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“At ten inches long, this model packs a mighty massage into a compact design,” wrote tester Christine Yu of the Hypervolt. “It delivers good percussion at three speeds and is no louder than a set of hair clippers.” It was also one of our favorite recovery tools of…

Our senior editor’s foray into woodworking got off to a rough start

In our guide to bike lights, we recommend riding with a minimum of two lights at night: a rear-facing taillight and a headlight. (A front-facing one that emits at least 1,000 lumens is a solid choice—columnist Graham Averill uses the Urban 1000 for winter riding.)

Keeping our devices fully charged in the backcountry is a treat, and the Sherpa 15 is made for that luxury. “This sleek aluminum battery fits in the palm of your hand but holds enough juice to recharge a phone,” wrote tester Janna Irons.

“It’s easy to spend upward of $500 on field binoculars, but for the beginner or intermittent enthusiast, Nocs makes a solid pair at an affordable price,” our tester wrote. “[The Nocs] are the pair I reach for when I’m scoping out a new face at the birdbath.”…

Reconciling the maps we made in the 18th century with modern reality is nearly impossible. But their lines, drawn long ago, are still legally binding.

“This stainless-steel injector looks like an industrial-grade hypodermic needle designed to insert deliciousness into whatever you’re grilling,” wrote contributor John Brandon. “Forgot to marinade in advance? No worries, this device is equipped to pass ‘herb solids’ and other thick marinades and juices.”…

“Every grill chef should have the proper tools, period. This set includes the fundamentals: spatula, tongs, knife, fork, skewers, corn holders, and cleaning brush,” wrote our grill accessories tester. “Grill-specific tools are important: You should never flip grill foods with a fork or knife if you can…

Between sun, water, sand, and wind, river trips are hard on the skin. Here are six packable essentials to protect you from the elements.

All the essentials for crushing long days on the trail

A DIY almond—or cashew, or sunflower—spread should be a staple in any kitchen

The $50 Leatherman Bond is a throwback to the company’s original Pocket Survival Tool

Five clever field repairs that can salvage your day out on the trails

Bringing order to parental chaos is an uphill battle, but these products can help

Contributor Andrew Skurka tested Zoleo’s Satellite Communicator last year, and he liked how it measured up to the competition: “It’s priced, constructed, and engineered well, and it provides a significantly improved messaging experience for both the user and their contacts,” he wrote.

Gourmet meals on the road start with the right ingredients and prep

Cast in comfort, even on the hottest days and most remote streams

Relax hard so you can adventure harder

Cook naturally with these open-flame barbecues

The carvers and gadgets for every task that needs cutting

Equip your best friend for camping out

What you need for pushing hard and feeling good afterward

What you need for pushing hard and feeling good afterward

Devices for passing the toughest training milestones

Your ticket to trout-filled waters

Cultivate calm with these home-studio essentials

We featured this 3.4-ounce headlamp in our 2020 Summer Buyer’s Guide for its plethora of features. “[Its] spot- and floodlight modes can work in tandem,” wrote tester Will Palmer. “The ­resulting 1,400 lumens are like turning on your car’s high beams.”…

If you’re looking for a reliable running and backpacking headlamp on a budget, the FL1R is a solid choice. It weighs just 1.1 ounces and has a 2.5-hour run time on its highest setting. “It sheds mellow rain, has a red-light setting, and feels secure (but barely there) as you…

It’s going to be another crazy year for bike shops. Get ahead of it to ensure your ride is ready to go.

Keep an eye on anything, pretty much anywhere, for just $150

An avalanche is every backcountry adventurer’s worst nightmare. Know what to do with your beacon in case the worst happens.

How to stay fueled and warm on the slopes without looking like a total nerd

Need to add knot-tying skills to your life but don’t know where to start? Follow along with professional tree climber Waldo Etherington.

This box has a locking lid, and it stacks on top of other Wolf Packs. At 20”x 16”, we found it small enough to stack four of these in the back of a 4Runner, or strap two to the roof rack. But it’s still big enough to hold miscellaneous gear…

Six items that keep me self-sufficient while traveling

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