Cell phone photos show that Jess Roskelley, Hansjörg Auer, and David Lama reached the summit but died on the descent

From 'The Suble Art of Not Giving a F*ck' to 'Sapiens,' this professional mountain biker doesn't mess around when it comes to reading good books

David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer had been attempting a difficult route up Howse Peak in the Canadian Rockies when they got hit by a massive slide earlier this week

No one has done more to sound the alarm about climate change than Bill McKibben. We asked him: is there any hope at all?

A recent report found that 259 people died between 2011 and 2017 while stepping in front of the camera in often dangerous destinations. Our writer went deep on the psychology of selfies to figure out what's behind our obsession with capturing extreme risk-taking.

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A rugged lifestyle demands a rugged knife. The Bear Claw’s 2.37-inch blade is full-tang and made from high-quality stainless steel. It weighs just 3.4-ounces and comes with an injection-molded nylon sheath for easy storage and quick access.

Eric Larsen has more experience in the Arctic than just about anyone. He watched the new Mads Mikkelsen survival film and shared what he thought it got right and what missed the mark.

Because there’s no apology like a backhanded apology

A slide off Kachina Peak—steep, rowdy terrain at the New Mexico ski resort—buried two men on Thursday

Film to be based on the book about Doug Coombs written by Massachusetts author Rob Cocuzzo

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To become an Air Force pararescue specialist, you have to get through a brutal training course and stay underwater for a long, long time

The 34-year-old teacher reportedly died at the hands of a drug cartel

Being outdoorsy is not without its risks. If I could travel through time, here's some of the advice I'd give my (seemingly) immortal and (definitely) ignorant 20-year-old self.

Saving a life is as easy as checking for cyclists. So naturally nobody does it.

About an hour before midnight on Mother’s Day in 1986, a group of teenagers assembled at an Episcopal high school in Portland, Oregon, to embark on an expedition. Their goal was to summit Mount Hood, completing an adventure program that was required for all sophomores. What followed was a story of tragedy and loss that is commemorated annually at the institution it changed forever.

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Losing your home to a wildfire is often just the start of your troubles

Thousands of people flock to the Alps each year to ski tour high-elevation routes, spending comfortable nights in a string of huts that serve wine and hot meals. This spring, a group of experienced skiers and their guide were trapped in a storm overnight on an exposed saddle. By morning, nearly all were dead or dying.

Classroom time isn't so bad when you're building fly-fishing rods in Virginia or barbecuing in the Lone Star State

The Women's Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition team made it to the North Pole on April 21, 2018, enduring minus 40 degree temperatures, the prospect of aggressive polar bears, vast open leads of water, and even the vagaries of the Russian government.

Excerpted from a 1981 article included in Climbing magazine's new anthology, 'Vantage Point,' the late Jim Bridwell recounts the first ascent of the East Face of the Moose's Tooth in Alaska

The true story of a daring rescue on one of the Himalayas' most notorious peaks

Big-studio directors are venturing onto more extreme landscapes than ever to shoot successful films like 'Star Wars' and this month's 'Alpha.' It's location manager Robin Mounsey's job to keep them alive.

A rare convergence of events turned a wildfire in the Boundary Waters into a massive burn. Two campers were right in its path.

When you’re on the trail, fresh isn’t necessarily best

Carina Hoang fled the Vietnam War on a boat that was supposed to take her to a refugee camp. Instead it took her to a deserted island.

After falling off a 100-foot cliff and surviving for 36 hours high on the mountain, Scottish climber Rick Allen was found alive.

If you live through a strike, the recovery can be a confounding, bizarre journey that never really ends

Photographer Pete McBride got front-row seats to the massive Lake Christine Fire as it nearly destroyed his 120-year-old home

It was 1994 and writer, director, and photographer Jeff Johnson was a lifeguard on Oahu when 30-foot waves started detonating on the reef.

When the engine light flicks off, do you listen to the voice that says it's time to panic or the one urging you to calmly set the plane down?

Our writers talk about the incomparable thrill of experiencing something new—whether it was big or small, and regardless of how it turned out.

The 20-year-old faced three wildlife attacks within 36 months

It was just another beautiful day in the mountains for the author and his one-year-old Australian shepherd, Merle, when their lives changed in an instant

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From miles out in the storm-ravaged Chesapeake Bay, the Tangier Island crab boat radioed a mayday, then fell silent. Fellow skippers from this lonely and legendary speck of land rallied to save the two-man crew. God willing, they'd get there in time.

Tami Oldham Ashcraft, the subject of the new Hollywood lost-at-sea film, describes what her 41-day ordeal was like in real life and how the movie compares

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Headlamps and torches to light the way

It's rattlesnake season. Are you going to die?

Global warming, nuclear meltdowns, earthquakes, and hurricanes...oh my! Here's how these readers prepare for it all.

The Bering Sea is one of the deadliest places on the planet. But for the fishermen who harvest crab there every winter, their work had steadily been getting safer—they hadn't lost a boat in a decade. That all changed on February 11, 2017, when the 110-foot Destination disappeared off the coast of Alaska with its six-man crew.

When two climbers were stranded near the summit of Nanga Parbat last winter, they sent out a desperate call on their satellite device. A hundred miles away, a Polish team of extraordinary climbers answered the call, prompting one of the most daring rescues in mountaineering history.

Durable materials and touch of stretch make these the comfiest belts around

Don't bet on it. A recent media frenzy that linked the missing aviator to bones recovered long ago on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro missed a crucial point. She probably wasn't anywhere near the place.

Reality-TV stars never sustain long careers. Just don't tell that to Grylls.

Temperatures were brutally low at this year’s running of the 300-mile competition, and one frostbitten competitor may lose his hands and feet. Is this just the price of playing a risky game, or does something need to change?

As rescuers worked to save seven climbers, television crews live-streamed everything. The question is: should they?

How long will it last during the apocalypse? Can you use it as a weapon? We ask all the important questions.

A new case study digs into the medical records of a lost diver's incredible survival story

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A bee sting won't hurt you unless you're allergic—or so you thought until you disturbed a hive of African bees

When you picked some mushrooms off the forest floor, you planned to make a nice risotto. But now you're in the hospital, fighting for your life.

You're alone in the open sea on a surfboard, blown far offshore by a strong wind. What does it feel like? What do you do?

A remote car accident, a broken ski, a tumble in the snow, and a slow descent into hypothermia

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What you’ll take from the stories in this issue is that same bit of wisdom gleaned from all great adventure tales. We humans can endure far more than we ever imagined.