Tour de France

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Van Vleuten dominated the 2022 pro cycling season, which culminated with her victory at the inaugural Tour de France Femmes

According to Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ the Tour is swapping Paris for the French Riviera due to the race’s overlap with another major sporting event

The Tour de Elon (gasp) would mean more than just “minor changes” to the world’s most famous bike race

Every wonder what pro cyclists make? Here's a breakdown of the top 2022 cycling salaries.

After decades of sticking to tradition, the Tour de France is trying out new things. Articles editor Fred Dreier has seven ideas for the race that, admittedly, may not be ready for prime time.

Hugo Houle became the first Canadian to win a Tour de France stage since 1988

Put your feet up, Google Algorithm. We’ve got this.