Track and Field


His alleged lavish spending is only his most recent misstep. Over the past four years, the USA Track & Field CEO has repeatedly put corporate interests above those of his athletes.

Last Sunday, the top four men at the Paralympic 1,500-meter race finished faster than anyone in the Rio Olympics. This has made headlines, but news outlets are missing a crucial point.

Sally Bergesen created Oiselle to give female runners great-fitting shorts and sports bras with a dose of style. Now the swift little brand is on a mission to empower athletes by taking on Nike and its dominance over track and field.

First Adidas, now Nestle are canceling sponsorship agreements as a result of corruption allegations

The qualifying times for track and field have just been released. See how you stack up.

The superstar is set to compete in regular-season IAAF events. But there’s just one problem: He won’t have any competition.

This past Wednesday, a video went live on YouTube showing 90-year-old Dr. William Bell setting a world record in his age group in the pole vault. Bell cleared a height of 7 feet 2 inches to set the mark for 90 to 94 year…