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Story-based marketing is hot right now. Three new campaigns from The North Face, Houdini, and Kari Traa show how outdoor companies are leaning into the trend.

Behind the scenes in the outdoor industry, technology is ever-present and increasingly powerful. Are you up to speed on the latest developments?

Today’s athlete sponsorships are rife with dangerous pressure, inequality, and unfair compensation. It’s time for things to change.

When an oil company targeted The North Face with a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign accusing the brand of hypocritical climate activism, it served as a reminder of the contentious—yet partially codependent—relationship between the outdoor and fossil fuel industries

The artist Futura had filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the brand earlier this year because he says the apparel technology’s logo resembled one of his atom designs

The rest of the Q1 2021 earnings reports are in. Publicly traded, outdoor-focused corporations continued to score huge gains.

As Outdoor Retailer and The Big Gear Show prepare for in-person events this summer, many in the industry are still debating whether to attend

Emerald Holding’s new digital marketplace stems from its $34 million acquisition of the B2B sales platform PlumRiver

The former global GM of The North Face’s Mountain Sports division has partnered with Stanford scientists on a fabric technology that’s designed to revolutionize outdoor apparel and more

Turning plastic water bottles into fiber is one thing. But what happens when that fiber wears out?

Investors are betting big on the outdoor industry, as evidenced by recent stock performances. Our new index provides a snapshot of public companies’ financial picture and measures the health of the industry.

To become more sustainable, the outdoor industry should make less gear. But can brands battle their own bloat?

A small materials company in Colorado has been battling The North Face and Columbia for years in a patent infringement case. Last week, it scored an important victory in the fight.

We examined what some of the industry's top brands are doing on Instagram to engage users and reach new audiences

136 independent outdoor retailers across the country responded to our annual survey this year. Here are the industry's best-selling women's apparel brands, according to their responses.

136 independent outdoor retailers across the country responded to our annual survey this year. Here are the industry's best-selling men's apparel brands, according to their responses.

136 independent outdoor retailers across the country responded to our annual survey this year. Here are the industry's best-selling camping brands, according to their responses.

The former group president of Wolverine Worldwide and global president of The North Face will lead the sporting goods company's expansion into specialty outdoor retail

The reusable packaging service RePack helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while building brand affinity

136 independent outdoor retailers across the country responded to our annual survey this year. Here are the best manufacturers to do business with, according to their responses.

The parent company of The North Face has announced plans to add the direct-to-consumer streetwear company to its portfolio of brands

The brand's new Explore Fund Council—led by Jimmy Chin and actor Lena Waithe—will oversee the allocation of $7 million in DEI-focused grant funding

The industry veteran will move from his role as president of the Americas region at VF Corporation to lead one of the company's three core brands

The parent company of Smartwool and The North Face has decided to make internal data about its diversity and inclusion practices public

With lofty goals to be more inclusive, the outdoor industry is at a crossroads. Some say the key is lower-priced gear.

The group released a new digital tool called Make a Plan to Vote this week

Like nature, the outdoor industry needs change, renewal, and adaptation—and disruptors to challenge and supplant the way we do things. Here’s a peek into what’s coming around the bend. Because under the law of evolution, if you don’t adapt, you don’t survive.

This year, the industry’s leading trade show went completely virtual for the first time. Just how successful was it?

REI, Patagonia, The North Face, and others have committed to halting ad spends on the platform to protest the tech giant's tolerance of hate speech

A 31-year veteran of the outdoor industry offers a personal history of race relations in the action sports business and considers whether current activism is setting the stage for lasting change

In response to the murder of George Floyd, outdoor leaders have released statements condemning racial injustice and institutional violence against the Black community in the United States. Here's a running list.

In honor of Earth Day, the brand has released a new collection of products that prove circular design can be truly beautiful

Housed in an old bank, this 3-year-old shop is preserving the past while outfitting all levels of adventurers

People with disabilities are getting outdoors—can you catch up?

Where do we go from here on the journey toward DEI in the outdoor industry?

The mountaineer propelled other states to establish government offices dedicated to outdoor recreation

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

The 50 coolest new products of the season, ranked

When several high-end brands joined—and then quickly defected from—Walmart’s Premium Outdoor Store, they resurrected the question “Who is the outdoors for?”

The North Face is betting big on its new FutureLight waterproof/breathable technology

The most coveted collab in the history of collabs isn’t even one you can pitch. You have to wait for it to come to you. But don’t worry, there are proven and profitable ways to partner with like-minded brands.

The North Face, JanSport, Eagle Creek, and Altra are moving to metro Denver, while VF's denim and outlet businesses will stay in North Carolina

The industry has made strides in recent years, but there’s much work still to be done

Put your money where your heart is. If you like to play the stock market, and you believe in the economic strength of the outdoor industry, why not invest in one of these publicly traded outdoor companies?

Nate Porter, owner of Colorado’s Salida Mountain Sports, makes a plea with vendors to think about the way they ship product and create their marketing materials

Superfeet’s FitStation automates the fitting process, for better or for worse

New women-specific stores, the "Move Mountains" campaign, Girl Scouts badges, and more

Terms of the definitive purchase agreement have not been disclosed

This Tucson shop invests time, dollars, and space into the brands and employees keeping it running

A true pioneer in the outdoor industry, Ann Krcik leaves behind a legacy of community-building, mentorship, advocacy, and conservation.

Brendan Madigan took a chance when his first hire at Alpenglow Sports was a 21-year-old college kid who was a regular customer. And it paid off.

The biggest name at OR talks advocacy, heroes, and how to get the rest of the world fired up