It depends on where you ski, what you ski, and how you ski. Outside associate gear editor Kelly Klein breaks it down.

This jacket blew us away with its new take on waterproof-breathable design. That’s why we gave it a Gear of the Year award in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide. “Meanwhile, ­80-gram synthetic insulation (100-gram on the women’s version) was just enough to keep testers toasty but not clammy during…

Getting through airports is a far easier proposition with the Thule RoundTrip

Watch and be inspired to get out there yourself

Drew Petersen seemed like just another free-spirited mountain dude. But the pain he was hiding nearly destroyed him.

The professional skier says long grips help him save energy and avoid injury in the backcountry

Columnist Jakob Schiller loves these shades with removable side panels that block glare: “If I’m on the skin track all day, my eyes feel significantly less fatigued when I get back to the car,” he wrote. “When I’m on the road, freeway driving in the sun and…

Family vacation? Find fun for all ages with these kid-friendly activities in and around the park.

The ski jacket has gotten a major makeover, but don’t worry—it still comes with the same retro design and its signature kangaroo front pocket

You’ll be surprised by the places on this list, but maybe it’s time we started redefining what makes a ski town

On snow as in life, it’s important not to look like a bozo, and for new skiers, handling long, clunky boards is the original challenge. Ignore the hecklers—there’s more than one way to do it right. 

After a day of tackling moguls and black diamonds (or even the bunny hill), hit the mat with these poses that stretch your muscles and aid in recovery

An Outside editor discovers it’s never too late to learn how to ski better

Mental advice and skiing drills that will give you confidence on longer, steeper, and more challenging runs

Skiing 101: how to start, what to wear, and pitfalls to avoid

Figuring out how to best equip and dress yourself when you’re just starting this sport can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Professional skier Markus Eder had a fantasy of an impossible descent. Then he got creative.

Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg as a baby, and Patrick Halgren lost his left at 23. When the two met and realized their feet were the same size, they've traded shoes ever since.

What we used to start the year right

We featured the toasty RadiantX mitts in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide. “Nobody wants cold hands, but skiing in an overstuffed gauntlet can feel like playing the piano with claws,” wrote tester Dave Cox. “Enter the waterproof RadiantX, which has an interior aluminum coating that reflects body heat with…

Employees fear the corporate behemoth bit off more than it could chew, while pass holders cry foul about overcrowding and reduced hours

The most dominant ski racer on the planet is constantly questioning her talents—which may be the secret of her greatness

From affordability to crowd control, we considered a variety of factors to determine the best ski towns to visit or live in

Over two decades of ambitious adventures, elite skier and climber Zahan Billimoria has had some very close calls in the mountains

Eddie Bauer’s award-winning Flyline outerwear was designed from the ground up for hard charging

What are the hottest hand warmers for winter? Our Gear Guy crowned HotHands as the winner: “On top of being hotter overall, they heated up faster, which I appreciated during a 29-degree day on Mount Ashland’s south side, after gusting winds almost froze my fingers as I ripped skins…

Outside’s ethics guru weighs in on what to do if you trigger an avalanche in the backcountry

Explore America’s favorite winter wonderlands on these scenic routes, which range from beginner to expert terrain

Four years ago, the Minnesota phenom won historic Olympic gold in cross-country skiing, alongside Kikkan Randall. She was just getting going.

A fatal avalanche near Hoosier Pass, Colorado, is a reminder that dangerous slides can occur on gentle terrain

You can blame the usual suspects: the crazy cost of mountain-town housing, the corporatization of the ski industry, the Man. Or dare to believe that our hero lives on.

Whether you’re looking to take up classic skiing or skate skiing, the U.S. gold medalist has some words of wisdom for beginners. Consider this your introductory primer to one of the season’s most fun and affordable sports.

Go sledding, slow cook a hearty stew, sip on a rich cup of hot cocoa. Just because the days are shorter and colder doesn’t have to mean they’re any less fun.

We only have room for two powder skis in our print issue, but there are so many more worth your consideration