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Keeping your body temperature at a happy equilibrium starts with the right layers

Shades for charging hard and aprèsing harder

We're always looking for that magic outfit that can be worn for days on the road before you need to clean it. Here are some tried-and-true picks.

Here's how to maintain stretch and minimize stench over time

There’s never a bad time to give your gear some TLC. We recommend the Tech Wash for cleaning your synthetic technical fabrics and the TX Direct Wash-In for reviving DWR coatings.

Little luxuries for nights spent under the stars

Patagonia's Nano-Air line works for almost any adventure, thanks to its rare combination of durability, stretch, and breathability

Layers are the secret to staying warm, dry, and comfortable outdoors. These are the best for every situation.

Experts weigh in on how to make a face covering out of what's in your gear closet

Ensure your winter gloves last as long as possible with a little TLC

At just $40, the bamboo Countertop Composter is a bargain and will keep you from sending food waste to landfills

The gear and knowledge you need to stay comfortable overnight in the snow

Men's trousers that are up to any task you throw at them

I love it dearly, but it's not something I ever would have spent my own money on

Fall is actually the best time to ride to work

Turns out performance and eco-friendliness can play nice together

Swaddle yourself in light-weight, breathable warmth

These simple packing steps will go a long way (like, 2,000 miles long) to making you a less burdened traveler

You're not going to want to do this at home

We focused on comfort, stretch, and how well they fought off sweat and stink

More than two dozen women tested synthetic and wool long underwear from 18 brands. These are the products that came out on top.

Sleep so magnificent, you’ll be turning in early

Retro style meets future tech

Soft, breathable, and light—ideal for running and backpacking in cool temperatures

True trail-to-town apparel is hard to come by, but these are worthy of the title

Our favorite puffies and shells for men and women, whether you’re riding lifts or out for a tour

The brand's new Azura and Kyan sleeping bags feature a new fill that's supposedly as lightweight and compressible as down

The Proof Rover pants finally find a balance between durability and comfort

Understanding a few technical basics—and being honest about your needs—will help you pick one you'll love

The fabric is knit to form air pockets, offering warming benefits without exposed fibers prone to shedding

An extremely light and comfortable sleeping pad that is excellent for three-season conditions.

The synthetic fill is designed to break down once it hits the landfill

Six cozy throws, from plush to practical

Warm, functional jackets with a strong dose of style

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