Making it through a catastrophic event is just the first step. Presenting five true case studies in survival.

Tips on self-defense, BASE jumping, and how to make it out of a plane crash alive

Element Awareness Camp offers underserved Los Angeles youth the opportunity to go into the wilderness for a week.

Pitching a tent, healing a wound, and finding your way are about the most important things you can learn how to do. They're also the easiest.

Less than one year ago, ultrarunner Adam Campbell fell 100 feet over a cliff. Doctors weren't sure he'd ever walk again. Last weekend, he finished one of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world.

Advice from a longtime NOLS instructor on when and how to cross a river, without drowning

The Survival Trial is not your average outdoor adventure race. Competitors spend 24 hours in the backcountry of northern New Mexico completing survival challenges that range from fire-starting to defensive firearm engagements.

Imagine all the fun of an outdoor blade in a package you can use more often. Put one to use in your kitchen, and it might make cooking dinner feel a little more exciting.

This segment from the documentary follows survival expert Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman, as he attempts to follow the supposed path two-year-old Keith Parkinson took from his barn into the woods where he was eventually found.

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The gear that will fix your problems when you’re a longways from nowhere

Humans are on the brink of technologies that can control the weather and possibly save us from climate change. But playing God is risky business.

When forecasts called for a massive tornado in central Oklahoma in 2013, storm chasers flocked to the area. Then all hell broke loose.

If you’re lost, this tool may be the key to your survival.

Everything you need to survive for 72 hours, stuffed into a single waterproof bag

Yes, this knife costs a lot ($500), but for good reason. The frame is made almost entirely of titanium, and the blade is S35VN steel, which is designed to keep an edge, but is also easy to sharpen. At a full half-inch thick, the Harsey fills your palm nicely,…

When the going gets tough, the tough bring a backup plan

The story of two explorers chased down—well, technically up—by a jaguar

And how you can prepare for the apocalypse better than a billionaire

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The smallest presents often make the best presents

Meet Jody and his dog Levi. They've both survived major accidents, suffered from extensive surgeries, and stuck by each other's side through everything.

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Have you ever found yourself on a boat besieged by pirates? Aboard a derailing train? Former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how to survive these crises and many more in his new book, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition.

From dog-eared classics to under-the-radar picks, this is our list of 15 books that will awaken the adolescent Outsider.

As the Category Four storm threatened landfall last week, dozens of Urban Search and Rescue teams were deploying from around the country, mobilizing at lightning speed to save residents from the wreckage. Our man embedded with one of these elite squads—and soon learned the logistical nightmare involved with disaster aid on a massive scale.

Last week's viral video illustrated how dangerous bears can be—and taught us a few lessons on how to survive such an attack

The one-week boot camp puts paying customers in the middle of the Indonesian jungle, then helps them survive the journey home

Everything a beginner needs to know to become a competent marksman

An utterly inept man gets lost in the West for 37 days. What happens next is, believe it or not, why America created its first national park.

Welcome to the ninth annual Firefly Gathering, a four-day survival camp packed with pine-needle baskets, tomahawk throws, sinew glue, mycology crawls, and ecstatic drumming.

Alone, deep underwater inside a sunken ship, with only minutes to survive, Michael Proudfoot's survival story might be the most epic to date

Discovery's new show 'American Tarzan' pits climbers, runners, and lifters against each other in a 'Survivor' meets 'American Ninja Warrior' showdown

When your submarine is on the verge of imploding, you better make all the right choices

Hotshots take on exceptional risk. Could unionizing give them the voice they need to avoid deadly situations like Yarnell Hill?

Saws, water filters, and fishing kits as price tags? Genius.

When a group of immigrants set out across the desert, the results helped researcher create the Death Index, a new model for dehydration.

Jon Krakauer’s obsession with what killed the star of ‘Into the Wild’ has persisted for nearly 24 years. Whether it was ignorance or arrogance, do the details still make a difference?

An amusing albeit brief look at the basics of adventuring outdoors.

Pablo Valencia spent six days wandering the 110-degree desert before stumbling into McGee's camp. He shouldn't have been alive, but he was.

The bizarre science behind Phil Broscovak's lightning strike, and his incredible journey of recovery

Experts are training the vicious wild animals to sniff out avalanche victims—without mauling them to death

Great for hunting food or fending off zombies

This 1,000-mile race across the frozen wilderness of Alaska necessitates some very specialized kit

A remote car accident, a broken ski, a tumble in the snow, and a slow descent into hypothermia before (spoiler alert!) a dramatic rescue

When a person goes missing outdoors, there’s a specific protocol for finding them within the first 24 hours. After that first day, it becomes much tougher.

Stock your physical and digital library with these must-read and must-see works that capture the fun, danger, and beauty of the cold.

An off-the-grid emergency warning system called Smart Park could give visitors critical information about weather and missing persons

The 5 products from the Denver trade show that we can’t wait to test this season

Knowing how to survive in the wild isn't the same thing as knowing how to survive in the big city when an earthquake or tsunami strikes. Wherever you live, Japan's new survival manual may save your life.

A man wakes up on a muddy logging road in the middle of the mountains. His truck is dead. His phone is out of range. He’s got no food. How did he make it out?

People coming back to life after being frozen stiff. Frogs that cryopreserve for winter and then reanimate. The emerging frontier of extreme cold is offering revolutionary new insights and therapies for everything from deadly exposure to peak athletic performance.

A retired Navy SEAL teaches us how to turn common household objects into brutal weapons in a pinch, which is almost as funny as it is terrifying

These seven essentials will prepare you for most driving mishaps

An American mountain biker narrowly avoided drowning when he took a spill trying to cross a rushing river. Here’s what he did right.

What’s spurring so many A-list celebrities to appear on a survival TV show? The chance to experience a little fear and risk, which, as Grylls keeps telling us, only makes you stronger.

Rick Ridgeway, one of the North Face founder and conservationist's closest friends, survived the kayak capsizing that killed his lifelong buddy. Here he reflects on their awful ordeal, on his friend's burial, and on the lasting gifts that Tompkins leaves behind.

Manuel Genswein has spent more than two decades burying himself alive and pushing shovels to their breaking point to ­determine the best ways to save snow-slide victims. His biggest challenge? ­Convincing the world’s most experienced rescuers that he’s right.

Charged is the true story of Eduardo Garcia, who survived a horrific accident while hiking in the Montana backcountry in 2011.

What do a carry-on Moscow Mule cocktail kit and a flashlight-size survival tool have in common? They both seem like luxuiries—untill you really need 'em.

The best survival book in a decade tells the unbelievable tale of a man who spent more than a year lost on a boat

New inflatable vests from POC and Dainese could save professional racers’ lives. So why isn’t the gear mandatory?

A 22-foot-long ark to weather nature's biggest storms

The $800 Forcite Alpine packs a 4K action cam, GPS, and accelerometer into its shell. You don't need all this tech in a snowsports lid. But do you want it?

Take them from the kitchen to the backcountry

Why use matches when you can use a mini flamethrower?