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For decades Jeffrey Lendrum helicoptered up and rappelled down to aeries on cliff faces from Patagonia to Quebec, snatching unhatched raptors and selling them, investigators believe, to wealthy Middle Eastern falconers. This week in London, one of the most bizarre criminals in modern history goes on trial for the fourth time. Here is his story.

From Arc'teryx, The World Above showcases three big wall climbers making the first ascent of Ruby Supernova - 5.12C.

‘Trail Hunter: South Africa’ profiles trailbuilder Hylton “Hylly” Turvey’s work building trails in the Karkloof Valley.

From filmmaker Jamie Hancock, ‘Day Zero’, tells the chilling tale of Cape Town, South Africa’s current water crisis.

In his latest film 'South Africa' filmmaker Daan van Reijn traveled from rural Gondwana Game Reserve to Table Mountain in Cape Town.

As South African Sibusiso Vilane awaits a window to summit Mount Everest for the third time—this attempt without oxygen—he wants the world to know something: We need more black mountaineers

Amid the worst drought on record, the city has threatened to turn off the taps on its nearly 4 million residents. Our correspondent spent a week there while he could still get a shower.

Valley of a Thousand Hills. from Jess Colquhoun, dives into the lives of a few skaters at South Africa’s Indigo Skate Camp.

Ultrarunner Ryan Sandes has been running the trails around his home in Cape Town since he was a boy. So when the Ultra Trail Cape Town race was centered around those very trails, it was more like a homecoming than a race. 

This film Continuance Pt. II is a multi-part documentary series exploring the life of one of surfing's greatest, Kelly Slater.

Raiding troops of baboons face off against city employees armed with paintball guns on a regular basis. And it brings into question the very way we coexist with nature.

Nicky Fitzgerald loves tourists, doesn't believe in work-life balance, and has a controversial approach to conservation that just might work

Beginning at the 630-foot high Maletsunyane Waterfall in the middle of the country, we found top-notch mountain biking between 10,000-foot peaks, along wild valleys, and through countless remote towns.

'This Is Home' is a series from Shimano and Anthill Films that follows elite riders during the offseason to find out more about where they came from.

The sandstone boulders of Rocklands, South Africa has drawn many amateur and professional climbers to this proving ground.

The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit is a group of women who patrol this reserve and surrounding communities, unarmed, in search of poachers.

A new list names the places where you’ll pay the least and most for a beer. We asked locals what the drinking culture is like in each.

"Our biggest problem is that we don't include ourselves in nature. We exclude ourselves as something different from nature, and we're not. We're part of nature."

Vulture populations are rapidly declining in South Africa as the birds of prey fall victim to poaching and poisoning. Farmers and poachers alike lace carcasses with pesticide to kill predators, but vultures often get to the carcasses—and the poison—first. Poachers then sell vulture body parts to witch doctors and traditional…

From epic skiing in Antarctica to a lazy beer-fueled canoe trip in North Carolina, these are the best places to visit this year

All the exhilaration of a good old-fashioned adventure, without the risk of having to eat your tripmates

Once a year, Johannesburg-based Wilderness Safaris organizes its Tour de Tuli, a 300-kilometer (186-mile), four-day MTB ride through the Tuli Block of southern Africa, connecting Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Black Mamba named Champions of the Earth

Having been primed to lead Greenpeace into the 21st century, the six-year executive director has suddenly opted to resign.

In October, 12 women will compete in one of the world's oldest male-dominated sports. The race? A 38,000-mile monster through pirate-infested waters and rough seas.

Yes, Napa needs your support now more than ever. But if the great wine shortage of 2014 comes to pass, buy from these emerging wine regions.

An excerpt from Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies examines the spaces between borders

Click but don’t share when you’re on safari

The Slimline II isn’t your average roof rack. Rather, it’s a multifunction platform with more accessories than you’ll know what to do with.

Amy Ragsdale learns to appreciate life's simple beauties through her children's eyes

Not every unknown man on the side of the road wants to kill you.

South African Johnny Olivier was just looking for an easy job to pay the bills. But after agreeing to help a buddy collect lion bones for an international wildlife-trafficking kingpin, he found himself in the middle of an unprecedented poaching scheme that involved imported sex workers, heavy gambling, bags of cash, and the slaughter of more than 30 rhinos.

Kloofing is the South African version of canyoneering. The term comes from the Afrikaans (Middle Dutch) term “kloof,” meaning “a steep-sided, wooded ravine or valley.” Thought to have developed in the 1920s, kloofing is the art of following gorges—and the rivers that flow through them—by walking, swimming, floating, jumping, bouldering,…

I want to ride an elephant, but I also want to ensure the animals are cared for well. Where should I go?

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” —Nelson Mandela

Desertification is out of control, but there may be a way to stop it

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