Scrolling through that confounding mix of cinema will give us all carpal tunnel. Stop it this moment and check out our list of below-the-radar survival films.

P-cord: Parachute cord, also known as paracord, the world’s most versatile survival tool.

A category of gear that came into being in the late 1960s as more and more skiers ventured beyond resort boundaries.

Nature’s most wonderful meat can cure nature’s grossest parasite

Makers of this crowdsourced device say it can save you from drowning

Alex Honnold and other Yosemite locals weigh in on what will become of the route that was wrecked when a giant chunk of granite detached earlier this week

Last year’s avalanche reignited a debate about the complicated role of helicopters in getting gear up the mountain and mitigating the danger to Sherpa. Outfitters weigh in on whether more helicopters will make Everest safer or even more dangerous.

Star Matt Galland talks about surprise encounters with giant snakes in Mexico, watching his friend nearly drown during filming, and what else we can expect from his new reality show.

Don't panic! The TSA is ready for you.

Think of these as your most dependable travel buddies, coming to the rescue at a moment's notice.

A flashlight, a fitness tracker, a GPS...the list goes on.

Stuff these in your pack and head out of the country with peace of mind

Control your sustainable energy on the go with a smartphone app

Warm, tiny living with room for you and a guest.

Utilize your flashlight's wasted space.

Art from the forge isn’t dead.

Three new, surprising offerings from a heritage knife maker.

Say goodbye to your grandpa’s hiking stick

Making sure you’re always safe and found

In his debut novel, John Vaillant delivers a terrifying border tale

The pro traveler needs cutting-edge survival gear as he explorers the farthest reaches of the planet. And his favorite place to play might surprise you. (Hint: It’s in the Midwest.)

After a skydiving accident in October 2013 left Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth without a right arm, he didn't quit charging. Now, Wirth lives a life of Ironman racing and adventure. As told to Gordy Megroz.

As more and more people head into the backcountry, we’re triggering more slides than ever before. If you’re thinking about venturing into avalanche-prone terrain this winter, first read this.

As resorts open more extreme terrain, skiers are wondering: Should I wear my beacon in-bounds?

Some of the explosives that professionals use to take down the white dragon.

A look at the human factors that can blur judgment in the field.

Playing safely in the mountains requires an intimate knowledge of terrain and an understanding of how a host of variables—including sun, wind, and temperature—affect the snowpack.

Every year, more than 500 Americans will be struck by lightning—and roughly 90 percent of them will survive. Though they remain among the living, their minds and bodies will be instantly, fundamentally altered in ways that still leave scientists scratching their heads.

These stripes could keep you from becoming shark bait

The key to digging your friends out alive is how fast you are with these three essential avalanche safety tools.

No, but it is getting increasing dangerous out there. As hordes of skiers hit the backcountry, they're triggering more avalanches than ever before, and there's still a dangerous gap between our collective enthusiasm and the depth of our knowledge. But while the learning curve is daunting and the risks are high, the adventure rewards are immense—if you do it rig

A smart probe that crowdsources snowpack data to tell you where it's safe to ski.

Syria is an enthusiastic state sponsor of terrorism and a fiendish fan of torture and oppression. But have you tried the stuffed grape leaves? Patrick Symmes invades before the coalition of the willing can.

Do cell phones, satellite messengers, and personal locator beacons create more false alarms in the backcountry?

For one young chief, protecting his people means embracing ecotourism.

On the 100th anniversary of Ernest Shackleton's legendary expedition, a writer retraces the explorer's steps to one of the cruelest, most gorgeous wildernesses on earth.

The Weather Channel dips a toe in the way-too-crowded waters of reality survival programming with two new shows, So You Think You’d Survive? and Fat Guys in the Woods. It’s not a pretty sight.

Reed Timmer gets right into the thick of huge storms for a living. So we asked him to watch Into the Storm, a new tornado thriller, and report back on how it compares to the real thing.

In The Art of Competition, Ironman-turned-author Mark Allen gives insight into the thoughts that helped him race his fastest while living to the fullest.

The right first-aid kit can save your life in the backcountry, so it’s worth investing the time and the money to get it right. To find out what belongs in a novice backpacker’s kit, I turned to NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, which has trained more than 110,000 students…

There's a new brand in town. Does its dehydrated food stack up to—or shrivel before—its rivals?

With a little help from Make-A-Wish, Yosemite’s first honorary park ranger earns his keep and proves his strength

From camping expeditions to solo summit attempts, these six items could save your life in the backcountry. At the very least, they’ll make you sleep better at night.

A growing number of trail runners are finding a new way to test themselves—without race fees, bibs, or finish line chutes—in search of virgin trail and new course records.

Forget about rubbing two sticks together. Without matches, your only hope of getting a fire started in the wild is to take advantage of other tools at your disposal. Mykel Hawke—a former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret and founder of survival school Spec Ops—recommends two easy,…

GPS locator SPOT launched in 2007—and has already notched 3,000 rescues

There's a group of people who believe that in a world of extreme natural disasters, being ready for any catastrophe is more than just a precaution. It’s practical. 

The volcanic remains at the heart of Aniakchak National Monument—the least visited site in the national park system—are a trippy mishmash of postapocalyptic cinder cones, hardened lava, and flame-colored walls. The only catch? Doing it right involves days of trekking and rafting through some of the planet’s toughest, most bear-heavy terrain.

If you're starving to death in the wilderness, your body's on the menu.

The country's national parks aren't bastions of wild serenity. After all, there were more than 3,700 violent crimes in 2013 alone. But how much protection is too much?

Sixteen-year-old Noah Graham was lying down during a late-summer camping trip when he felt jaws clamp down on the back of his head. He reached back and touched a Wolf’s face.

Transceivers work well, but are costly. Apps may offer a cheaper alternative.

Jordan Hanssen and three friends were more than three-quarters of the way through a 3,700-nautical-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean when two rogue waves flipped their boat and left them fighting for their lives.

Narrow canyons can turn into sheer-walled death traps during heavy rain. Emerging from them safely depends on smart planning, constant awareness, and, when those don't work, a healthy dose of luck.

You don't need to spend a fortune to have a great adventure. With a few tweaks, you can avoid the 10 biggest—and often most expensive—travel mistakes.

A few tips from Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.

The outdoors can be deadly if you're unprepared. But these gear items will help you make it home alive—even if everything else goes wrong.

On July 1, 2012, Davey du Plessis set off on a roughly 4,000-mile source-to-sea expedition down the Amazon. Two months and a third of the way in, he was attacked and left in the jungle to die. This is his story, as told to Joe Spring.

There are countless ways to meet your end in the great outdoors. These are ten of the most unpleasant, ignominious, and terrifying ways to go.

The history of tornadoes in the U.S. by the numbers—and 4 tips on how to survive one

Life Lessons from the toughest, hardest, foulest-mouthed children’s author on earth. *Parental guidance suggested.

In 2003, Dan Bigley lost his sight when a grizzly mauled him on Alaska's Russian River. Ten years later, he's back outside, working to give his children the outdoor life that he almost lost.

Huston just left the country for his expedition to Ellesmere Island

The Disaster Diaries author on self-reliance, situational awareness, and adulthood

I want to build an igloo. What kind of tools do I need?

What should I bring as an emergency fire starter on my next camping trip?

Explaining four of the most common threats in the outdoors

Ever wondered how to survive a volcanic eruption? Not sure what to do when zombies inevitably take over? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Tips for surviving seven of the world's deadliest adventures

David Page gets a crash course in foraging and learns to appreciate nature's bounty (and the flavor of a good fire-roasted grasshopper) along the way

It started as a bluebird New Year's Day in Mount Rainier National Park. But when a gunman murdered a ranger and then fled back into the park's frozen backcountry, every climber, skier, and camper became a suspect—and a potential victim.

In the 16 years since Into Thin Air, Mount Everest has become safer in many ways, with better storm forecasting and amazing high-altitude rescue helicopters. So why did 10 people die in 2012?

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