Strength and Power Training


Because why are you even riding if you can't haul your family, your dog, your friend's dog, and groceries for the next year on a bike?

Three explosive drills for better race-day performance

Their go-to exercises to build muscle, athleticism, and strength

Just a few quick moves will set up your body to perform at its best in any sport and keep you injury-free while you work

It's not just for spandex-clad speed racers. Here's how any athlete can tap into the power of the track to get fitter and faster.

Two-time gold medalist and decathlon word record holder, Ashton Eaton, is arguably the world’s greatest athlete, and we can all learn a thing or two from his routine, even if we aren’t training for the Olympics.

Watch to learn the Chassis Integrity Circuit, a four-part core workout that will translate from the gym to the mountain, building core strength and endurance.

Crunches and planks won't cut it. If you want to develop real, useful core strength, you need to work harder.

Blood analysis! Fat burning! Centenarians and pockets full of bacon! All that, plus six more of the biggest fitness trends from this year.

Want to perform like a pro, even with the years piling up? Nick Heil got the deluxe treatment at Exos, a cutting-edge outfit that works with NFL players and soccer stars. He came out slimmer, stronger, and more focused—the perfect upgrade for anybody, at any age, who plays hard in the outdoors.

If you’re willing to work hard, conquer your fears, and maybe don some superhero spandex, anything is possible

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a restless desk jockey, there are better ways to achieve your goals. Just ask 4-Hour guru Tim Ferriss, who started quizzing the world’s greatest performers on their routines as a side project—and ended up with a whole new approach to training.

Wisdom from the strength and conditioning coach who trains the NFL’s best

Discovery's new show 'American Tarzan' pits climbers, runners, and lifters against each other in a 'Survivor' meets 'American Ninja Warrior' showdown

Five exercises for improving strength in the posterior chain, the runner's propulsion powerhouse

Sure, you could stick with your old routine. Or you could break out of your rut with the help of experts and elite athletes.

A workout regimen designed for an insane TV obstacle course gives you exactly what you need: variety

Different parts of our body seem to talk to and influence each other, even when they are far apart and—one might think—unconnected

The Nashville local wowed the world with a fast submission in his UFC debut. But it was only because he's a lifelong athlete whose fitness is never far from match-ready.

Are top athletes violating one of the sport's fundamental philosophies to achieve peak performance?

Outsmart three winter-specific risks before, during, and after your workout

It’s possible to get a good workout in at home. You just need the right gear.

Step one, drain the keg. Step two, get super strong.

Just in time for ski season, we present the only fitness tools you need to get strong for the slopes

Dane Jackson is an international kayaking prodigy. Here’s an inside look into his flow—and what his sport can do for you

Researchers say there is indeed too much of a good thing, and it’s killing your athletic potential

New research shows that while high-intensity movement is beneficial, nothing compares to the benefits of more movement

Queen of the road Megan Guarnier has developed tremendous physical fitness and psychological fortitude—now she’s after a medal at Rio. Here's how she got there.

Footballers of both kinds have caught on. Here’s what you need to know.

If you thought osteoporosis was only an issue for women and older men, you were wrong

There are countless watches, bracelets, headbands, and foot pods on the market promising to record every little thing you do. But can any of it make you a better athlete? The author wades through the muck and the mire to data-mine his best self.

An increasing number of well-designed tools help rock climbers train more effectively

A stately machine that’s fit for a king—or a conniving president

Six easy ways to squeeze in a workout, no matter how busy your day

From extreme athlete Niccolo Porcella, the man who survived The Biggest Wipeout Ever

Want to continue to crush well into your 80s? Here’s how.

If your upper-body strength leaves much to be desired, here's a bit of advice.

Tony Schiena's go-anywhere, do-everything fitness regimen

James Lawrence completed 50 Ironman distance events in 50 states in 50 consecutive days to bring attention to childhood obesity.

The top three mistakes and how to fix them

It's a great fitness tool—but there are other ways to use it besides swings

It's summer! I'm doubling my mileage and already feeling the pain. What can I do, aside from cutting back or resting, to stay healthy?

Simulating combat will whip your own butt into shape, while helping you build power and endurance

The resistance—and softness—of the sand and water will make you more versatile

The classic strength and power move gets a makeover, giving you even better benefits

Dominate your favorite sports without any weight training

Sure, you could swim laps. But you can also enhance your performance with this in-the-water workout that will burn calories—and rejuvenate your body.

It doesn't get easier, you just go faster

Want to crush it on NBC's hit show? Be a rock jock.

Expert tips to help you get the most out of your strength session—so you don't waste your time.

You can do this yoga-meets-wrestling series of movements anywhere, with results that put the weight machines to shame

How even the smallest intervals can make athletes mental superstars.

I know I need some help with my current workout regimen, but I don't know where to start.

I'm an endurance athlete and I feel like if I can't get in at least an hour, working out is pointless. Is there any benefit to training if I have less than 20 minutes to do it?

Two dueling trainers resurrect a forgotten but insanely effective gym machine

Basketball or soccer games with friends can take the place of cardio, but they shouldn't be your only form of exercise.

Losing fat and boosting muscle mass can make a big difference in how you burn calories.

When you leave your comfort zone, that's when you really grow

Turns out you'll start to see and feel results from a new workout routine very quickly—sometimes after just one session.

Stop that lawnmower! Your urban backyard is packed with hidden performance-enhancing plants that can be tossed together to make an ancestral wonder meal.

The Olympic runner and his peers weigh in

Stephanie Gilmore was a world-champion surfer when a brutal attack by a stranger nearly ended her career. Now she's back on top, with a sixth world title, and reveals how she found happiness again—in the most unexpected places.

Ready to race? Check out these 20 events, carefully curated to provide intrepid newbie skiers, rock climbers, and trail runners a thrilling and welcoming competitive experience.

Beginners, we have a secret for you. You don't need high-end gear or a fancy training plan to get better at skiing, running, or climbing. All you have to do is embrace the embarrassment and the pain—and don't forget to laugh. Trust us: It'll be good for your brain.

Tips from legend Lee Sheftel, who sent his first 5.14 after his 59th birthday

Keri Herman only started skiing seriously in her senior year of college. Now she's an Olympian. Here's how she turned her late start into a competitive advantage.

The 26-year-old downhill skier's advice on how to be a happy traveller? Always be prepared for powder days and impromptu concerts.

Paying attention to the details lead the team to amazing victories in 2012 and 2013, but a string of problems brought it all crashing down last year. Can cycling's top team rise again?

How far will your running strengths carry you on the court or playing field, and which sports will best make you ready to run well?