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Science has proven the performance benefits of caffeine, but companies are now using coffee grounds in running apparel. Here’s the scoop.

Show up on Earth Day with these easy, powerful actions

Here’s what organizers of the world's oldest annual marathon are doing to limit its carbon footprint, and how athletes can do the same

By swapping out bagged potatoes for loose ones, and eggs in cardboard cartons instead of styrofoam, you’ll lighten your environmental footprint

Donate? Auction? Burn? Experts weigh in on how the apparel giant should navigate its footwear crisis. 

How to handle plastic bags, batteries, milk cartons, metals, and...bowling balls

The Rodale Institute has moved from the family farmhouse to one of the single largest advocates and drivers of regenerative farming in the United States

Regan's new memoir, ‘Fieldwork,’ documents her childhood in northern Indiana and her adult quest for the comforts and familiarity of home

I signed up for the On Cyclon subscription running-shoe service and get a perfectly clean new pair every three months

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A global leader in energy innovation, Jackery is building a more sustainable future with affordable solar power that goes anywhere

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If the wellness industry doesn’t prioritize the health of the environment, is it really looking out for yours?

Outdoor brands are staking their sustainability cred on down, wool, and synthetic insulations. Are their claims accurate?

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The sneaker industry has a role to play in climate change. New Balance is trying to reduce its climate impact with a holistic program.

Shopping responsibly isn’t easy. We asked an expert for help.

The much-anticipated launch of Kilian Jornet’s outdoor brand NNormal features two exciting new shoes. Here’s what you need to know.

The company announced it has met B Lab’s certification criteria

Making a net-positive impact as a company selling stuff is hard. These businesses stand out for their design innovation, social and political action, and meaningful sustainability commitments.

There’s thinking outside the box, and then there’s using the box to create something entirely new. That’s the kind of innovation Nicole McLaughlin puts into her work.

No, you can’t toss the Essential in your curbside bin. But 75 percent of it can be broken down at the brand’s factory.

The fishing apparel and footwear company is transitioning to a durable bag that can be home-composted

We checked in with a handful of core footwear makers to find out what material and design innovations they’ve got in store for this year and beyond

A few easy ideas for getting involved this year

A few inconvenient truths about the current state of the climate crisis

The North American CEO of the Italian footwear brand discusses how his company is taking its sustainability efforts to the next level

Turning plastic water bottles into fiber is one thing. But what happens when that fiber wears out?

After making steps to use more recycled materials in its manufacturing and lower company-wide carbon emissions, Rab is getting ready to roll out its first sustainability report

The Oregon-based brand is asking outdoor footwear companies to take a “detox journey" and showing them how to do so

To become more sustainable, the outdoor industry should make less gear. But can brands battle their own bloat?

From fabrics and materials to packaging, Big Agnes continues to push itself on the sustainability front

A handful of smaller snowsports brands lead the industry in greener production practices. Can everyone else catch up?

As you read this, your life savings is funding things that probably repulse you. You’re paying to raze the Amazon, lay pipe across Arctic tundra, and manufacture the cigarette butts that line the bellies of fish. You didn’t make those decisions. But your bank did.

Peter Arlein, founder and owner of Colorado-based mountainFLOW eco-wax, got his big shot on ABC’s “Shark Tank” on Friday night

Thirty-two percent of our survey respondents have nixed plastic polybags

This week, we caught up with Cameron Walker, general manager of Icebreaker North America, to learn more about the VF-owned brand’s environmental campaign to completely remove synthetics from its collection

Robin Thurston outlines Pocket Outdoor Media's goals and commitments regarding inclusion and sustainability

REI has updated its Product Impact Standards, setting new climate and inclusion expectations for its 1,000+ vendors

The reusable packaging service RePack helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while building brand affinity

If you’re serious about eliminating single-use packaging from your company and the outdoor industry, these five companies can help

If you’re serious about sustainability, nothing is more eco-friendly than products that don’t need replacing

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HydraPak’s RECON is the world’s first bottle made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic

Google and the World Wildlife Fund Sweden are collaborating on a new platform to bring environmental transparency to fashion industry supply chains

Nate Porter, co-owner of Salida Mountain Sports in Colorado, discusses how we can use the pandemic to create a more sustainable, functional industry

In honor of Earth Day, the brand has released a new collection of unique products

Tapping the creative power of its entire team, the apparel company worked outside of the box to rethink packaging

Here are some of the cool things PIA members are doing to make the world a better (read: less plasticky) place

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

The company discovered a way to cure insulation without thermal ovens, the widely used method

Inspired by the Plastic Impact Alliance, Patagonia took a hard internal look at its own trade show footprint to discover ways to improve its zero-waste efforts. Here's a recap of what they found, and what we can all learn from it

So simple. Such a no-brainer. So important

Mountain Hardwear takes a risk in removing toxic flame retardants from its tents. Will the rest of the industry follow?

Osprey shakes up hardgoods with a new sustainability battle plan

Our industry makes real bottles. So let’s use them and reduce single-use containers at Outdoor Retailer. Join us in making The Plastic Impact Promise and commit to bringing your own personal drinking vessel to the next show

The industry’s largest specialty retailer is also its most powerful. Does that make it a visionary leader? Necessary evil? Cutthroat competitor? Or something else entirely?

The North Face is betting big on its new FutureLight waterproof/breathable technology

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When a Brit named Nick cooked up an environmentally-friendly wax for his boots, he had no idea he was building a company that would help legions of hikers stay dry

A few specialty outdoor retailers share why they decided to make selling hand-me-downs and offering rentals part of their store

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What if your rain jacket could retain its DWR infinitely without the use of PFCs, chemicals, or water? Could this be the panacea the outdoor industry has been looking for?

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Camp stoves were just the beginning for this tech company, which wants to improve off-grid lifestyles around the globe

Collaboration is key as brands and organizations think outside the box for more creative and sustainable packaging options for its products

Nate Porter, owner of Colorado’s Salida Mountain Sports, makes a plea with vendors to think about the way they ship product and create their marketing materials

Find out how your state stacks up

This uber-sustainable, pet-friendly, and musically-inclined retail shop is perennially on the leading edge of specialty outdoor retail