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Here, Wes Siler shows you how to buy snowshoes and how to use them. Watch this, and enjoy snowshoeing this winter. 

Skiers and others venturing into the backcountry often end up too far apart to help each other when an avalanche strikes

A few essentials can make even the most reluctant want to venture out

Four sturdy stompers for deep days on the trail

The stuff we've owned for ages that we couldn't adventure without

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Skiing and snowboarding are just the start. From snowshoeing and hot springs soaking to snowmobiling and ice fishing, Montana is a winter wonderland

David Grann’s New Yorker story about a doomed Antarctic adventurer was a spellbinding read. But as he—and Outside—seem to forget, other people had already done what Worsley was trying to pull off.

REI’s winter sale features excellent products at rock-bottom prices

Play atop the powder with these new decks.

In an effort to expand their market, Crescent Moon created an all-foam snowshoe called the Eva which technical but user-friendly. With this new product, Crescent Moon took home one of our Gear of the Show Awards.

The five products we're most excited to test next winter

The cold and snow shouldn't keep you from exploring. Hit the road with this essential winter road-trip gear.

Over the river and through the woods.  (Fimbulvetr) Fimbulvetr Hikr Best For: Deep Snow Breaking trail in winter is just about the most difficult workout you can do. But that Herculean endeavor is made a bit easier with a platform like the Norwegian Hikr strapped to your foot. The lightweight plastic…

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