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From filmmaker Cory Marshall, ‘Aotearoa’ is a collection of moving images he took during his one-year stay in New Zealand.

‘Silence of the Dolomites’ is from filmmaker Casper Rolsted who specializes in time-lapse photography.

'Death Valley' brings you to the heart of this desert for an incredible timelapse experience.

Norway: A Visual Journey from the filmmakers at The Road West Traveled is a drone film from their trip to Norway​​​​​​​.

The floor of the Grand Canyon is unlike any other place on earth.

From filmmaker Elia Saikaly, Everest - A Timelapse Film II is a collection of images he took while at Everest during milky way season.

From filmmaker Sam Forencich, Invisible Oregon is a study in time, space, and infrared timelapses. Forencich converted both his Nikon D750 and a Canon 5D MarkII to use infrared technology to create this film.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017 filmmaker, Michele Columbo shot this film The Light Within the Dolomites in Fassa and Gardena Valleys. 

From timelapse filmmaker Knate Myers, Spellbound captures New Mexico's epic skies.

When one looks out over the vast horizon of Kremenchuk reservoir in the Ukraine it’s impossible not to be entranced by its beauty. But the man-made imposition has drastically impacted the local townships and environment.

After a photography mission with Project PoSSUM studying noctilucent clouds, Adrien Mauduit took a three thousand mile road trip and filmed My Canadian Summer.

Mike Olbinski is a dedicated storm chaser and spends weeks at a time on the road chasing mega storms.

Filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov has traveled all over the globe creating exceptional timelapses, and The North is no different.

Each year millions of visitors flock to the Grand Canyon to witness its magnitude and sheer awe-inspiring size. However, there's a phenomenon that few people get to experience that's called "cloud inversion".

Filmmaker Mike Olbinski spent weeks traveling in an RV in Oregon to capture the images for this film 'Mist and Water'.

Exhale is a timelapse film highlighting beautiful landscapes across the west.

This film is one of the coolest night sky time-lapse films we've seen.

It takes a certain kind of person to willingly stand outside in -20-degree temperatures.

Twenty years ago the rainforest was destroyed, but as rains continue and lava flows it creates the foundation for new life.

Longtime storm chaser and timelapse director, Mike Oblinski decided to remove all color except for black and white in his video, 'Pulse'.

As a biologist and photographer, Aidan Maccormick spends much of his time visiting distant places far from home. All the while, like most of us, his home turf was unexplored and calling to him.

Filmmaker Danny MacRostie has a vibrant obsession with shooting fog at Mt. Tamalpais in San Francisco. Over the course of 18 months, he gathered these images to create this timelapse.

'Colorado- A Living Landscape' is a five-year project brought to you by Jason Hatfield. His vision was to turn Colorado's beauty into a living piece of art.

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less.

People are drawing closer to nature with every visit. Nature's Lament from photographer Aaron Keigher, asks the question "What will be nature's lament?"

For two months, filmmaker Tomi Rantanen cycled two thousand kilometers across Northern Norway.