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'Big Ben' profiles former professional surfer Ben Wilkinson, whose current career is working with unwieldy Hawaiian trees

On the wave-rich islands of Canada's Haida Gwaii, surfing is creating new connections to an age-old culture—and surfboards have been given a more befitting name

An asymmetrical board with a blazing performance

Boards, apparel, and accessories for all kinds of watery pursuits

John Oppito taught himself to handcraft surfboards in high school. Now he's winning awards for his exquisite East Coast creations.

Handmade surfboards are a rare commodity. Handmade surfboards crafted by women are even more so.

The only way to stop gear scammers is to stop clicking their links

No one likes pulling a U-turn after an improperly tied down surfboard flies away

Board basics for a season on the waves

Last year we featured this bike, calling it “the ultimate toy for big kids.” Now it’s going to be used by law enforcement.

It’s south-swell season. Make sure you have the right board.

The Koraloc Pack is the ultimate wave rider's companion

It’s the newest creation from renowned industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer

Own the waves with these sticks

We asked pro surfer Jamie O’Brien his secret for having more fun in the waves. His answer? A foamie.

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