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'Big Ben' profiles former professional surfer Ben Wilkinson, whose current career is working with unwieldy Hawaiian trees

On the wave-rich islands of Canada's Haida Gwaii, surfing is creating new connections to an age-old culture—and surfboards have been given a more befitting name

An asymmetrical board with a blazing performance

Boards, apparel, and accessories for all kinds of watery pursuits

John Oppito taught himself to handcraft surfboards in high school. Now he's winning awards for his exquisite East Coast creations.

Handmade surfboards are a rare commodity. Handmade surfboards crafted by women are even more so.

The only way to stop gear scammers is to stop clicking their links

No one likes pulling a U-turn after an improperly tied down surfboard flies away

Board basics for a season on the waves

Last year we featured this bike, calling it “the ultimate toy for big kids.” Now it’s going to be used by law enforcement.

It’s south-swell season. Make sure you have the right board.

The Koraloc Pack is the ultimate wave rider's companion

It’s the newest creation from renowned industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer

Own the waves with these sticks

We asked pro surfer Jamie O’Brien his secret for having more fun in the waves. His answer? A foamie.

High-performance kit for dropping in

Here are five places that can teach you how to build everything from a surfboard to a teardrop trailer

A $20,000 board designed by a New York City graffiti artist

These are the boards the world’s top surfers used at the annual Titans of Mavericks surf contest in Northern California

A big northwest swell lit the North Shore's Banzai Pipeline, providing spectacular makes and even more spectacular slams.

Build your own surfboard, then jump in the water to test it at this Maine-based workshop

First there was an algae-based surfboard. Now we have El Portobello—a sustainable board you can grow yourself.

A surfboard manufacturer and UCSD researchers teamed up to create the world’s first sustainable, algae-based surfboard, which they'll have the pros test before producing it commercially.

Good for the conscience, great for the surf

These stripes could keep you from becoming shark bait

Designed to make the most of subpar conditions

The latest trend in surfboard design is stout, full figures. All four of the boards we selected, from the short and fat Third World Exotic Surfboards Ghostbuster to the 5'11" Lost Bottom Feeder, are under seven feet long, maneuverable, and built with plenty of width and thickness to make catching waves easy.

Design and Technology Special: The world's most streamlined and innovative new gear, gadgets, tools and toys, including WaveJet's Personal Water Propulsion Pod.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Stewart LSW surfboard.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Rusty Dwart surfboard.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Firewire Dominator CBD surfboard.

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the Channel Islands Black Flag Whip surfboard.

1. When the Flyer shape was first introduced, in 1999, it was as a performance board for small waves. But it worked so well that it became Channel Islands’ bestselling board of all time. Like the Flyer, the Helix is versatile on a wide range of waves. It’s lively…

A LIGHTWEIGHT, AGILE LONGBOARD You may recognize the Bear logo from the 1978 classic surf film Big Wednesday, but rest assured this longboard oozes modern performance. At nine feet one inch long and three inches thick, it felt like it could glide into anything. With a width of 22.5 inches,…

Stable Single-Fin This hand-shaped 9’2″ ­single-fin is based on a 1960s noserider template, with smooth rails and a slight V-bottom for agility. Its 22-inch width and three-inch thickness get you into even the weakest peelers, while the concave hull makes noseriding simple. We also found it was quick enough to…

Fish-style surfboards—’70s-era shapes with a pair of keel fins and a deep swallowtail—have been enjoying a comeback, and San Diego shaper Chris Christenson makes the ultimate catch. This five-foot-eleven-incher is a highly evolved shortboard, equally at home skating knee-high waves or threading overhead tubes. The straight rails held the…

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