Strength and Power Training


Two 45-minute strength workouts to build a faster, stronger, more resilient body to improve your running performance

The newest recruit to Nike's Elite Trail Team talks about speed work, core strength, and why parenthood is not an excuse.

As ski-touring season hits full stride, we're here to help take the edge off lung-busting climbs and quad-searing descents.

Why you don’t need a PH.D. in fitness

You don't need a gym membership to be ready for race season

Some researchers believe that significant increases in resting heart rate (RHR) are a sign that you’re over-stressed, though the physiological mechanism behind the increase is not well understood. While scientists are currently uncertain that RHR is an ideal gauge of training readiness, some believe it can be…

We can only assume you’re wondering whether the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks will have an advantage in New Jersey at Super Bowl XLVIII. Don’t make any bets until you read this! Just kidding. (No, really.) We posed your question to Rod Connolly, an exercise physiologist,…

Yes, it’s true that the volume of muscle mass activated during exercise is directly linked to the testosterone response. But it’s not the only factor involved. “Absolute workload (volume and intensity) of the session is also thought to be linked with the testosterone response,” Dr. Amy Vivien Tanner wrote…

Time to chuck the ab-blaster and sell the ellipti-trainer. All you need for your ultimate home fitness center are these key essentials.

When we published "Is CrossFit Killing Us?" fans of the workout went berserk, attempting to discredit the story, the research, and Outside. But the risk of injury is quite real—and it's the last thing CrossFit wants you to know.

Your winter conditioning isn’t complete until you’ve built both power and endurance in the body parts that matter

Traveling and time-crunched? Sneak in these 30-minute workouts to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and sanity this holiday season.

Inside the mind and training habits of the fastest woman in Kona history

Sometimes, what's common knowledge doesn't need scientific validation. Listen to the advice of these two legendary athletes and remember that even the strongest of us need a little rest and relaxation.

Every good athlete has at least one soft spot. Want to be great? Strengthen your weakest link.

The snow is already falling across the country. You don't want to hit the slopes this year unprepared.

The surf legend's crucial exercises to achieve full-body strength for any athlete

Is your regular workout really working? We looked at some of the most popular in-the-gym moves, and found more effective ways to get you conditioned for real life.

A few simple exercises can cure plantar fasciitis

The eight-week training plan for obstacle-course domination. PLUS: The Dos and Don'ts of race day gear

Five great exercises you can do in just 20 minutes

Two-time CrossFit champ Rich Froning doesn't subscribe to fussy diets or exercise schedules, but he's seen real results. He shares his best practices.

Pro surfing’s go-to trainer Paul Hiniker lays down 10 steps to get your body ready for anything this summer

Is it possible to be strong without having big muscles, or to be huge but not very strong?

Huston just left the country for his expedition to Ellesmere Island

Is it true that your body can only digest a set amount of protein at a time? Two recent studies offer conflicting findings.

Unlike the average couch potato, pros are self-regulating their calorie intake to match their activity level, and they’re consistently eating three meals a day

A new study shows that, despite everything you've heard—and experienced—running isn't as hard on the body as you might think. But can we trust the results?

A new study shows that specializing in a sport increases your risk of injury 1.5 times, but can we trust the findings?

With the death of a London Marathon runner now linked to a popular sports supplement, we had to ask

A new study shows that warm-ups are best served short, but can we trust the results?

A conversation with Dr. Stacy Sims, endurance runner, Ironman triathlete, and pro-elite road racer who has been studying the science of performance and nutrition for two decades

Can’t skin up a mountain or drop off a massive cornice like a Warren Miller star? Five days of carefully planned resort skiing can get you closer to shredding expert terrain. Here’s how.

A new study shows that a polarized training approach leads to the biggest fitness gains, but can we trust the results?

Every option, from Strava to MapMyFitness, offers a different set of features. Use this handy guide to determine which one will most help you achieve your fitness goals.

Andy Potts' key to a fast run? Stay tall. Greg McMillan, of McMillan Running in Flagstaff, Arizona, explains how to avoid hunching over, for a more efficient stride.

Nike claims to solve hygiene and slippage problems with its new Studio Wrap, but the slipper-like shoe could compromise your connection with the mat

A recent study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that EPO doesn't better performance in elite athletes, but it made a few critical errors in coming to that conclusion

Everything you need to improve your time on the course

Holiday gift guides abound this time of year. But they're mostly filled with gifts that you hope you'll get, not gifts you'll give. Stumped as to what to buy your lady this season? This guide is for you. 1. NAU DOWN LOOPNER SCARFShe'll wear it as a scarf, and…

An Olympic sport at the turn of the 20th century tries to find its way back into the modern Games

Looking for which candidate's economic beliefs are best suited to the present day? Wondering who's better suited to take office should the next president become incapacitated? Well, you've come to the wrong place.

Common medications that will—and won't—earn you a suspension

Sitting for three or more hours a day can take years off of your life. When you're active, you won't lose years, but an occasional bump, bruise or sprain can keep you off your bike, out of your running shoes or off the slopes.

Priceless advice from world-champion decathlete Trey Hardee, who has distilled a decade of training and nutrition wisdom into one customizable gold-medal fitness formula.

Juggling a busy schedule, I try to make my exercise time as well-rounded and efficient as possible. To maximize my workout, is it better to run or lift first?

The first four weeks

Weeks five through eight

Weeks five through eight

Weeks 13 through 16

The ultimate guide to weightlifting for endurance athletes

Your foundation is built. It's time to tweak the beast.

To keep a workout program fresh, you need to make it your own, and some days you need to break the rules—within reason.

Velocomp, creator of the iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer, has just announced the first “smart” cycling computer—iBike POWERHOUSE. iBike POWERHOUSE works with your iPhone or iPod touch to help you reach specific fitness goals in the least amount of time possible. The computer comes with one exercise…

The science around strength training has changed in the last decade. You’re older, stronger, and hopefully, smarter now. Don’t make the same mistakes you made in your high school weight room.

Out for a two-hour group ride on the time trial bikes. Basso at right. For most of us, these winter months are for “cross-training,” which means lots of powder skiing, a helping of holiday gluttony, and squeezing in time on the rollers. Not so…

Does stretching prior to a run prevent injuries and improve performance? Does guzzling water prevent cramps? Here's the truth about the top 10 fitness myths.

Stand Up Paddleboarding—SUPing—started as a way for surfers to train when there weren't any waves. SUP paddling kept surfer's arms strong, their balance intact, and their 12-pack abs well defined. That was then. Now, much to our continued…

Last night, I humped a test bike (Ellsworth Evolution) up the Atalaya Trail, a steep, loose, rocky path that climbs 2,000 feet in just over three miles. I don't much care for this trail—actually, I secretly hate it. But lately I've been riding it…

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The best sites for health advice and commentary, so you can get online and go outside

Build strength for ski season with this CrossFit-inspired workout

Tonight, Patagonia and eBay announced a new partnership, the Common Threads Initiative. Together, they asked owners of fleece and Gore-Tex everywhere to pledge to reduce consumption, reuse old gear, recycle, repair what's broken, and reimagine a world where people don't stress the earth with…

It seems like most people I see in the gym use the same exercises. Which exercises work and which moves are overrated?